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Sex-Change Surgery Might Be Superficial Fix
Sex-Change Surgery
Might Be Superficial Fix

Sex-Change Surgery Might Be Superficial Fix

Opinion: It may not solve patients' psychological problems

(Newser) - Sex-reassignment surgery is easier to obtain today than ever before. And while that seems on the surface to be a great development for those with gender dysphoria, a post at calls that into question. The problem is that those who decide to undergo the surgery sometimes have a...

Iran's Women Soccer Players Told to Take Gender Tests

And a few have already failed, officials say

(Newser) - Think mandatory PED testing in baseball is bad? Players in Iran's professional female soccer leagues will have to undergo gender tests to make sure they're really female, the Telegraph reports. The ruling comes after a few top players, including four on the national team, turned out to be...

Manning Faces Army Fight on Transgender Surgery

Military says it doesn't provide hormone therapy or sex-change operations

(Newser) - The decision by the Army private previously known as Bradley Manning to identify from here on out as a female by the name of Chelsea Manning raises a host of thorny legal issues, reports Courthouse News Service . For starters, Manning wants to start hormone therapy immediately in preparation for a...

Serbia: An Unlikely Sex-Change Mecca
Serbia: An Unlikely
Sex-Change Mecca

Serbia: An Unlikely Sex-Change Mecca

Foreigners drawn to expertise, low prices in otherwise repressed country

(Newser) - Serbia isn't exactly a sexually liberated country—just 20 years ago newspapers were publicly declaring transsexuality a blasphemous act, and last year's gay pride parade was canceled after protesters threw gasoline bombs and chanted, "Death to homosexuals." But somehow, it's become the go-to place for...

Killer Loses Bid for Prison-Paid Sex Change

San Francisco court throws out suit by Lyralisa Stevens

(Newser) - A transgender California prisoner has lost a bid to force the state to pay for a sex change operation. Lyralisa Stevens, who was born male but lives as a woman, sued the state, demanding that the public fund surgery to remove her male genitalia , at a cost of as much...

5 Stories
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