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Police Report Sheds Doubt on Paterno's Claims on Sandusky

Alleges Paterno told complainant in 2001 it was the '2nd complaint' he'd heard

(Newser) - It's long been alleged that the late Joe Paterno had been informed about sexual abuse at the hands of Jerry Sandusky decades before the Penn State head coach said he knew. But a Pennsylvania State Police report seen exclusively by CNN appears to strengthen those claims, laying out newly...

Jerry Sandusky Speaks
 Jerry Sandusky Speaks 

Jerry Sandusky Speaks

Talks Paterno, McQueary in telephone interviews

(Newser) - Jerry Sandusky says that if Penn State coach Joe Paterno "absolutely thought" he was a pedophile, he would not have let him coach. "If he had a suspicion, I don't know the answer to that," he says. He made the statement in the course of 3....

Paternos Blast Freeh Report as 'Rush to Injustice'

Dead coach's family commission own report to salvage legacy

(Newser) - Joe Paterno 's family is trying to get the last word in on the tarnished legacy of the legendary Penn State coach, releasing this morning a report of their own that blasts the findings of the Freeh Report. Calling Louis Freeh's conclusion that Paterno concealed Jerry Sandusky'...

Star Witness McQueary Sues Penn State

Whistleblower suit says school ruined him over Sandusky case

(Newser) - Mike McQueary is suing Penn State for $4 million over the way he says he was treated in the Jerry Sandusky sex-abuse case, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer . The former assistant football coach says in his whistleblower suit that the university fired him for cooperating with authorities and cast doubt on...

Sandusky's 'Shower Victim' Comes Forward, Sues Penn State

Victim 2's lawyers release voicemails from Sandusky

(Newser) - The alleged Jerry Sandusky victim at the center of Mike McQueary's testimony has at last revealed himself—so he can sue. Sandusky reportedly assaulted "Victim 2" in university showers when the victim was a child. Now, as an adult, the victim intends to sue Penn State "and...

McQueary: No Question Sandusky Was Abusing Child

Cites 'skin-on-skin smacking sound'

(Newser) - Despite questions raised over his story , Mike McQueary says he's sure: Jerry Sandusky was sexually abusing a child in the Penn State showers. The former assistant coach testified today in the case that he heard a "skin-on-skin smacking sound" and spotted Sandusky "standing behind a boy who...

Mike McQueary Suing Penn State as Whistleblower

It's unclear why

(Newser) - Some might think of Mike McQueary as the antithesis of a whistleblower, but the former receivers coach has notified Penn State that he intends to sue the university for an amount beyond normal arbitration rules in a whistleblower lawsuit, the Centre Daily Times reports. The notice doesn't indicate precisely...

Paterno Tells His Side of the Story

'I never heard of ... rape and a man': former Penn State coach

(Newser) - Joe Paterno recounted his version of the Jerry Sandusky rape case during two interviews this week with the Washington Post . Fragile from chemotherapy and wheelchair-bound with a broken pelvis, Paterno said Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary came to him in 2002 describing a vague scene of Sandusky fondling a...

Judge: Penn State Officials Will Stand Trial for Lying

Rules there is enough evidence

(Newser) - Mike McQueary's testimony that he believes he saw Jerry Sandusky molesting a boy and that he fully conveyed what he had seen to two Penn State administrators helped seal the deal: A judge ruled today that prosecutors have enough evidence to send the officials' cases to trial, reports Reuters...

McQueary: I'm Pretty Sure Sandusky Was Molesting Boy

He testifies about scene in showers

(Newser) - Penn State coach Mike McQueary testified today that he believes he saw Jerry Sandusky molesting a boy and that he fully conveyed what he had seen to two Penn State administrators. McQueary, speaking for the first time in public about the 2002 encounter in a Penn State locker room, said...

Sandusky Lawyer Accidentally Touts Gay Sex Line

Joe Amendola suggests calling '1-800-REALITY'

(Newser) - If the impregnation of a teen client wasn't enough to make Jerry Sandusky think twice about his choice of lawyer, this might: After Sandusky waived his right to a pretrial hearing yesterday, Joe Amendola told reporters that anybody who believes Mike McQueary witnessed his client raping a boy and...

Sandusky Witness Changed His Story: Insider

Mike McQueary's account at core of Penn State case

(Newser) - The witness whose account of the now-infamous shower encounter sits at the center of the Penn State child abuse case has changed his story over the years, according to the Patriot-News . Much of the case against Jerry Sandusky hinges on former assistant coach Mike McQueary's report that he saw...

Fear of Homosexuality Lurks Behind Penn State Scandal
Homophobia Pervades
Penn State Scandal

Homophobia Pervades Penn State Scandal

What if Sandusky had been raping little girls?

(Newser) - "What if it had been a 10-year-old girl in the Penn State locker room that Friday night in 2002?" Writing in the New York Times , Daniel Mendelsohn suggests that football coach Mike McQueary never would have cut and run if Jerry Sandusky had been raping a little girl. In...

Big Break in Sandusky Investigation: Online Post

Police talked to McQueary after spotting rumor of Sandusky cover-up

(Newser) - A vital break in the investigation into Jerry Sandusky's alleged sexual abuse of young boys came from a posting in a forum where people chatted about Penn State athletics, the New York Times finds in a detailed look at the case. Investigators—who already suspected that the former defensive...

Cops: McQueary Didn't Report Anything to Us

Chief casts doubt on Penn State coach's new assertion

(Newser) - Police say they have no record of Penn State coach Mike McQueary reporting an alleged child rape in 2002, despite a recent email released by a friend that claims the contrary. “Absolutely not. We don't have any records of him coming to us,” the police chief in...

News Flash: You're No Better Than Paterno and McQueary

You may not have acted any differently: David Brooks

(Newser) - The allegations against Jerry Sandusky are horrific, yes, but you won’t find David Brooks amongst the masses exclaiming that they would have rushed to police, or rushed at Sandusky and stopped the alleged assault, had they been in Joe Paterno or Mike McQueary's shoes. In the New York ...

McQueary: I Didn't Turn and Run

Coach says he did the right thing when he saw Sandusky abusing boy

(Newser) - Mike McQueary has told former Penn State teammates that contrary to what many people infer from his grand jury testimony, he didn't allow Jerry Sandusky to continue what he was doing when McQueary allegedly saw him attack a 10-year-old boy, the New York Daily News reports. "I didn'...

Penn State Puts Assistant Coach on Administrative Leave

Mike McQueary won't be coaching the football team for time being

(Newser) - Penn State has placed the assistant coach in the middle of its unfolding scandal on administrative leave, reports AP . Mike McQueary has been getting death threats since his role became known: He told a grand jury that he saw Jerry Sandusky raping a boy on campus in 2002. He did...

Stewart Shames Penn State Rioters

Don't worry, no one will take away your precious football, he says

(Newser) - Jon Stewart tackled the Penn State sex abuse scandal last night , in a segment Raw Story calls “short but devastating." After ripping the “6-foot, 5-inch adult eyewitness” who “walked in on Sandusky raping a child” for not stopping the situation and/or calling the police, Stewart laid...

Threats Keep McQueary Off Sidelines

Future in question for assistant coach

(Newser) - Mike McQueary—the assistant coach in the middle of the Penn State scandal —has received multiple threats and won't be at tomorrow's game against Nebraska after all, officials say. Interim head coach Tom Bradley, who took charge after the firing of Joe Paterno , had earlier told a...

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