Joseph Kony

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It Was One of the Internet's First Crash-and-Burn Stories

Narratively takes a deep dive into 'Kony 2012,' which captivated the world briefly, then fizzled

(Newser) - A blast from the internet's viral hall of fame, Kony 2012 , is back in Narratively's in-depth look into how the sensation-turned-cancellation came to be—and what has happened in the 11 years since the video promising to change the world ripped through headlines. In the piece, the visionary...

Former Child Soldier Learns His Fate

Uganda's Dominic Ongwen is convicted of war crimes, but says he was a victim, too

(Newser) - This war crimes conviction came with a unique defense. Former warlord Dominic Ongwen says he should be considered a victim, too, because he was abducted as a boy and turned into a child soldier, reports the Guardian . However, the argument didn't wash with the International Criminal Court at the...

Emails: Jolie Offered to Be Bait in Trap for Warlord

ICC honcho wanted her to invite Kony to dinner

(Newser) - In a plan that sounds more like a rejected movie script than reality, Angelina Jolie offered to help capture bloodthirsty warlord Joseph Kony by inviting him to dinner, according to leaked emails. In International Criminal Court emails leaked to the French website Mediapart , former chief ICC posecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo...

Ingenious Method Helps Track Elephant Killers

Fake tusk is implanted with GPS device in Africa

(Newser) - A National Geographic reporter looking into the increasing slaughter of elephants in Africa struck upon a great way to track the illegal trade of their ivory tusks: Bryan Christy enlists a world-class taxidermist to create fake tusks embedded with GPS devices. Christy's team then plants them in the black...

Is This a Sign Joseph Kony Is Weakening?

He promotes son to deputy leader of Lord's Resistance Army

(Newser) - Joseph Kony has named his 22-year-old son as deputy leader of his Lord's Resistance Army—and top Ugandan general Sam Kavuma says the move is a sign that Kony's control over the guerrilla force is weakening. Fighters have separated into different autonomous groups roaming across remote parts of...

US Hunt for Joseph Kony Heats Up

Obama to send aircraft, 150 special ops forces to Uganda

(Newser) - A viral video campaign may not have turned up a warlord accused of murder, rape, and kidnapping in central Africa, but the White House is hoping a ramped up effort by the United States will. The Washington Post reports that President Obama has ordered a strengthened US presence in Uganda—...

Reign of Joseph Kony Near End?

Reports suggest African warlord is ill, considering surrender

(Newser) - "It's true, Joseph Kony wants to come out of the bush," says the president of the Central African Republic. Tantalizing words, though there's plenty of doubt about how true they actually are. President Michel Djotodia insists his country has been in direct talks with Kony on...

Crowdfunding Goal: Find Joseph Kony

Adventurer Robert Young Pelton wants to film expedition

(Newser) - Big bureaucracies aren't the ones we should trust to track down the world's evildoers, says Canadian adventurer and writer Robert Young Pelton: Instead, we should leave it to him: Young has established a website to raise $450,000 in an effort to track down Joseph Kony , the Ugandan...

Uganda Stops Looking for Kony

Suspends search after CAR coup

(Newser) - Jason Russell's naked meltdown didn't stop the hunt for Joseph Kony, but a Central African coup has—at least temporarily. Uganda has suspended its 3,000-troop-strong search for Africa's most wanted warlord following the recent rebel takeover of Central African Republic, Reuters reports. "These rebels...

Biggest Problem in Hunt for Kony: It Hasn't Begun

Just 2.5K troops when 5K were planned

(Newser) - The African Union’s hunt for Joseph Kony hasn’t started yet, because it’s missing some very important resources: troops and equipment. Ugandan Col. Dick Olum, who is heading up the hunt for the warlord, tells the AP there are only 2,000 Ugandan soldiers and 500 South Sudanese...

US Outsourcing African Spy Missions

US contractors have been searching for Joseph Kony for years, with contractors

(Newser) - The US was searching for Lord's Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony for years before it sent troops to central Africa last year , but it was using American contractors instead of the military, the Washington Post finds in a detailed look at the program code-named "Tusker Sand." Private...

Uganda Nabs Top Kony Crony
 Uganda Nabs Top Kony Crony 

Uganda Nabs Top Kony Crony

Caesar Acellam was LRA's top military strategist

(Newser) - Ugandan forces today captured a senior commander of Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army, reports the BBC . Caesar Acellam is Kony's top military strategist, notes the AP , though he was not indicted alongside Kony by the ICC in 2005. "He is in good condition," says a...

Kony Search Could Take Years: US

Reports put him in Sudan, Central African Republic

(Newser) - The search for Joseph Kony continues, and it could be a long time—even years—before we see results, US officials say. They believe the warlord is hiding in the jungles of the Central African Republic, but his low-tech survival methods—no radios, no phones, just messengers on foot—have...

US Barely Trying in Kony Hunt
 US Barely Trying in Kony Hunt 

US Barely Trying in Kony Hunt

US hasn't deployed technological muscle in effort to bring down LRA warlord

(Newser) - When US troops arrived in the Central African Republic village of Obo, residents cheered. "The Americans have captured Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein," said one tribal chief. "Surely they can catch Joseph Kony." But so far the US has shown little progress in catching the...

Kony 2012 Sequel Released
 Kony 2012 Sequel Released 

Kony 2012 Sequel Released

Part II is still 'slick, hip' but lacks Jason Russell

(Newser) - The sequel to viral video sensation Kony 2012 is here, and it's lacking a pretty big component of the first video: Jason Russell . Russell, the Invisible Children co-founder who narrated the first video, was hospitalized after an outburst in San Diego last month. As a result of his absence,...

Tomorrow: 'Kony 2012,' the Sequel

Invisible Children to present more complex investigation

(Newser) - After garnering 86 million views and counting, Invisible Children's activist video sensation has spawned a sequel. "Kony 2012, Part II" comes out tomorrow, NPR reports. The sequel is set to offer a more thorough investigation of Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army; the first piece was criticized...

Wife of 'Kony' Video Maker: Exhaustion Led to Meltdown

Jason Russell wasn't on drugs or booze, says family

(Newser) - The man who created the viral Kony 2012 video will be out of the public spotlight for the foreseeable future after his very public meltdown , says his family. Jason Russell's wife denies that alcohol or drugs set off Russell yesterday, when he was detained after running naked through his...

Invisible Children Co-Founder Found Half-Naked, Detained

Jason Russell is one of those behind 'Kony 2012' viral video

(Newser) - Jason Russell, a co-founder of the charity behind the Kony 2012 viral video , was detained in San Diego yesterday for allegedly being drunk and masturbating in public. Russell, 33, was found allegedly vandalizing cars, masturbating, and generally acting strange, a police officer says, adding that he may have been under...

Anti-Kony Group to Air New Video Today

New film will aim to answer Invisible Children's critics

(Newser) - The guys behind the Kony 2012 viral video are going to do what they do best to answer critics: unleash a video. Invisible Children's video exposing the evils of Joseph Kony has grabbed more than 72 million views, and triggered major buzz about how to put an end to...

Anti-Kony Charity Slammed for Spending Habits, Gun Pic

'If you don't accept our unorthodoxy, you don't get us,' says co-founder

(Newser) - An evangelical-linked charity behind a massively viral video exposing the evils of African warlord Joseph Kony is scrambling to answer questions about how it spends its money and a controversial photo showing members posing with weapons. Only 32% of $8.6 million raised by video-maker Invisible Children last year went...

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