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Boy, 12, Charged With Murder Over a Damning Domino's Receipt

Boy is accused of killing neighbor, stealing his guns

(Newser) - A Domino's pizza receipt found at the scene of a Wisconsin murder led police to a 12-year-old boy, who was arrested and charged with the slaying. The unnamed 12-year-old was a neighbor of the victim, 34-year-old Brandon Felton, and the two played video games together. On March 18, Felton...

Domino's Pizza Gives Up on Italy
Domino's Pizza
Gives Up on Italy

Domino's Pizza Gives Up on Italy

Chain has closed its last 13 stores in the country

(Newser) - Domino's Pizza has abandoned its attempt to conquer Italy. The American chain—which borrowed heavily to finance an expansion into the birthplace of pizza in 2015—has closed its last 13 stores in the country, Bloomberg reports. The Michigan-based chain had originally planned to open 880 stores across Italy...

Domino's Offers 'Tips' for Customers Who Deliver Their Own Pizzas

Company is dealing with driver shortage

(Newser) - Domino's Pizza has a new twist on the pizza-delivery business model: Customers who deliver pizzas to their own homes will receive a "tip" of $3 off their next order. An ad for the new offer features a customer transforming into a Domino's driver, complete with one of...

Here's Your New Pizza-Delivery Robot

Domino's is testing service in a single neighborhood in Houston

(Newser) - Robot pizza delivery is here, at least for a limited few. Domino's Pizza is testing a service that allows customers in Houston's Woodland Heights neighborhood to have their pizza delivered by autonomous vehicles created by robotics company Nuro. These were the first completely autonomous vehicles approved by the...

Only One Restaurant's Stock Is Up From Last Year

Domino's is up almost 8% in 2020

(Newser) - The novel coronavirus continues to wreak havoc around the globe, and restaurants are nervously keeping an eye on things as more people hole up at home to practice social distancing . One chain in particular, though, has been doing so well that it's "making analysts nervous," per MarketWatch...

'Paucity of Meat' on Mexican Pizza Enrages Taco Bell Patron

Meanwhile, a missing order of hot wings from Domino's spurred a separate incident

(Newser) - Two cases of fast-food fury to report on, starting with an incident out of Spartanburg, SC, on Wednesday, when a customer at a Taco Bell drive-thru apparently didn't appreciate what the Smoking Gun calls "a paucity of meat" on his Mexican Pizza. A police report indicates that a...

Pizza Delivery May Have a Saved a Life

Police credit Domino's worker for seeing a woman's plea for help

(Newser) - A Domino's driver is getting credit for helping save a woman from a dangerous predicament in Wisconsin. Joseph Grundl tells NBC News that as he was handing over pizza to a couple in Sheboygan County, he saw the woman mouthing the words, "Help me." And as the...

Domino's Delivering Pizzas, Ditching Actual Delivery Guy

Chain begins test with driverless cars

(Newser) - No ring of the doorbell, just a text. No tip for the driver? No problem in this test, where Domino's and Ford are teaming up to see if customers will warm to the idea of pizza delivered by driverless cars. Starting Wednesday, some pizzas in Domino's hometown of...

Little-Known Billionaire's Job: Making Cheese for Our Pizza

You've probably never heard of James Leprino, the 'Willy Wonka of cheese'

(Newser) - You've likely never seen a photo of James Leprino, a 79-year-old reclusive billionaire in Colorado who runs Leprino Foods, a cheese and dairy manufacturing company. But that business is actually an empire—its website says it's the "world's largest producer of mozzarella"—and though Leprino...

How Domino's Was Saved by Its Own Terrible Pizza
Domino's Unlikely Savior?
Its Own Terrible Pizza

Domino's Unlikely Savior? Its Own Terrible Pizza

'If they knew the pizza was Domino’s, they actually liked it less'

(Newser) - Come for the fascinating story about how Domino's went from a failing franchise with notoriously terrible pizza to a company so confident of its success it's experimenting with pizza-delivering robots; stay for the bizarre digital embellishments that send anchovies and "breadstix" flying across your computer screen. Domino'...

