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Suicide Video Prompts a TikTok Move
Suicide Video
Prompts a TikTok Move

Suicide Video Prompts a TikTok Move

Company suggests tech 'partnership' could help tamp down on harmful content

(Newser) - TikTok says "groups operating on the dark web" engaged in a "coordinated effort" to share a graphic suicide video across its platform. Now it's asking other social media giants for help. The video of a US man shooting himself was live-streamed on Facebook in late August before...

Tech Firm Pays $89.5M to Cancel Office Lease

Pinterest cites shift toward working at home

(Newser) - In an ominous sign for the commercial real estate market market, a social media company has decided to cough up $89.5 million instead of proceeding with a deal to rent new offices in San Francisco. The company cited the shift toward working from home for its decision to cancel...

Amazon Just Debuted a Way to Get You to Spend More Money

Its new 'Spark' shopping social network looks a lot like Pinterest

(Newser) - Take Amazon Prime, mix it with Pinterest, and add a dash of Instagram. The result is Amazon Spark, a new shopping-focused "social network" aimed at getting hardcore Amazon users to spend even more money with the e-commerce giant. The service launched publicly on Tuesday on Amazon's iPhone app,...

Zuckerberg's Twitter, Pinterest Hacked

Group says they found his password in LinkedIn leak

(Newser) - Hackers have managed to embarrass Mark Zuckerberg, but not Facebook: A group calling itself OurMine Team claimed responsibility after the Facebook founder's Pinterest and Twitter accounts were hacked on Sunday, reports the New York Daily News . The hackers said they had found Zuckerberg's details in last month's...

For Success on Pinterest, Choose Your Colors Well
For Success on Pinterest, 
Choose Your Colors Well
study says

For Success on Pinterest, Choose Your Colors Well

Researchers say red, pink, and purple get repinned the most

(Newser) - When it comes to Pinterest, colors matter. Researchers analyzed about 1 million posts on the site and found that images heavy on red, pink, or purple were repinned the most, reports . By contrast, those with black, yellow, green, or blue fared the worst, according to the study in...

Instagram Could Help You Lose Weight

Or ruin your meal

(Newser) - The next new big diet fad could be Instagram and Pinterest, thanks to a new study that found just looking at photos of food can make eating less appealing. Researchers at Brigham Young University showed 232 people photos of food—half salty, and half sweet—and asked them to rate...

Guy Uses Girlfriend's Pinterest Page to Plan Dream Wedding a surprise

(Newser) - Turns out Pinterest is good for something other than bookmarking recipes and crafts you're never really going to make: One resourceful boyfriend snuck onto the site and used his girlfriend's "Dream Wedding" pin board to actually create her dream wedding, the Daily Mail reports. It all started...

Hacker Breaches Customer Service for Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest

Zendesk says no passwords stolen, but advises caution

(Newser) - Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr are all scrambling to deal with a security breach, after a hacker accessed their customer support company and stole email addresses and other information, reports Mashable . Zendesk, the customer service company, said it detected the hack this week, took steps to close the vulnerability, and notified...

Pinterest Joins $1B Valuation Club

And how ... its new valuation is actually $1.5B

(Newser) - Facebook may be dominating the headlines this week, but don't forget about the little guys—or the no-longer-quite-so-little ones. Pinterest's valuation has jumped from $200 million to $1.5 billion thanks to a new $100 million round of financing. The Wall Street Journal notes that the news pushes...

Pinterest Reassures Users Over Copyright Concerns

Social networking site releases statement

(Newser) - Pinterest is quickly following up on the copyright concerns that were recently raised by a lawyer and photographer, whose blog post on the potential issues went viral on the social networking site . "Pinterest is a platform for people to share their interests through collections of images, videos, commentary, and...

Teen Sends Extremely Unfortunate Text to Cop
Teen Sends Extremely Unfortunate Text to Cop
pranks gone wrong

Teen Sends Extremely Unfortunate Text to Cop

Pinterest-inspired prank goes quite wrong

(Newser) - A northwest Arkansas teenager thought it would be funny to text a random phone number saying she hid a body, but the joke backfired ... to say the least. Of all the local phone numbers she could have chosen, the 15-year-old Rogers girl picked one that belonged to a police detective....

Why You May Want to Think Twice Before Using Pinterest

After copyright concerns raised, site wants to avoid becoming 'next Napster'

(Newser) - Pinterest quickly racked up millions of users, all of whom love sharing Internet finds by "pinning" images to the website. But one Pinterest user, who also happens to be a photographer and lawyer, delved into copyright law and the site's terms of use—and discovered that Pinterest protects...

Ann Romney Joins Pinterest
 Ann Romney Joins Pinterest 

Ann Romney Joins Pinterest

Wanna-be first lady early adopter of rising social network

(Newser) - Mitt Romney's wife has signed up for up-and-coming social network Pinterest, dubbed "digital crack for women" by the Washington Post. Users of the site add photos to "virtual pinboards," and Ann Romney's page currently has seven, including recipes, campaign photos, and patriotic pics, the Post...

Pinterest's New Member: Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook CEO checks out the surging upstart

(Newser) - The new social networking darling Pinterest has been getting all kinds of attention of late, and now comes a sure sign of validation: Mark Zuckerberg has signed up with a profile of his own, reports All Facebook . It notes that Zuckerberg also has accounts on Twitter and Google Plus, but...

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