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At Least 41 Women Killed in Prison Riot

'I am going to take drastic measures,' vows president of Honduras

(Newser) - A grisly riot at a women’s prison in Honduras Tuesday left at least 41 women dead, most burned to death, in violence the country's president blamed on the "mara" street gangs that often wield broad power inside penitentiaries. Most victims were burned but there also were reports...

Prison Gang Battle Leaves 68 Dead in Ecuador

At least 25 wounded in the coastal city of Guayaquil

(Newser) - A gun battle between rival gangs inside Ecuador’s largest prison killed at least 68 inmates and wounded 25 on Saturday, while authorities said it took most of the day to regain control at the Litoral Penitentiary, per the AP . The killing erupted before dawn at the prison in the...

After Riot, Pope Addresses Prison Life

'May God help to heal the wounds of crime that enslave the poorest,' Francis tells crowd

(Newser) - Pope Francis on Sunday called for "more humane" prison life in the wake of bloodshed in a prison in Ecuador in which 118 people died and dozens more were injured. Francis told the public in St. Peter’s Square that he was "very pained" by what happened last...

Prison Riot Leaves 116 Dead, 5 of Them Beheaded

It was Ecuador's worst ever

(Newser) - At least 116 people were killed after the deadliest prison riot Ecuador has ever seen erupted Tuesday. Five of the dead were beheaded, and another 80 were hurt in the melee between rival gangs linked to international drug cartels at the Litoral Penitentiary in the coastal city of Guayaquil, the...

Dozens Dead, Warden Injured in Prison Riot

The upheaval at the Llanos Penitentiary Center in Venezuela included a grenade blast

(Newser) - A riot erupted at a prison in central Venezuela on Friday, killing at least 40 people and injuring 50 more, including a National Guard officer who was wounded by an explosion and the warden, who suffered a knife wound, authorities said. The upheaval at the Llanos Penitentiary Center started with...

Guards Struggle for Hours to Contain Deadly Prison Fight

16 inmates were killed, Mexican officials say

(Newser) - A fight in a Mexican prison has left 16 inmates dead and five wounded. It took nearly three hours Tuesday for guards to regain control of the men's prison in Cieneguillas, the New York Times reports. The victims had been shot, stabbed or beaten to death, per the AP...

16 Decapitated in Grisly Brazil Prison Riot

52 inmates were killed over 5 hours in the Altamira prison

(Newser) - A five-hour-long prison riot in Brazil was both deadly and gruesome, officials say. Some 52 inmates were killed by other prisoners Monday in the Altamira prison in the northern part of the country; 16 of them were decapitated while others were asphyxiated. The BBC reports that beginning around 7am local...

US Prisoner Caught in Venezuela Riot: 'WHAT DO WE DO'

From prison, Utah's Joshua Holt begs US government for help in social media posts

(Newser) - As Venezuela gears up for its presidential election Sunday, the economic and social turmoil there continues. But for one American, trapped in the Helicoide prison in Caracas, the stakes are especially high. NPR and CNN report on the plight of Utah's Joshua Holt, a Mormon missionary jailed there in...

After Deadly Riot, Inmate Criticizes Guards' Response

7 dead in the worst US prison violence in 25 years

(Newser) - Corrections officials in South Carolina are blaming a prison riot that left seven prisoners dead on a turf war between gangs over territory, money, and contraband items like cellphones. For seven hours, inmates armed with handmade knives fought each other inside the Lee Correctional Institution, resulting in the worst US...

South Carolina Prison Brawl Leaves 7 Inmates Dead

17 others injured at Lee Correctional Facility

(Newser) - An hours-long prison brawl in South Carolina has left seven inmates dead, reports WRDW . Another 17 inmates were injured at Lee Correctional Facility in Bishopville. No details yet on what set off the fight, only that "multiple inmate on inmate altercations" broke out in three housing units about 7:...

