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6-Year-Old 'Devoured' by Piranhas

It's believed her actual cause of death was drowning

(Newser) - A tragic story out of Brazil, where a 6-year-old who was in a canoe that capsized was set upon by piranhas and partly "devoured." It's not clear if the creatures are what killed Adrila Muniz: Local media report she may have drowned. But the BBC cites "...

Fisherman's Catch Has 'Human Teeth'

Experts say it's probably some kind of piranha

(Newser) - A fisherman in Russia has come upon a scary-sounding creature: a fish with teeth that look like our own, UPI reports. "I opened its mouth and was horrified to see human-like teeth in there," Alexander Korobov says. He caught the fish in the city of Arkhangelsk and took...

Piranha-Like 'Testicle Biter' Caught in Michigan

Pacu was probably released from aquarium

(Newser) - A woman fishing on the Michigan side of Lake St. Clair last week caught an unusual—and by some accounts, terrifying—fish more commonly found in South America. "When it first came up, I’m like, 'Holy crap,'" Holley Luft tells Fox News . "And just...

Piranhas Attack 70 in Feeding Frenzy

7 children lost fingers or toes in Argentina

(Newser) - This was a Christmas Day feeding frenzy that didn't involve shrimp cocktail and cookies. Piranhas attacked 70 people in Argentina yesterday, including seven children who lost parts of their fingers or toes. A heat wave has driven temperatures north of 100 degrees, leading hordes of people to attempt to...

Teen Commits 'Suicide by Piranha'

Bolivian leaps into river swarming with flesh-eating fish

(Newser) - An 18-year-old Bolivian picked a bizarre and gruesome way to commit suicide, police say. The intoxicated teen jumped out of his canoe into a stretch of river infested with piranhas and bled to death after suffering dozens of bites, the Sun reports. Police believe the death was suicide because the...

Piranhas Attack Brazilian Beachgoers

100 people suffer bites on toes, heels

(Newser) - It's like a really awful B-movie come to life: Piranhas have been attacking beachgoers in northeast Brazil. AFP picks up a UOL Noticias report that about 100 people who braved the water at Piaui state's main beach last weekend had their toes or heels bitten, badly enough that...

6 Stories