For Your Wedding, Get Showered With ... Pizza

Domino's makes it possible

(Newser) - Why ask your wedding guests for a toaster when you could request a large pepperoni pizza with extra cheese? Thanks to Domino's Pizza, engaged couples can now do just that. The company has just introduced the Domino's Wedding Registry which allows couples to register for gift cards ranging...

Man Awarded $1.2K for Pizza That Never Showed Up
Man Awarded $1.2K for
Pizza That Never Showed Up

Man Awarded $1.2K for Pizza That Never Showed Up

He ordered 3 pizzas, 2 garlic breads, 2 sodas from Domino's 18 months ago

(Newser) - An Australian man who's been waiting 18 months for his Domino's delivery to show up was awarded more than $1,200 in court this week, 9 News reports. According to the Guardian , 30-year-old personal injury lawyer and self-described "battler" Tim Driscoll ordered three pizzas, two garlic breads,...

Daily Domino's Customer Saved After 11-Day Silence

Kirk Alexander had apparently suffered a stroke

(Newser) - Kirk Alexander has ordered from Domino's Pizza in Salem, Ore., "every day, every other day," for at least seven years. Now his Domino's family is credited with saving his life. "A few of my drivers had mentioned that we hadn't seen his order come...

Domino's Now Has a Pizza- Delivery Droid

Meet DRU

(Newser) - Self-driving cars seem nice, but an Australian tech startup that usually builds robotic targets for live-fire military training has just announced what we've really been waiting for: a pizza-delivery robot, courtesy of Domino's, reports Engadget . Meet DRU (Domino's Robotic Unit) , an autonomous 3-foot-tall delivery vehicle (currently in...

Cops: Deliveryman Stabs Customer Over Late Pizza

Victim will survive

(Newser) - The only good thing about this story is the phrase, "the injuries are not life-threatening." Police say a Domino's deliveryman stabbed a customer in the neck and wrist during an argument about a late delivery, reports the Los Angeles Times . Apparently, the 20-year-old customer offered only a...

Domino's Adds Pizza Oven to Delivery Car

That seems safe-ish

(Newser) - If James Bond's hours got cut and he had to take a second job delivering pizzas, this is the car Q would undoubtedly work up for him. Domino's latest extreme advertising campaign is a specially designed Chevrolet Spark with room for up to 80 pizzas and sides, as...

Rejoice, Lazy Tweeps: Tweet a Pizza Emoji, Get a Pizza

Domino's launches 'tweet-to-order' system

(Newser) - Because ordering a pizza isn't easy enough already, Domino's is launching a new system one week from today that makes it even simpler: Just tweet a pizza emoji to @Dominos and a real-life pizza will magically show up at your door. Of course, as Engadget explains, first you'...

Students Wow Pizza Guy With 10,000% Tip

James Gilpin says $1,268 tip couldn't have come at a better time

(Newser) - Indiana Wesleyan University students attend mandatory chapel service each week, and when chapel speaker Keith Newman ordered pizza Wednesday morning as 3,000 students gathered inside, "I thought we were all going to get pizza," a student says. Instead, a Domino's Pizza deliveryman got a big shock—...

Fast Food Strikes Return as Wage Debate Looms

Obama speaks up in favor of minimum wage hike

(Newser) - Fast food workers in 100 cities will walk off the job today, and protesters will show up in 100 more to call for drastically higher wages for the nation's lowest-paid workers. The movement started with a small strike in New York City last year, and has ballooned since, with...

Onetime Delivery Guy Now Owns 18 Domino's

And that's not a rare story

(Newser) - It sounds like a rare rags-to-riches story: A man joins Domino's at 19 as a delivery guy and goes on to own 18 franchises. In fact, 90% of Domino's 4,500 franchise spots are owned by former entry-level employees, says a rep. CNNMoney recounts the story of Rob...

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