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Kraft's Jokey Campaign Does Not Land Well

Company takes flak from parents over 'send noods' slogan

(Newser) - A slogan intended to sell mac and cheese has elicited a furious reaction online, with people accusing the company of predatory behavior by sexualizing a product popular with children. Kraft said its "Send Noods" campaign "encouraged adults to send free noodles to loved ones to provide comfort and... More »

Oprah Is About to Show Up in Your Fridge

Star partners with Kraft Heinz to sell comfort food with 'unexpected nutritious twists'

(Newser) - Oprah Winfrey apparently wasn't content hawking Weight Watchers fare. The media mogul has officially launched her own line of refrigerated comfort foods with Kraft Heinz, reports CNNMoney . Winfrey, who loves eating food from her garden, says she wanted to make "nutritious comfort foods more accessible to everyone."... More »

Kraft Recalls Cheese After Customers Choke

Company recalls tens of thousands of packages

(Newser) - Kraft cheese slices, aka "pasteurized prepared cheese product," were recalled on Friday after customers reported a choking hazard. The affected products are three- and four-pound packages of American and White American Kraft Singles with "best used by" dates of Dec. 29, 2015 through Jan. 4, 2016, and... More »

Kraft Mac & Cheese Losing the Dyes

Move follows petition by food blogger Vani Hari

(Newser) - This is the last year that the original version of Kraft Mac & Cheese sold in the US will contain artificial preservatives or synthetic colors. In January, Kraft says its macaroni and cheese will be colored using paprika, annatto, and turmeric. There has been a huge shift away from processed... More »

Heinz, Kraft to Become Food Giant

Merger will make them continent's No. 3 food and beverage company

(Newser) - News that might interest those whose favorite pantry staples are ketchup and mac and cheese: Kraft Foods Group Inc. and H.J. Heinz Co. have announced they will merge in a deal that will create the Kraft Heinz Co.—the third largest food and beverage company on the continent... More »

Some Kraft Mac and Cheese to Get Less Artificial

Brand cutting artificial dyes from 3 of its kid-friendly pastas

(Newser) - Kraft mac and cheese is about to get a little less artificial—in cases where the "mac" part is made in a kid-friendly shape. The company will remove artificial dyes from its SpongeBob Squarepants, Halloween, and winter shapes varieties; the "original flavor" version will see no such change,... More »

Coke's Newest Drink: Just a Few Drops

Dasani Drops are concentrated flavors customers add to water

(Newser) - Faced with a slowing beverage market, Coca-Cola is thinking small. As in droplets. They're called Dasani Drops—tiny, concentrated flavors you can add to your water to give it some zing, and they're coming to stores in October, reports the AP . The zero-calorie drops will be in four... More »

Ammonia an Ingredient in More Than Pink Slime

Health officials gave ammonium hydroxide the OK in 1974

(Newser) - If you were appalled by the revelation that the meat industry grinds up beef byproducts and gives them a nice ammonia bath, steel yourself: Experts say ammonia compounds are pretty commonly used in food. Ammonium hydroxide, which was given the OK by health officials in 1974, is added to milk... More »

Kraft Spins Off Snacks in Crummy New Name

'Mondelez' will be on back of Oreos, other snack foods

(Newser) - Kraft is spinning off its snack business from its grocery business, and it seemingly couldn't have come up with a stranger new name for the snacks portion: Mondelez. That's pronounced "mohn-dah-LEEZ," Bloomberg reports, and experts are scratching their heads over the awkward choice. It's a... More »

Oreo Celebrates 100th Birthday

Kraft launches international marketing campaign

(Newser) - The National Biscuit Company sold its first batch of Oreos on March 6, 1912—and as the cookie's 100th birthday approaches, its makers want the world to celebrate. Kraft Foods has launched an international campaign across media new and old, centered on a birthday-party theme and complete with special... More »

Kraft Foods to Split Into 2 Companies

One Kraft branch to deal with snacks, while other does groceries

(Newser) - Food behemoth Kraft Foods announced today that it plans to split into two publicly traded companies, with one concentrating on its snack business like Oreo cookies and Trident gum, while the other focuses on the North American grocery business, which includes Kraft cheese and Maxwell House coffee. The move comes... More »

Highest-Paid Women in America

(Newser) - On the heels of its 2009 Most Powerful Women list, Fortune has compiled another of the best compensated females in the corporate world. The top 10 for 2008:
  1. Safra Katz, president, Oracle: $42.4 million
  2. Linda Chen, president, Wynn International Marketing: $23.9 million
  3. Sharen Turney, president and CEO, Victoria's
... More »

Chocoholics Spurn American Cadbury

Many see right through US bars, actually made by Hershey

(Newser) - Serious chocolate fans responded warily to the news of Kraft's bid for Cadbury—especially in the US, where aficionados reject the domestic brand anyway. It’s made by Hershey, not the British firm itself, and that just won’t cut it for hardcore devotees of the British brand, the Wall ... More »

Cadbury Shoots Down $16.7B Kraft Takeover Bid

Watchers suspect undervalued bid could be sweetened

(Newser) - Cadbury today rejected a $16.73 billion takeover bid from food giant Kraft, the Wall Street Journal reports. The candy maker has recently undergone restructuring and divestment that it says make it more valuable—and more attractive to suitors like Kraft. The Cadbury board says the offer “fundamentally undervalues”... More »

Pistachio Co.: Kraft Knew About Salmonella Last Year

(Newser) - Kraft Foods detected salmonella in a California nut company's product over 6 months ago but didn't notify the firm until last week, a rep for the parent company said today. Roasted nuts from Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella, Inc., the company at the heart of the nationwide pistachio recall, failed... More »

Dow Ticks Up Despite Job Woes

522K lost last month, fewer than analysts predicted

(Newser) - Stocks were mixed at today’s open after a report estimating that 522,000 private-sector jobs were lost last month, the Wall Street Journal notes. The Dow started down but was recently up 41 points, while the S&P 500 and Nasdaq were marginally higher. Dragging on the Dow were... More »

Oreos Dip into UK Market

'Biscuit-mad' culture not so sweet on Yank dessert staple

(Newser) - Oreo cookies have finally invaded Britain after decades of popularity in America—but they face a battle for the taste buds of “biscuit-mad” Britons, the Christian Science Monitor reports. Dipping biscuits (read: bland cookies) in tea is a sacred British ritual dating back centuries. Despite Kraft’s saturation of... More »

Behind Organic Labels Lurk Megacorporations

The nation's top 30 food processors have quietly cornered the green market

(Newser) - Yes, your probiotic flaxseed Kashi cereal is still organic, but shoppers looking to stick it to the man by going green be advised: the nation's top 30 corporate food processors—think Pepsi, Kellogg, Kraft, General Mills—have been quietly buying up vast swaths of the organic aisle of your supermarket,... More »

3 Stars Means It's Healthy, Right?

Experts fear that new health ratings systems may befuddle shoppers

(Newser) - Stars, numbers, and letter grades are coming to grocery stores near you, the New York Times reports—but experts fear that these health ratings may befuddle shoppers with conflicting information. Consumer advocates are studying three new food ranking systems, while the FDA, approached by a nutrition group, is soliciting ideas... More »

Dogfight Rap Kills Vick Ad Deals

Falcon pitchman loses luster after feds raid property

(Newser) - Dogfighting charges against Falcons quarterback Michael Vick have all but killed product endorsement deals for the former marketing machine, the Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports. Nike is "reviewing information" in Vick's case, and expired contracts aren't being renewed with Coca-Cola, EA Sports, Kraft Foods or Hasbro. "He'll disappear like a... More »

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