Ratko Mladic

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'Butcher of Bosnia' Loses His Genocide Appeal

Ratko Mladic is revered by Serbs, villainized by Bosniaks

(Newser) - Ratko Mladic, the military chief known as the "Butcher of Bosnia" for orchestrating genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes in the Balkan nation's 1992-95 war, lost his final legal battle Tuesday when UN judges affirmed his life sentence, the AP reports. The rejection of Mladic's appeals...

His Daughter Killed Herself. Why Mladic Didn't Do the Same

'I didn't want them to say we are family of suicides'

(Newser) - Former Bosnian Serb military chief Gen. Ratko Mladic will spend the rest of his life in prison following his conviction on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity. That he's alive to head to prison contrasts with the imagined end he spoke of to his officers during Bosnia's...

'Butcher of Bosnia' Going to Prison for Life

Ratko Mladic is convicted of 1990s genocide

(Newser) - A UN court has convicted former Bosnian Serb military chief Gen. Ratko Mladic of genocide and crimes against humanity and sentenced him to life in prison for atrocities perpetrated during Bosnia's 1992-1995 war. The court in the Hague convicted Mladic of 10 of 11 counts in a dramatic climax...

Karadzic: I Should Be Rewarded

Trial begins for alleged mastermind of Srebrenica massacre

(Newser) - Radovan Karadzic's trial on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity began today in the Hague, but the former Bosnian Serb leader insisted in his 90-minute opening statement that rather than being punished for what happened during the war, "I should be rewarded for all the good things...

520 Newly IDed Srebrenica Victims to Be Buried

Victims will be memorialized in funeral at genocide site

(Newser) - Seventeen years after the massacre at Srebrenica, 520 newly identified victims will be buried there, the AP reports. Serb forces killed 8,000 men and boys during the 1995 genocide, and new victims are still being found in mass graves throughout Bosnia. More than 5,000 victims of the massacre...

Mladic's War Crimes Trial Halted

Prosecution failed to disclose evidence to defense

(Newser) - Justice for the accused Butcher of Bosnia is once again on hold: Ratko Mladic's war crimes trial was suspended today in only its second day, after it came to light that the prosecution had failed to disclose some evidence against Mladic to the defense as required. It's not...

As Trial Begins, Mladic Taunts Survivors

Sarcastically claps, draws finger across throat

(Newser) - The war crimes trial for Ratko Mladic opened today in the Hague, and the Bosnian Serb general once again made no attempt to appear sympathetic. He gave a thumbs-up and slowly clapped his hands sarcastically as the trial began, waving and smirking at the rows of survivors and relatives of...

Judges Order Disruptive Mladic Out of Court

He spoke out of turn ... and insisted on wearing a cap

(Newser) - Ratko Mladic made his second appearance before the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal today, and it was kind of a mess. The AP reports that a "defiant, disruptive, and argumentative" Mladic continually yelled at judges during the arraignment, ignored their orders, and refused to enter pleas to 11 charges—all...

Boy in Chilling Srebrenica Pic 'Glad' Mladic Captured

Izudin Alic just wanted the general's chocolate

(Newser) - It's a chilling image: Ratko Mladic, the accused mastermind of the Srebrenica massacre, pats a tow-headed Muslim boy on the head and assures him all will be safe—a simple gift of chocolate just hours before the spilling of so much blood. The AP went looking for the boy...

Mladic Calls Charges 'Obnoxious'

He also calls himself a gravely ill man in first appearance at The Hague

(Newser) - Ratko Mladic is definitely not playing ball: In his first appearance at the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal at The Hague today, Mladic called himself a "gravely ill man" and refused to enter pleas to what he called "obnoxious charges." Asked by the presiding judge if he understood...

Ratko Mladic Has Lymph Node Cancer, Lawyer Says
 Lawyer: Mladic Has Cancer 

Lawyer: Mladic Has Cancer

Document indicates he underwent chemotherapy at Serbian hospital

(Newser) - Ratko Mladic's lawyer says he can prove the suspected war criminal has cancer. Milos Saljic showed the AP a copy of a 2009 document that purports to show that Mladic was treated at a Serbian hospital between April and July of that year, and that he was diagnosed with...

