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Sandra Fluke May Run for Waxman's House Seat

Says she's 'strongly considering' bid for Congress

(Newser) - One favorite of the left may be replaced by another: Sandra Fluke says she is "strongly considering" a run for the House seat being vacated by Henry Waxman , reports Politico . "I'm flattered that I'm being discussed as a potential candidate," said Fluke, who praised Waxman'...

Limbaugh Threatens to Bolt Network Over Ad Slump

He doesn't like being blamed for falling sales

(Newser) - Was the advertiser boycott over Rush Limbaugh's "slut" comment last year behind a slump in ad sales at the broadcaster that carries his show? The host is so outraged by the mere suggestion that he's threatening to leave flagship station WABC and its parent company Cumulus Media,...

Sandra Fluke: Future for Women Bleak Under Romney

Rush Limbaugh's fave Georgetown law grad rallies women for Obama

(Newser) - Sandra Fluke tonight no doubt made Rush Limbaugh and the GOP rue the day the commentator called her a "slut" for demanding women's access to birth control. She painted a foreboding, almost apocalyptic, vision of life for American women under a Republican president, and had women in the...

Stars of DNC Night 2: Warren, Bill Clinton

And other things to watch for

(Newser) - The Man From Hope, Bill Clinton, returns to the spotlight of the Democratic National Convention on its second night—and that worries some people. "There's the possibility of Clinton outshining Obama," one presidential historian tells Bloomberg . "But that's a minor fear." Clinton and Obama...

Dems Add 10 Women to Convention Slate

Including Eva Longoria, Sandra Fluke, and Lilly Ledbetter

(Newser) - Sandra Fluke, Eva Longoria, and the president of Planned Parenthood are among the 10 women Democrats added to their lineup of convention speakers today, in their effort to cast themselves as the most woman-friendly option in November. Also on the list are Lilly Ledbetter (of Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act...

Post-Fluke Limbaugh Ratings Plunge

Sandra Fluke 'slut' controversy hurts Rush's ratings—or does it?

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh's ratings took a hit in certain key markets last month after the Sandra Fluke "slut" controversy , reports Politico . The shock jock's rating's fell 27% in the vital 25-54 demo in New York City, 40% in Seattle-Tacoma, 35% in Jacksonville, and 31% in Houston-Galveston. "...

Limbaugh Fights Back With 'Rush Babes'

He launches Facebook group for conservative women

(Newser) - Updates in the Rush Limbaugh chronicles:
  • Rush Babes: He has created the National Organization for Rush Babes to tweak the National Organization for Women, which is continuing to encourage advertisers to bail on him in the wake of the Sandra Fluke story , reports Yahoo News . NORB is a Facebook page

Limbaugh Out on Philly Radio

He's replaced by more moderate conservative

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh has been bounced off the biggest conservative talk radio station in Philadelphia in another blow to the conservative icon, reports the New York Times . WPHT said it will replace Limbaugh with Michael Smerconish, a moderate alternative who originally hails from Philadelphia. The move is apparently not directly related...

Chelsea Jabs Limbaugh for Dog Dig

It's good to have certain enemies: Clinton

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh was uncharacteristically unprovocative yesterday despite getting a dressing down from Chelsea Clinton for the time he compared her to a dog. Clinton spoke out last week in support of another victim of Limbaugh's acid tongue, Sandra Fluke, who was branded a slut by him for backing health...

One Month Later, Rush Limbaugh Sitting Pretty

Advertisers coming back, and stations not booting him

(Newser) - Remember all the outrage, the advertiser exodus , the calls for Rush Limbaugh to be permanently taken off the air after he called birth control advocate Sandra Fluke a slut ? Well, one month on, all that appears to be in the past. In the past two weeks, just one additional...

