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Eva Peron's Lobotomy May Have Prevented a Civil War
 Eva Peron's 
 Lobotomy May 
 Have Prevented 
 a Civil War 
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Eva Peron's Lobotomy May Have Prevented a Civil War

Neurosurgeon claims Juan Peron ordered operation to 'calm' Evita

(Newser) - The Yale neurosurgeon who four years ago claimed former first lady of Argentina, Eva Peron, had a lobotomy in 1952 to ease her pain from cervical cancer is revising his theory. In a new paper in Neurosurgical Focus , Daniel Nijensohn says the woman who inspired the musical Evita didn't...

To Treat OCD, Surgeons Remove Half-a-Teaspoon of Brain

Psychosurgery can help when medication and therapy don't

(Newser) - Mental illness can be debilitating, leaving sufferers in desperate need of relief. Many don't get it: Medication and therapy have no effect on 30% to 60% of those with obsessive-compulsive disorder, Popular Science reports. "For these patients who are the sickest of the sick they should be allowed...

'Most Haunted Place on Earth' Is for Sale

 'Most Haunted 
 Place on Earth' 
 Is for Sale 
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'Most Haunted Place on Earth' Is for Sale

Italian island of Poveglia said to have hosted brutal lobotomies

(Newser) - The island of Poveglia is, according to the Independent , "arguably the most haunted place on Earth"—and now it can be yours. The Italian government is auctioning off a lease to the unpopulated 17-acre island near Venice where, following the 1922 opening of a mental hospital, a doctor...

2K US Veterans Lobotomized in '40s, '50s

'WSJ' profiles Walter Freeman's medical legacy

(Newser) - In the first detailed account of the Veterans Administration's psychosurgery program, the Wall Street Journal reveals the extent to which lobotomies were used on veterans in the 1940s and '50s, before antipsychotic drugs came on the market and public opinion dipped. Unearthed documents show how one of the...

Did Eva Peron Have a Lobotomy?

New research seems to confirm claim made in 2005

(Newser) - The ever-fascinating Eva Peron continues to make news, this time by way of an equally fascinating New York Times article on lobotomies. A Yale researcher now believes the former first lady herself received one in a bid to relieve the extreme pain she experienced while dying of cervical cancer. The...

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