Ratko Mladic Arrives at the Hague; Enters UN Isolation Cell
 Mladic Arrives in The Hague 

Mladic Arrives in The Hague

He will spend the night in a UN isolation cell

(Newser) - Ratko Mladic has arrived at The Hague. The former Bosnian Serb military commander was placed in a UN detention unit to await trial on genocide charges; he will spend the night in an isolation cell. War crimes tribunal staff were first handing him his indictment and explaining the rules and...

Christopher Hitchens: West's Delays in Confronting Him Prolonged Mladic's Slaughter
West's Stalling Made Mladic's Slaughter Worse
christopher Hitchens

West's Stalling Made Mladic's Slaughter Worse

US, NATO deserves part of the blame for this monster: Christopher Hitchens

(Newser) - Western nations are to blame for not sooner confronting alleged war criminal Ratko Mladic and Serbian forces in the Balkans, making the violence there much worse and last much longer than it should have, writes Christopher Hitchens in Slate . "The monstrous character of Mladic and his movement needed no...

Did Daughter's Death Drive Mladic Crazy?

Also: Tribunal denies bid to avoid extradition

(Newser) - No surprise here: A tribunal in Serbia had little sympathy for Ratko Mladic's reported ill health and denied his bid to avoid extradition to the Hague to face war crimes charges. He could be on a plane within hours, reports the BBC . Earlier today, officials allowed Mladic to visit...

Citing Health, Mladic Appeals Extradition

Lawyer says he is physically, mentally unfit for trial

(Newser) - Ratko Mladic's lawyer today appealed the war crimes suspect's extradition order, calling Mladic physically and mentally unfit for trial. The New York Times reports that the move will likely cause a brief delay in Mladic's transfer from Serbia to The Hague; if the appeal is denied, he'...

How Ratko Mladic Finally Got Caught
 How Mladic Finally Got Caught 

How Mladic Finally Got Caught

'New York Times' delves into slow strategy that paid off

(Newser) - Ratko Mladic remained hidden for years, as investigators slowly and methodically drained him of money and supporters—until, when he was caught, the accused war criminal had just $800 and repeatedly demanded his military pension of 140 euros a month, which had been frozen since 2005. The New York Times...

Son: Mladic Had Nothing to Do With Srebrenica

Darko Mladic says dad ordered evacuation, not responsible for whatever went on behind his back

(Newser) - Ratko Mladic claims he had nothing to do with the massacre of 8,000 men and boys in the Bosnian town of Srebrenica when it fell during the 1992-1995 war, his son said today. Darko Mladic said his father denies ordering the massacre—the worst atrocity in Europe since the...

Mladic to Be Extradited to Hague

Judge brushes aside concerns that Mladic is in poor health

(Newser) - Ratko Mladic can be extradited to the international war crimes tribunal at The Hague to face charges of genocide and crimes against humanity, a Serbian judge ruled today, brushing aside concerns that the former military leader was in poor health. Mladic has three days to appeal the decision, the LA ...

Ruthless Ratko Mladic Nicknamed Himself 'God'

Former Bosnian Serb general wanted his troops to treat him that way, too

(Newser) - Gen. Ratko Mladic's ruthlessness was legendary: "Burn their brains!" he once bellowed as his men pounded Sarajevo with artillery fire. So was his arrogance: He nicknamed himself "God" and ordered his troops to obey his commands as if they came from on high. The former Bosnian...

Who's Left on World's Most Wanted List
 Who's Left on World's 
 Most Wanted List? 
with mladic captured...

Who's Left on World's Most Wanted List?

Sudanese president, al-Qaeda deputy make the cut

(Newser) - Osama bin Laden is dead. Ratko Mladic was captured in Serbia today, striking another name from the world's most wanted list. So who's left? AP takes a look at the war criminals and terrorists still out of reach:
  • Omar al-Bashir: The president of Sudan is wanted for crimes

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