Clear Channel Boss Hails 'King' Limbaugh

'We're delighted to have radio leader,' says CEO

(Newser) - Some women might be considered "sluts" by Rush Limbaugh, but his boss thinks of him as a "king." Despite the ad exodus and female fury after Limbaugh branded law school student Sandra Fluke a slut last month for speaking out for contraceptive health insurance coverage, Clear Channel...

Limbaugh Sends First Tweet

Rush cites 'army' of supporters wanting to be 'mobilized'

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh's gone new media. The radio host sent his first tweet today, using the account @Limbaugh , "The Only Genuine Rush Limbaugh Twitter Feed." Amid the advertising exodus following his "slut" comment , his first tweet offered a related article: "Here’s how the opposition astroturfs...

Rush's Bride Enraged Over 'Slut' Brouhaha

 Rush's Bride 
 Enraged Over 
 'Slut' Brouhaha 

Rush's Bride Enraged Over 'Slut' Brouhaha

Limbaugh's wife Kathryn 'fit to be tied,' says source

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh's "slut" tirade may have gotten the home fires burning, and not in a marital-bliss kind of way: Seems Limbaugh's 35-year-old fourth wife, Kathryn, is "fit to be tied" over the controversy, sources tell the National Enquirer . The Florida event planner, to whom 61-year-old...

Sandra Fluke: Name Calling Won't Silence Us

Fluke says certain nameless detractors won't stop her

(Newser) - Sandra Fluke contributed an op-ed to CNN today, and though she doesn't mention Rush Limbaugh by name, she makes clear that she wasn't cowed by his "slut" diatribe. "Opponents of reproductive health access demonized and smeared me and others on the public airwaves," she writes....

In Defense of Rush
 In Defense of Rush 
Paul Theroux

In Defense of Rush

Paul Theroux: Limbaugh deserves 'a pass' on slut-gate

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh doesn't have many defenders these days, but Paul Theroux is crying foul over the reaction to Limbaugh's now-infamous "slut" remark . Sure, the shock jock's dismissal of Sandra Fluke was "offensive hyperbole," and "odd for the man whose idea of a good...

Steinem, Fonda to Clear Channel, FCC: Dump Rush

Limbaugh's hate speech is eating valuable radio spectrum, feminists say

(Newser) - Three of the biggest names in American feminism—Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan, and Gloria Steinem—are calling on the FCC to yank the licenses of channels that air Rush Limbaugh, saying his "degrading" and "dehumanizing" language is not in the public interest. "Spectrum is a scarce government...

Gloria Allred: Prosecute Limbaugh for 'Slut' Remark

She says he's in violation of a Florida 'chastity' law

(Newser) - So this is how the week of Rush Limbaugh outrage ends: with a protest letter by celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred. She called on the Palm Beach County state attorney to investigate Limbaugh's infamous "slut" remarks , claiming they violate a Florida law that protects women from comments "falsely...

Doc: Are We Paying for Limbaugh's Viagra?

Are health insurance consumers paying Rush to have sex?

(Newser) - If Rush Limbaugh doesn't want to absorb some of the cost of female contraception as a health insurance consumer, others are wondering: Why should we pay for Limbaugh's Viagra? "We know" Limbaugh "has used Viagra, which is covered by medical insurance plans," Dr. Nancy Snyderman...

Obama: 'I Don't Know What's in Limbaugh's Heart'

Won't comment on apology but reiterates that insult was out of bounds

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh's "slut" attack on law student Sandra Fluke has no "place in public discourse," says President Obama. At his news conference today, Obama explained that he called Fluke after the incident because he wants people to be able to speak their minds about policy,...

Limbaugh Bust Headed to Missouri Hall of Fame

House Speaker Steve Tilley sticking to his guns, despite protests

(Newser) - Talk about awkward timing: Rush Limbaugh, who was born in Missouri, will be inducted into the Hall of Famous Missourians later this year. That means he'll have his very own bronze bust in the Missouri Capitol, alongside fellow Missourians Mark Twain and Walter Cronkite. With all the controversy over...

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