Costa Concordia

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Costa Concordia's Sobbing Captain Gets 16 Years

Francesco Schettino claims 'entire organization' should have been on trial

(Newser) - The captain of the capsized Costa Concordia luxury liner has been convicted of multiple charges of manslaughter and sentenced to 16 years in jail, closing down a trial that's been running since July 2013 and ending one of the more jaw-dropping and avoidable maritime disasters in recent memory, reports...

Costa Concordia Has Likely Yielded Her Final Victim

Authorities think remains are those of Indian waiter Russel Rebello

(Newser) - The last unaccounted-for body from the Costa Concordia cruise ship that sank off the coast of Giglio, Italy, in January 2012 may have finally been found, Reuters reports. The Italian coast guard said today it believed that recovered remains were those of Russel Rebello, an Indian waiter who worked on...

Costa Concordia Reaches Final Destination

Cruise ship reaches Genoa, where it will be dismantled

(Newser) - The shipwrecked Costa Concordia cruise liner has completed its final journey. Pulled by tugboats and nudged by brisk winds, the wreck was today eased into Genoa's port, where it was built nine years ago and now will be scrapped. A large net was dragged behind the cruise ship, notes...

Tugs Start to Pull Wrecked Costa Concordia Away

Cruise ship starts 4-day journey to Genoa, Italy, where it will be turned to scrap

(Newser) - The Costa Concordia has begun its final voyage. Tugboats today started towing the wrecked cruise liner away from the tiny Italian island of Giglio, where it capsized after its captain steered too close to the island and struck a reef in January 2012, killing 32 people. After completing the four-day...

Costa Concordia Refloating Begins
 Costa Concordia 
 Is Upright Again 

Costa Concordia Is Upright Again

Biggest-ever passenger ship salvage operation; now ready to be towed

(Newser) - More than two years after it capsized off the coast of an Italian island, CNN reports that workers have refloated the Costa Concordia in the final phase of the biggest-ever passenger ship salvage. In an operation expected to take up to a week, air was pumped into tanks attached to...

Costa Concordia Captain Walks Wreck For 1st Time

Joins experts to inspect generators he says were to blame

(Newser) - Two years after the disaster that killed 32 people, captain Francesco Schettino today returned to the Costa Concordia wreckage in the course of his manslaughter trial. Schettino went aboard in order to help court-appointed experts inspect generators, which the captain claims were partly to blame for the incident, the AP...

Costa Concordia Diver Killed
 Costa Concordia Diver Killed 

Costa Concordia Diver Killed

Spaniard gashed leg on underwater metal

(Newser) - The Costa Concordia disaster has claimed its 33rd victim, after a diver working on the massive salvage operation died yesterday, reports the AP . The unidentified Spaniard was attaching large tanks to the side of the cruise ship, reports Reuters , when he apparently gashed his leg on underwater sheet metal and...

Cops Bust 4 With Looting Costa Concordia

Men were employed by company hired to salvage the wreck

(Newser) - It seems that there's no rest for the wreckage of the recently raised Costa Concordia : Italian police busted four divers employed by Titan, the group tasked with salvaging the cruiseship, and will be charging them with looting, reports Sky News . The men were spotted via CCTV on the eighth...

Costa Concordia Captain Trying to Impress His Lover?

Woman on bridge with him admits they were involved

(Newser) - The trial of the captain who ran the Costa Concordia aground is under way, and the early testimony suggests that 32 people died because Francesco Schettino wanted to make good on a favor to a crew member and perhaps impress his lover at the same time. The two big developments:...

Divers May Have Found Last 2 Costa Concordia Victims

Human remains spotted near wreck

(Newser) - Divers spotted human remains today near Italy's Costa Concordia cruise ship and DNA tests will determine if they are the last two bodies missing among the shipwreck's 32 victims, authorities say. The search for the remains of an Italian female passenger and an Indian waiter resumed after the...

