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Herman Cain Punts Debate Question on Medicare to Newt Gingrich

 Cain Punts 
 Health Care 
 Question to 

Cain Punts Health Care Question to Gingrich

Looks unsure of himself on Medicare policy

(Newser) - Either Herman Cain is quite the gentleman, or he was stumped during his under-the-radar debate with Newt Gingrich this weekend. Posed a question on Medicare policy specifics—whether he preferred “premium support” or a “defined benefit plan”— Mediaite notes that Cain repeated the question, rubbed his hands,...

Romney, Perry Tangle at Debate

Santorum also hits Romney on health care

(Newser) - The latest GOP debate has wrapped up, and it's clear Rick Perry had Mitt Romney in his sights. They had a number of nasty exchanges, including one in which Perry resurrected allegations that Romney hired a lawn service that employed illegals:
  • Perry: "You stood here and did not

8 Dos, Don&#39;ts for Tonight&#39;s Debate
 8 Dos, Don'ts for 
 Tonight's Debate 

8 Dos, Don'ts for Tonight's Debate

Cain needs more substance; Perry just needs a better performance: Politico

(Newser) - Tonight’s GOP debate—the last one for three weeks—is one of the few remaining chances for the Republican presidential candidates to change the opinions (for better or worse) of millions of TV viewers before Iowa’s Jan. 3 caucuses . With that in mind, Maggie Haberman offers some advice...

At Tonight's GOP Debate, All Eyes on Herman Cain

While Rick Perry tries to dig out of his hole, Romney tries to get over the hump

(Newser) - Herman Cain’s sudden meteoric rise from political novelty to poll-topping candidate should put him in the spotlight at tonight’s debate—which might be a very dangerous place to be. The big question for Cain is “are you serious?” Politico ’s Reid Epstein writes, noting that Cain...

GOP Presidential Debates Score Huge Ratings
 New Must-See TV: GOP Debates 

New Must-See TV: GOP Debates

Executives debate the potential reasons

(Newser) - There’s one big difference between this year’s GOP presidential debates and those leading up to the 2008 contest: People are watching them. This September’s Fox News debate, for example, attracted 6.1 million viewers—almost double the 3.2 million that Fox’s September 2007 debate drew,...

Huntsman Boycotting Nevada Debate

He's protesting Nevada's decision to hold caucuses early

(Newser) - Jon Huntsman is skipping next week's debate in Las Vegas to protest Nevada's decision to move up its caucuses to January, reports the Hill . Instead, Huntsman will host a town-hall meeting in New Hampshire. The Huntsman camp accuses Mitt Romney of encouraging the state to shift its caucus...

GOP Debate Winner? Either Cain or Romney
 GOP Debate Winner?
 Either Cain or Romney

GOP Debate Winner? Either Cain or Romney

Which isn't good news for Rick Perry: Pundits

(Newser) - The instant analysis from the GOP debate doesn't exactly bode well for Rick Perry, who needed a big night in the eyes of pundits :
  • "Seems to me that it was a pretty good night for Mitt Romney, and for Herman Cain as well. ... Not sure that Rick Perry

GOP Hopefuls Face Off in 'Well-Mannered' Debate

Herman Cain gets plenty of attention

(Newser) - The latest Republican debate has wrapped up, this one focused mostly on the economy and on the newest darling of the polls, Herman Cain. If Rick Perry was hoping to land a knockout punch on Mitt Romney, it never arrived. In fact, the night was "exceedingly well-mannered," notes...

Election 2012: What to Watch for in Tonight's GOP Debate
 For Rick Perry, 
 Tonight Is 
 Do or Die 

For Rick Perry, Tonight Is Do or Die

What to watch for in tonight's GOP debate

(Newser) - The Republican presidential candidates head back to New Hampshire tonight for the Granite State's second debate of the year. What to watch for, courtesy of Politico , the Washington Post , and Reuters :
  • It's now or never for Rick Perry: Following a series of disappointing debate performances, time is running

Bill Kristol: Please Save Us, Chris Christie

The GOP field is decidely lacking, he writes in Weekly Standard

(Newser) - After watching last night's debate, Bill Kristol says the official response of his conservative Weekly Standard is: "Yikes." What's more, he thinks lots of right-leaning observers feel the same way, even if they won't say it. None of the candidates seemed quite up to the...

Debate Audience Boos Gay Iraq Vet

 Boos Gay 
 Iraq Vet 
GOP Debate

Debate Audience Boos Gay Iraq Vet

Rick Santorum would repeal the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell

(Newser) - First they cheered letting the uninsured die —then they booed a gay soldier. The audience at last night's GOP candidates debate didn't keep it classy when an Iraq war vet asked Rick Santorum on a YouTube clip where he stands on this week's repeal of the...

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