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Trial Involving Pregnant Women, Viagra Ends With Deaths

11 babies died

(Newser) - The research had been borne out in rats, and so the next step was humans: Some 93 pregnant Dutch women whose placentas weren't operating optimally were given sildenafil, the drug better known as Viagra. The condition sharply limits a fetus' growth, and the hope was that the drug's...

Eating Placenta About as Beneficial as Snake Oil
No Proven Benefits,
Several Risks to
Eating Placenta

No Proven Benefits, Several Risks to Eating Placenta

Placenta capsules may carry bacteria, heavy metals: study

(Newser) - The trend of eating placenta after childbirth "borders on cannibalism" and is only lining providers' pockets, rather than offering any benefit to women or their newborns. That's according to researchers of a study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, which finds "no known scientifically...

Thinking of Eating Your Placenta? Think Again

Oregon baby's blood infection tied to mom's placenta pills

(Newser) - Kim Kardashian West has done it. So has January Jones. Now the CDC is warning new moms not to eat their own placentas. The Washington Post reports the unusual advisory came after an investigation into a mysterious illness that struck an Oregon newborn. Three days after a healthy birth, the...

In Order to Eat Her Placenta, She Had to Go to Court

Jordan Thiering 'grew my baby, grew my placenta,' but Mississippi has rules

(Newser) - There are the routine entries of the pregnancy to-do list: Buy and safely install the car seat. Set up the crib. Stock a drawer with tiny onesies. But on Jordan Thiering's list, this odd item: Go to court to secure her right to her placenta. The Mississippi woman had...

Couple's Identical Twins Could Be Born Months Apart

Link was born 23 weeks into his mother's pregnancy, with Logan still in utero

(Newser) - Just 23 weeks into Holli Gorveatt's pregnancy, she gave birth to Link, who weighed in at 1 pound 2 ounces and, right on the edge of viability, stands a 10% chance of normal development. Just as astounding is that Link has an identical twin brother Logan who remains in...

Placenta May Hold Autism Clues

Study suggests folds and creases point to higher risk

(Newser) - A new study suggests that doctors can gauge a newborn's chances of developing autism by looking at the baby's placenta, reports USA Today and the New York Times . The more unusual folds and creases it has, the greater the risk. The study looked at 217 placentas from a...

January Jones: I'm Eating My Son's Placenta

'I suggest it to all moms,' says Mad Men actress

(Newser) - Yikes. Seems like the former Betty Draper is a bit of a scary ice princess after all. Mad Men actress January Jones, who plays Don's chilly ex , reveals to People that she's eating her baby boy's placenta. The placenta "gets dehydrated and made into vitamins,”...

New Mothers Dine on Placentas to Battle Postpartum Depression, Aid Breastmilk Production
 New Craze 
 for New Moms: 
 Eat the Placenta 
in case you missed it

New Craze for New Moms: Eat the Placenta

Cooked or in smoothies, it has high iron levels and vitamin B-12

(Newser) - More mothers are turning to a healthy diet after giving birth, including fruit, veggies ... and a nice plate of placenta. As in, their own. Before losing your appetite, consider that placentas contain high iron levels, vitamin B-12, and hormones, and while no study proves their effect, believers say they alleviate...

Nursing Student Wins Facebook Placenta Pic Case

Doyle Byrnes can return to school, says judge

(Newser) - Apparently it is OK to post pictures of yourself posing with someone else’s placenta on Facebook, at least according to one federal judge. Doyle Byrnes, the nursing student who was expelled after doing just that , won her case against Johnson County Community College and will be allowed to resume...

Nursing Student Takes Photo With Placenta, Gets Expelled

Doyle Byrnes posted picture on Facebook then got the boot

(Newser) - Facebook claims yet another victim: A Kansas nursing student is fighting back after taking a photo of herself with a human placenta and posting it on Facebook—then getting expelled. Doyle Byrnes has filed a complaint in US District Court in Kansas seeking to force Johnson County Community College to...

Mel's Ranting Triggered at ... a Placenta Ceremony?
Mel's Ranting Triggered at
... a Placenta Ceremony?

Mel's Ranting Triggered at ... a Placenta Ceremony?

Plus, gossip site releases details of nasty phone calls

(Newser) - Just hours before going off on that taped rant that's emblazoned in our minds, Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva had been enjoying a peaceful ceremony together…planting their daughter’s placenta. It’s an Australian tradition, TMZ reports , and all was well until Grigorieva smiled at the gardener, causing Gibson...

Soccer Stars' Fave New Cure: Horse Placenta Massage

It's injected into injured area, then massaged

(Newser) - A treatment featuring horse placenta is becoming all the rage for injured European soccer stars, with two Liverpool players just the latest to seek treatment. The procedure, performed by a Serbian woman, sees the placenta—a leftover of the breeding process—injected into the hurt area, then massaged further into...

Moms Can Pass Cancer to Kids In Utero

Mutation makes cancer cells 'invisible' to fetus' immune system

(Newser) - Mothers pass myriad things to their unborn babies via the placenta, and scientists have found that cancer is among them. Researchers studied the case of a mother who died of leukemia soon after she gave birth, and whose child was diagnosed with cancer months later. Though the baby’s cancer...

Researchers Extract Stem Cells From Placentas

Effective harvesting procedure involves no risk to mother, child

(Newser) - Scientists have found an effective way to extract stem cells from placentas, where they’re abundant, after babies are born, the Guardian reports. Placentas contain up to five times as many of the key cells as cord blood, which has become a common source, and they may be more primitive,...

Placenta Drip: Fad or Fantastic?

Afterbirth consumption risky, unproven to boost health

(Newser) - Feeling tired? A Tokyo clinic offers relaxation drips containing human placental extract as a pick-me-up. Long used by the Japanese to treat liver disease and menopause symptoms, placenta—with its immune molecules and nutrients that sustain the fetus during pregnancy—is symbolic, if not utterly scientific. The idea of a...

Stay-At-Home Mom, Indeed
Stay-At-Home Mom, Indeed

Stay-At-Home Mom, Indeed

Home-birthing 'strange and magical,' but trade-offs hurt—like Mo. law against midwives

(Newser) - Home-birthing isn’t only strange and magical—it requires some covert-operation skills, Madeline Holler writes in Babble. After finding she preferred an attending midwife in the birth of her first child, Holler found using one for her second to be illegal in Missouri, where she'd moved. As such, she found,...

New Moms Use Natural Remedy for Depression

Placenta thought to help regulate volatile hormones

(Newser) - People think it's weird, and there's no research to prove it works, but new mothers  who've suffered from postpartum depression swear by it. The placenta that nourished the baby is injested by the new mom—dried and put into gelatin capsules, or just plain cooked and eaten. The placenta is...

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