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Amazon Could Owe Parents More Than $70M

Company reaches deal with FTC over in-app purchases

(Newser) - If your child racked up purchases in the Amazon Appstore without your permission between 2011 and 2016, the company might owe you some money. The Federal Trade Commission and Amazon settled on a deal Tuesday in which the company will refund parents whose children made in-app purchases without their consent,...

Apple, Google Facebook, Amazon: The Tech War Cometh

Four digital giants increasingly eyeing others' turf in 2013: WSJ

(Newser) - Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple are widely considered the kings of digital world. But as they look to grow further, increasingly they will need to target each other's turf, dramatically raising the stakes in cyber conflicts in 2013, reports the Wall Street Journal .
  • Google. Perhaps the most wide-ranging of

Amazon Unveils New E-Reader, Updates 'Fire'

Jeff Bezos introduces Kindle Paperwhite

(Newser) - Amazon's got a host of new gadgets on the way. Founder Jeff Bezos today announced the Kindle Fire HD, an upgraded tablet that comes in two sizes, starting at $199, USA Today reports. "We were happy last year to have the best tablet at a certain price. This...

Amazon Could Announce Smartphone Today

Company holding big event, and sources confirm phone is in the works

(Newser) - There have been rumors of a looming Amazon smartphone , and now multiple sources tell The Verge that those rumors are true. The Android phone could be announced at a big Amazon event today, but since it's not quite finished, don't expect too many details yet. Other products expected...

Amazon Now Streams Movies to iPads

Web giant's Instant Video Store debuts on Apple's tablet

(Newser) - Amazon is popping up on the iPad. The massive e-retailer launched an app for its Instant Video Store for Apple's tablet (but not iPhone—yet). The app can stream "Prime content," which is Amazon's version of Netflix Watch Instantly and is included in Amazon's overall...

Google's Nexus 7 'Obliterates' Kindle Fire

It's got better features and a better design, Rich Jaroslovsky says

(Newser) - Sorry, Kindle Fire owners. When the Google Nexus 7 arrives next week, your tablet will officially be second-rate. "The Nexus 7 obliterates every reason for buying the current Kindle, and sets a high bar for whatever Amazon comes up with to replace it," Rich Jaroslovsky of Bloomberg writes....

Apple Preps 'iPad Mini': Reports

Cheaper tablet would have smaller screen

(Newser) - Looks like Applephiles will soon have one more gadget to add to their collection of must-have gear. Two insiders tell Bloomberg that a "mini" iPad is in the works, and should arrive by the end of this year. The planned tablet—intended to help battle competition from Google, Amazon,...

Amazon Soars as Kindle Fire Grabs Market Share

Sales of digital products pay off tablet investment

(Newser) - Selling Kindle Fires turns out to have been a very profitable way for Amazon to lose money. The no-frills tablet computer—which sells for slightly less than it costs to make —has now captured more than half of the Android tablet market, with rival tablets from Samsung and Motorola...

Android May Outsell iPad by 2016

Amazon's lower prices might make the difference: report

(Newser) - Priced well below the iPad at $200, Amazon's Kindle Fire could help its fellow Android tablets outsell Apple's devices by 2016, says research firm IDC in a report picked up by Wired . In the fourth quarter of last year, Apple accounted for 54.7% of tablet shipments, compared...

Amazon Plans Brick-and-Mortar Boutique

Online megastore may also launch national chain

(Newser) - As if traditional publishers don't already hate Amazon . Now the online retailer-turned-publisher is planning to open a small boutique store in Seattle to test the waters for a national chain, Gawker reports via the Good E-Reader blog. The store will sell Kindle e-readers, Kindle Fires, and various accessories—as...

Guess How Many Kindles We're Buying a Week?


(Newser) - Looks like there are going to be plenty of Kindles under the Christmas tree. Amazon says it has sold more than 1 million Kindle devices each week for the past three weeks. It's the first time the company has given specific sales numbers for the e-reader, notes the Christian ...

Amazon Loses Money Every Time a Kindle Fire Is Sold

...and it's totally OK with that

(Newser) - The Kindle Fire is officially available as of today, which means Amazon is officially losing money on it. At NPR , Zoe Chace crunches the surprising numbers: The tablet has a $199 price tag—touted as less than half of that of an iPad. But research firm IHS iSuppli tallied all...

B&N Unveils $249 Nook Tablet

Barnes & Noble device has more memory, better display than Kindle

(Newser) - The Nook Tablet is here, and while it won’t cost you nearly as much as an iPad, at $249 it still comes in a bit more expensive than Amazon’s Kindle Fire . Barnes & Noble unveiled the tablet in New York City today, just in time for the holiday...

Amazon Profit Plummets 73%

Company cites pricey investments in streaming, Kindle Fire

(Newser) -'s lavish spending has cut into profits and left investors rattled, the Wall Street Journal reports. The company announced a dizzying 73% drop in third-quarter profit today and saw its stock fall by 12%, or $28, to $198 in after-hours trading. The reason: Amazon is investing big-time in...

6 Things Amazon's Tablet Has Over the iPad

Flash lovers, rejoice!

(Newser) - Surely you’ve heard by know that Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet isn’t an iPad killer . But it does have a few desirable traits that the iPad doesn’t. The Huffington Post lists six of them:
  • It supports Flash: Many iPad and iPhone users wish that Apple would take

New Kindle Can't Touch iPad

It'll be a competitor, but Apple has little to fear

(Newser) - Amazon’s new Kindle Fire has been getting a lot of hype as an “iPad killer,” but Apple shouldn’t exactly be quaking in its boots, opines John Paul Titlow of ReadWriteWeb . “As far as hardware is concerned, the Kindle Fire looks more like a cross between...

Kindle Fire Price Tag: $199

Amazon's offering will be significantly cheaper than most tablets

(Newser) - Amazon is introducing its new Kindle Fire tablet in New York, but Bloomberg got some details—and Mashable got a picture—early. For one thing, the $199 price tag is lower than rumored. It will feature a 7-inch display and WiFi capability, but no 3G, camera, or microphone. A free...

Coming Tomorrow: Kindle Fire

But tablet not ready to ship until second week of November

(Newser) - It’s long been rumored , and tomorrow’s Kindle tablet will finally be announced. The iPad competitor will be called the “Kindle Fire,” TechCrunch reports, and it will resemble BlackBerry’s PlayBook with a 7-inch backlit display. The custom version of Android it will use “...

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