George Wright

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Portugal Won't Extradite Fugitive US Killer

George Wright's lawyer says Lisbon court sided with his client

(Newser) - George Wright, the killer who escaped from prison in 1970, hijacked a plane two years later, and was finally caught in Portugal in September, will not be extradited to the US to serve the rest of his murder sentence. A Lisbon court denied the US request on the basis that...

Fugitive Fights Extradition With New Identity

George Wright says he should be able to serve any time in Portugal

(Newser) - George who? Lawyers for captured American fugitive George Wright will fight his extradition to the US by arguing that he is a Portuguese citizen by the name of Luis Jorge dos Santos, reports AP . They're not claiming he isn't the murderer/robber/jail-breaker/hijacker who fled the US four decades ago,...

US Fugitive Spent Decades in Portuguese Village

George Wright became handyman Jorge Santos

(Newser) - George Wright, murderer, hijacker, and American fugitive, was known as Jorge Santos, easygoing immigrant from Guinea-Bissau during the decades he hid in a Portuguese village. The 68-year-old, who was recaptured earlier this week , married a local woman and raised two children, now in their early 20s, after settling down in...

US Fugitive Caught After 41 Years in Portugal

Killer, hijacker George Wright fighting extradition

(Newser) - This might be the end of the road for fugitive George Wright, but what a road it's been. Authorities arrested the 68-year-old in Portugal yesterday after 41 years on the lam. Even the bare bones of his rap sheet nearly defy belief, as CNN and AP recount: In 1962,...

4 Stories