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Brazil Prison Riot: Inmates Thrown Off Roof, Beheaded

Negotiations reportedly continuing in Cascavel

(Newser) - Two prisoners were beheaded and at least another one died after being thrown off the roof in a riot that erupted yesterday in a prison in southern Brazil, authorities say. Inmates of the penitentiary in the city of Cascavel took at least two agents and several other inmates hostage in...

Report: Inmates Control 65% of Mexico's Prisons

According to review of 101 most populated prisons

(Newser) - Mexico's prisons are in "critical condition," says an official, and a new report seems to confirm it: Sixty-five of Mexico's 101 most populous prisons were controlled by the inmates themselves last year, according to the National Human Rights Commission; that's up 4.3% from 2011....

How 2 Killers Changed America's Prisons Forever

The Marion prison lockdown paved way for today's Supermax facilities

(Newser) - These days, nearly every state in America has a Supermax facility, places where killers and terrorists are kept in isolated cells almost constantly, in conditions that have sparked lawsuits and raised the ire of groups like Human Rights Watch. How did it get this way? It all started with two...

240 Inmates Escape in Indonesia Prison Riot

Most still on the loose after uprising that killed 5

(Newser) - Nearly 200 prisoners—and five convicted terrorists—may be roaming the streets of Indonesia today, after a deadly prison riot over a broken water supply led to a mass breakout. Five people were killed—two guards and three prisoners—as inmates at the maximum-security Tanjung Gusta facility in Medan lit...

Syria Moved Chemical Weapons to Airports: Rebels

And allegedly guns down prisoners in jail sit-in

(Newser) - The Free Syrian Army believes that the Assad regime has moved chemical weapons to airports near the country's borders, in what the rebels say is a bid to put "pressure on the region and the international community," according to the Telegraph . The regime yesterday threatened to use...

13 Turkish Prisoners Die After Setting Prison on Fire

Officials refuse to call fire a protest, but vow to investigate

(Newser) - Inmates in a prison in southeast Turkey set beds and blankets alight, starting a fire that killed 13 prisoners, authorities said today. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the fire affected a ward housing 18 inmates in the prison in the mostly-Kurdish city of Sanliurfa. He said some inmates set...

Guard Killed, 19 Injured in Mississippi Prison Riot

Officials battle to bring privately run facility under control

(Newser) - A 23-year-old guard has been killed and 16 workers injured in a riot by hundreds of inmates at a private Mississippi prison. Three inmates were also hospitalized, though one has since been returned to prison. The riot broke out at the Adams County Correctional Facility in Natchez at around 2:...

Mexico: 30 Zetas Escaped in Prison Riot

And all those killed were rival gang members

(Newser) - Yesterday's riot at a prison in northern Mexico not only killed 44 inmates, but also covered up the escape of 30 members of the infamous Zeta drug cartel, Mexican officials say. "Without a doubt there was premeditation," says the governor of Nuevo Leon, Rodrigo Medina. "This...

44 Dead in Mexico Prison Riot
 44 Dead in Mexico Prison Riot 

44 Dead in Mexico Prison Riot

Rival drug gangs probably contributed to violence

(Newser) - The death toll in yesterday's riot inside a Mexican prison has now climbed to 44, officials say. No guards were among the dead, but MSNBC reports that corrupt ones may have helped enable the brawl. All the Apodaca prison's guards are reportedly being held for questioning. The clash...

Mexico Prison Riot Kills 20
 Mexico Prison Riot Kills 20 

Mexico Prison Riot Kills 20

Guards regain control after a few hours at facility outside Monterrey

(Newser) - A prison riot in northern Mexico left about 20 people dead early today, according to a security official. A Nuevo Leon state public security spokesman told Milenio television that the riot broke out at about 2am at a prison in the city of Apodaca outside the northern industrial city of...

Shots Fired to Quell San Quentin Riot

Dozens injured as new arrivals brawl

(Newser) - Guards used pepper spray, rubber projectiles, and live ammunition to quell a huge riot at California's San Quentin prison yesterday. Prison authorities say between 150 and 200 inmates were involved in the riot in an exercise yard used by new arrivals, the Los Angeles Times reports. Dozens were slashed...

5.4-Mag Aftershock Sparks Prison Riot in Turkey

Prisoners set fires, guards fire tear gas

(Newser) - Smoke and flames swirled out of a Turkish prison today when an aftershock from Sunday's earthquake sparked a riot among inmates, the BBC reports. The 5.4-magnitude aftershock prompted prisoners to ask for air, according to a lawmaker who joined family members outside: "When they couldn't get...

20 Dead in Mexican Prison Riot
 20 Dead in Mexican Prison Riot 

20 Dead in Mexican Prison Riot

Officials aren't saying what caused the violence

(Newser) - A prison riot in the violent Mexican border city of Matamoros has left at least 20 dead and 12 injured, reports the LA Times . The trouble started as a fight between two inmates, and quickly grew into a full-fledged riot. Officials are not saying what caused the fight or who...

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