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Mississippi 15-Year-Old Heading to Law School

Jimmy Chilimigras could be among history's youngest law school grads

(Newser) - Mississippi's WLOX has a story that might have people thinking back to what they were doing at age 15. The station reports that James "Jimmy" Chilimigras is headed to law school in August. The teen, who has his bachelor's and master's from the online Western Governors...

US News College Rankings Take Another Hit

Deans of Harvard, Yale law schools cite issues with magazine's methodology, will no longer participate

(Newser) - Harvard and Yale consistently show up in college ranking top 10 lists, but there's one notable list their law schools won't be cooperating with in the future. The heads of those schools at the two elite universities announced Wednesday they'll no longer be willing participants in the...

For a Few Hours, Applicants Were Accepted by Law School

Northeastern sent a second letter out the same day

(Newser) - Northeastern University's School of Law had something awkward to tell the thousands of applicants it had emailed earlier in the day welcoming them to the Class of 2026. The congratulatory letter was sent by mistake, the school said, blaming a technical error. The first letter went to 205 current...

Georgetown Professor Accused of 'Blatant' Racism on Zoom
Georgetown Law Professor
Fired After Zoom Call

Georgetown Law Professor Fired After Zoom Call

Sandra Sellers complained about the academic performance of Black students

(Newser) - An adjunct law professor at Georgetown University is out of a job over a Zoom call in which she made disparaging comments about the performance of Black students in her classes, reports CBS News . "We learned earlier this week that two members of our faculty engaged in a conversation...

They Failed the Bar Exam. Worse: Now Everyone Knows

Dean of law school accidentally forwards email with their names

(Newser) - The dean of South Carolina's largest law school is apologizing for forwarding an email that contained the names of students who failed the exam to become a lawyer and the confidential bar exam grades of every student, per the AP . University of South Carolina School of Law Dean William...

Woman Starts Bar Exam, Has Baby, Finishes Bar Exam

Brianna Hill was 30 minutes into test when labor began

(Newser) - Brianna Hill said being in the middle of her bar exam kept her mind off being in labor, though it could just as easily have worked the other way around. The recent law school grad, 38 weeks pregnant, was taking the first part of the Illinois State Bar exam at...

Law Professors: Kavanaugh Doesn't Belong on Top Court

More than 1K say he lacks 'judicial temperament'

(Newser) - During last week's Senate Judiciary Committee, Brett Kavanaugh showed a lack of judicial temperament that would be "disqualifying for any court," not just America's highest, a letter to the Senate signed by more than 1,000 law professors states. The letter—which can be seen in...

2 Trump Kids Will Start School in Washington in the Fall

Tiffany headed to Georgetown Law, Barron moving from New York

(Newser) - One more of President Trump's kids is moving just around the corner from his new White House digs: Tiffany Trump, Trump's only child with ex-wife Marla Maples, is heading to Georgetown Law School in the fall, reports Politico . The 23-year-old graduated her dad's alma mater UPenn last...

Grad Loses Case Against 'Misleading' Law School

Jury votes 9-3 against Anna Alaburda

(Newser) - A split jury Thursday decided the case of Anna Alaburda versus the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, and it came down on the side of the school, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports. Alaburda, 37, sued the nonprofit California school in 2011, claiming it fudged post-graduation employment numbers. She said those...

Law Grads Win 'Historic' Court Date Against School

Students accuse California school of fraud over employment stats

(Newser) - Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego is often listed pretty far down the national rankings, with relatively low LSAT scores and a 46% bar passage rate, reports the Daily Caller . And the post-graduation employment rate may be even lower than the 60% the school advertises, which prompted 2008...

How Our Legal System Is Failing Most Americans

Columnist: We need cheaper lawyers

(Newser) - A common refrain about the legal industry these days is that law schools are churning out way more lawyers than necessary, leaving many new grads hopelessly awash in debt. But at the Washington Post , Martha Bergmark makes a very different case in a piece headlined "We don't need...

Law School Enrollment Dives to 36-Year Low

Debt, job market keeping students away

(Newser) - Is America going to face a future shortage of lawyers? First-year law school enrollment dropped this year to 39,675—some 5,000 less than last year and the lowest level since 1977, the Wall Street Journal reports. This is the third year in a row that law school numbers...

Obama: Make Law School 2 Years, Not 3

President makes the case during town hall on college costs

(Newser) - As President Obama continued his swing through upstate New York yesterday to talk about college debt , he offered a concrete suggestion to the nation's law schools: Ditch the traditional third year. “This is probably controversial to say, but, what the heck, I’m in my second term, so...

Meet Britain's Youngest Lawyer Ever

She's an 18-year-old American

(Newser) - This is not the kind of bar most teenagers are interested in getting access to: Gabrielle Turnquest, an 18-year-old from Florida, has become the youngest person ever to be called to the bar in England and Wales. Turnquest got her undergraduate degree at Liberty University in Virginia at age 16,...

Firm Hiring Lawyers —for $10K a Year
Firm Posts Job Opening for Lawyer—Salary $10K a Year
in case you missed it

Firm Posts Job Opening for Lawyer—Salary $10K a Year

And plenty of people apply...

(Newser) - Just how bad is the job market for young people? So bad that a Boston law firm recently posted a job for a new, full-time associate that's expected to pay just $10,000 a year, WBZ reports. That might be less than minimum wage, but the firm, Gilbert &...

Dogs Provide Therapy for Stressed-Out Law Students

The pooches took over the library at Emory Law School

(Newser) - Students cramming in the library at Emory Law School this week are getting some unusual stress relief. Therapy dogs were dispatched to lower the blood pressure of students studying for finals, reports WXIA in Atlanta . Stressed-out students "get relief by petting a dog, loving on a dog, and thinking...

Judge to Unhappy Law School Grads: Tough Luck

Lawsuit from New York Law School alums dismissed

(Newser) - Judge Melvin L. Schweitzer yesterday tossed out a lawsuit brought by nine law school grads unhappy with their job prospects , citing his opinion that "not every ailment afflicting society may be redressed by a lawsuit." The New York Supreme Court judge, while sympathetic to the New York Law...

Law School's Popularity Dropping?

 Law School's 
lsat numbers

Law School's Popularity Dropping?

LSAT test-takers are down 2 years in a row

(Newser) - Apparently college graduates got the memo that going to law school won't guarantee them a job , but will guarantee them massive debt: The number of Law School Admission Tests administered over the past school year was down by more than 16%, the Law School Admission Council reports. That's...

Law School Duped Us About Job Prospects: Alumni Suit

Post-grad job numbers, salaries not as high as claimed, say students

(Newser) - Apparently suing your law school is a new trend: Another lawsuit has been filed, this time by a group of graduates unhappy with their alma mater. New York Law School dupes students into enrolling by claiming that "the overwhelming majority of its students—90% to 95%— secure employment within...

Woman Finishes Bar Exam ... in Labor

Elana Nightingale Dawson breathed through the contractions

(Newser) - A recent Northwestern law school graduate was a little distracted as she completed the second and final day of the Illinois bar exam last Wednesday … by the very impending arrival of her newborn son, the Chicago Tribune reports. Elana Nightingale Dawson says the contractions began during the three-hour afternoon...

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