Success: Crews Salvage Costa Concordia

19-hour process was 'perfect': Costa tech head

(Newser) - Crews have pulled off one of the toughest salvage projects in history , managing to restore the wrecked Costa Concordia to an upright position off an Italian island. The effort took 19 hours—longer than the expected 10 to 12—and lasted until 4am local time. The "parbuckling" process used...

One of Trickiest Salvage Efforts Ever Begins
One of Trickiest Salvage Efforts Ever Begins

One of Trickiest Salvage Efforts Ever Begins

Costa Concordia will hopefully rise today

(Newser) - Today's vocab lesson: "parbuckling." That's the ambitious process that is under way in Italy, where a salvage team has started to lift the Costa Concordia almost exactly 20 months after it crashed into a reef, killing 32. It's being touted as one of the most...

Italy Set to Raise Costa Concordia

Unprecedented salvage operation will begin tomorrow

(Newser) - Authorities have given the final go-ahead for a daring attempt tomorrow to pull upright the crippled Costa Concordia cruise liner from the waters off Tuscany where it capsized 20 months ago. Italy's national Civil Protection agency waited until sea and weather conditions were forecast for dawn tomorrow before giving...

5 Costa Concordia Workers Guilty in Wreck: Court

But they may not face jail

(Newser) - Five Costa employees have been found guilty of manslaughter, negligence, and shipwreck in last year's Concordia disaster. Four crew members and the crisis-response director have been sentenced to prison terms between 18 months and two years and 10 months, the BBC reports, but they're unlikely actually to serve...

Costa Concordia Trial Opens, Immediately Stalls

Hearing adjourned until next week

(Newser) - The trial of Francesco Schettino, captain of the doomed Costa Concordia cruise liner, began today, 18 months after the ship ran aground—and was almost immediately postponed, the BBC reports. The hearing was adjourned to July 17 because a nationwide lawyers' strike is going on in Italy. (It involves a...

Costa Concordia Owner Fined $1.3M

Cruise line looking to blame Schettino for accident

(Newser) - A judge in Tuscany has fined Italian cruise line Costa Crociere SpA $1.3 million in administrative sanctions for the 2012 wreckage of the Concordia cruise ship that killed 32 people. Costa had asked for a plea deal to respond to the administrative sanctions, which under Italian law are for...

Survivors Mark 1 Year Since Costa Concordia

Ship still sits off Italian coast awaiting salvage operation

(Newser) - Part of the massive rock that ripped through the hull of the Costa Concordia a year ago today was returned to the sea bearing a plaque memorializing the 32 victims that died in the wreck. That tribute led memorial services today, as survivors and victims' families returned to the site...

400 Toil to Raise Costa Concordia
 400 Toil to Raise 
 Costa Concordia 
one year later

400 Toil to Raise Costa Concordia

Officials call recovery biggest ever attempted

(Newser) - It's been almost exactly a year since 32 people died when the Costa Concordia rolled over off the west coast of Italy, and a 400-person team of salvagers is at last ready to undertake what is being called "the largest and most complex [marine] recovery ever attempted,"...

Costa Captain Faces 1,000 Survivors in Theater Hearing

Francesco Schettino hears evidence in manslaughter charge

(Newser) - Charged with manslaughter, the Costa Concordia's ex-captain arrived in court today to hear evidence against him in the accident that killed 32. In a Tuscan theater functioning as a courtroom, Francesco Schettino reportedly faced more than 1,000 survivors of the disaster. "We want to look him in...

Women and Children ... Last?
 Women and Children ... Last?  

Women and Children ... Last?

When ships sink, men, crew have higher survival rates, says study

(Newser) - If you ever find yourself on board a sinking ship, you'd better hope you're an adult male. Researchers from Sweden looked at 18 of the most disastrous shipwrecks and found that women and children are far less likely to survive compared to their male counterparts, the Los Angeles ...

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