Prisoners Rang in New Year; Then, Unimaginable Bloodshed

Brazil's bloodiest prison riot in 25 years saw heads actually roll

(Newser) - Shortly after midnight on New Year's Eve, hundreds of Manaus inmates watched as the sky lit up with fireworks, paid for by the gangs that dominate the jail system. The revelry continued into the next afternoon, and inmates celebrated with wives and girlfriends. But then guards noticed something strange:...

Delaware Inmates Blame Trump for Hostage-Taking

'We know that the institution is going to change for the worse'

(Newser) - Authorities negotiated into the evening Wednesday for the release of the last two of four corrections department workers taken hostage by inmates at a Delaware prison, the AP reports. Earlier in the day, inmates at the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center in Smyrna reached out to the News Journal in...

56 Killed in Gruesome Brazil Prison Riot, Some Decapitated

'This is the biggest prison massacre in our state's history'

(Newser) - At least 56 inmates died during a prison riot in the northern state of Amazonas, reports the AP , including several who were beheaded or dismembered, in the biggest killing at a Brazilian prison since 1992. Authorities said the riot apparently grew out of a fight between two of the country'...

UK Restores Order After Worst Prison Riot in 26 Years

600 inmates took over Birmingham prison

(Newser) - Security officers have restored order at a prison in the central English city of Birmingham one day after an estimated 600 inmates seized control and launched a destructive rampage. Authorities called Friday's 13-hour takeover of HMP Birmingham the worst prison uprising since the 1990 riot in Strangeways in Manchester,...

Inmates Beheaded in Brazil Prison Mutinies

18 die, dozens escape in 3 uprisings

(Newser) - At least 18 inmates died in clashes in two separate penitentiaries in Brazil's Amazon region and more than three dozen escaped after a third prison riot caused a large fire in a complex outside Sao Paulo, officials say. Authorities are investigating a possible connection between the first two uprisings...

Luxury Cells Uncovered After Deadly Prison Riot

Mexican prison had saunas and a bar

(Newser) - Vast luxuries such as saunas, a bar, food stands, and appliances were discovered by authorities entering a prison in northern Mexico to investigate a riot that killed 49 inmates . Nuevo Leon state authorities said in a statement Sunday that the cells inside Monterrey's Topo Chico prison were outfitted with...

3 Officers Arrested After Mexico Prison Brawl Kills 49

More than 200 weapons used in Monterrey bloodbath

(Newser) - Prosecutors charged three state officers with homicide after a bloody prison brawl that ended with 49 dead, raising questions about what happened during the melee inside Mexico's Topo Chico lockup that saw inmates fight with hammers, cudgels, and makeshift knives. Nuevo Leon state prosecutor Roberto Flores did not say...

Dozens Feared Dead in Mexico Prison Riot

 Dozens Dead in 
 Mexico Prison Riot 

Dozens Dead in Mexico Prison Riot

Governor says 52 prisoners were killed

(Newser) - Scores of inmates at a prison in the Mexican city of Monterrey are dead following a predawn riot on Thursday. The state governor in Nuevo Leon says 52 were killed and 12 more injured, reports the AP . Gunshots and explosions were reportedly heard from within the prison, where a fire...

Killing of 'San Quentin 6' Member Sparks Prison Riot

Hugo Pinell 'was definitely the target,' says a corrections spokeswoman

(Newser) - An inmate involved in a bloody 1971 San Quentin escape attempt that left six dead has been killed by a fellow prisoner, corrections officials say. The slaying of Hugo Pinell, 71, triggered a riot today that grew to involve about 70 inmates at a maximum security prison east of Sacramento,...

2 Inmates Dead as Guards End Neb. Prison Riot

Inmates briefly seized control at Tecumseh State Correctional Institution

(Newser) - A full-scale riot erupted at Nebraska's Tecumseh State Correctional Institution as corrections officers tried to break up inmates gathering in the yard yesterday afternoon. By the time the smoke cleared, two inmates were dead inside a housing unit, two more were shot (one with a rubber bullet, one with...

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