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After Jill Biden Brouhaha, LSU's Reese Rethinks White House Visit

NCAA women's basketball champ says she's a 'team player,' will go to DC

(Newser) - Pretty much nobody applauded Jill Biden's idea to host both the winning team and the losing team of this year's NCAA women's basketball championship at the White House— including the star player for Iowa , the team that lost to LSU. On Tuesday, Biden's press secretary...

Obamas Respond to Roe v. Wade Opinion

They argue illegal abortions will risk health and lives

(Newser) - The Supreme Court looks poised to "reverse nearly 50 years of precedent " and "relegate the most intensely personal decision someone can make to the whims of politicians and ideologues," according to former President Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama, who've issued a concerned statement...

Obamas Lose 'True Friend'

Family Dog,
Bo, Dies

Obamas' Family Dog, Bo, Dies

Former president mourns a 'true friend'

(Newser) - Former President Barack Obama’s dog Bo died Saturday after a battle with cancer, the Obamas said on social media. News of Bo's death was shared by Obama and his wife, Michelle, on Instagram, where both expressed sorrow at the loss of a dog the former president described as...

The Obamas Are No Longer Renters
The Obamas Are
No Longer Renters

The Obamas Are No Longer Renters

They bought the DC home of NFL exec Joe Lockhart for $8.1M

(Newser) - It's not the White House, but Barack and Michelle Obama clearly aren't too disappointed with their new Washington, DC, home : After renting it for several months, they've opted to buy it, reports People . The Obamas purchased the 8,200-square-foot home in the Kalorama neighborhood this week for...

Fence-Jumper Got Deep Inside White House: Report

Omar Gonzalez overpowered guard, passed First Family's quarters

(Newser) - The fence-jumper who bolted across the White House lawn with a knife this month made it further than previously admitted—inside the building and within a stone's throw of the First Family's living quarters, the Washington Post reports. Insiders say former Army soldier Omar Gonzalez overpowered a Secret...

The Obamas Should Have Adopted a Pit Bull Instead
The Obamas Should Have Adopted a Pit Bull Instead

The Obamas Should Have Adopted a Pit Bull Instead

Breed has become a symbol of racial segregation, poverty: Emily Nusser

(Newser) - The Obamas just adopted a pretty new Portuguese water dog . But if the first family really wanted to make a statement, they should have adopted a pit bull from the pound instead, writes Susan Nusser at Salon . Pit bulls are "resilient, unpretentious, and a little gritty," she says....

NY Times Calls Obama Book 'Chick' Lit
 NY Times Calls 
 Obama Book 
 'Chick' Lit 
'Chicks' Furious

NY Times Calls Obama Book 'Chick' Lit

Critics see label as slight to serious book, author

(Newser) - A generally gushing review in the New York Times of a book by its own Washington correspondent hit an Internet landmine when it referred to the book as "chick nonfiction," observes New York Magazine . The reconfiguration of the term "chick lit" was no doubt meant to be...

Book May Have Understated First Lady's Health Care Role

'Could have been more precise,' says author

(Newser) - In Jodi Kantor's headline-grabbing book The Obamas , she writes that Michelle Obama largely sat out the health care debate because aides worried it would hurt her image. "She did a few events, but they were small, and drew little coverage" Kantor writes. "Her support … became a...

Michelle Obama: Don't Call Me an 'Angry Black Woman'

First lady responds to claims made in Jodi Kantor's book

(Newser) - Michelle Obama says she hasn't read Jodi Kantor's new—and, at times, unflattering—book on the Obamas, but she does take offense to what's in it. Speaking to CBS co-anchor/long-time pal Gayle King, Obama explains that she has grown weary of people portraying her as "some...

Michelle Frightened at First: Book

Details of Jodi Kantor book continue behind-the-scenes look

(Newser) - Details from The Obamas, by New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor, continue to trickle out , and ABC News reports on revelations of a personal nature. According to Kantor, Michelle Obama felt "frightened and alone" during her first days in the White House. The first lady wanted to stay behind...

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