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JPMorgan Will Pay $920M in London Whale Fines

Company will admit wrongdoing

(Newser) - JPMorgan Chase & Co. will pay $920 million and admit wrongdoing in a settlement with US and British regulators over the $6 billion "London Whale" trading loss last year that tarnished the bank's reputation. The UK's Financial Conduct Authority fined the company $220 million, while the British... More »

Report: Feds to Nab 2 Ex-JPMorgan Employees

Authorities suspect they hid size of $6B trading loss

(Newser) - A published report says federal authorities plan to arrest two former JPMorgan Chase & Co. employees on suspicion that they tried to conceal the size of the investment bank's $6 billion trading loss last year. The New York Times reported today that the arrests of Javier Martin-Artajo and Julien... More »

JPMorgan Report Brings Back Calls to Break Up Banks

'Epic breakdown' in oversight led to $6B loss

(Newser) - A Senate subcommittee report on JPMorgan Chase has slammed America's biggest financial institution so hard for trying to hide $6 billion in losses tied to the "London Whale" fiasco that business analysts are once again talking about the need to break up the biggest banks, reports Bloomberg . JPMorgan... More »

JPMorgan Might Dock Dimon's Bonus Over 'Whale'

He will likely no longer be top-paid banking executive as a result

(Newser) - He probably won't win a lot of sympathy for this, but it looks like JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon is going to lose bragging rights of being the nation's highest-paid banking exec. The board is expected to dock Dimon's 2012 bonus because of the disastrous "London whale"... More »

JPMorgan's Dimon: Housing 'Turned a Corner'

Third-quarter earnings beat expectations

(Newser) - Two giants kicked off the earnings season for banks, and the results were pretty good:
  • JPMorgan Chase, the country's biggest bank, reported a record quarterly profit today, helped by a surge in mortgage refinancing. The bank made $5.3 billion from July through September, up 36% from the same
... More »

Tom Brady to Jamie Dimon: 'Hang In There'

CEO of America's biggest bank gets a profile in Vanity Fair

(Newser) - When the firestorm around JPMorgan's "London Whale" scandal was burning hottest, Jamie Dimon got a surprise call from Tom Brady. "Hang in there," the Patriots quarterback told him. "I was surprised he even knew who I was, to tell you the truth," Dimon says.... More »

Sources: Boss Tried to Hide London Whale Fiasco

JPMorgan trader was urged to boost valuations: WSJ

(Newser) - A top exec at JPMorgan appears to have tried to cover up a colossal mistake, sources close to the "London Whale" probe tell the Wall Street Journal . Emails from earlier this year reveal that credit-trading chief Javier Martin-Artajo urged "whale" trader Bruno Iksil to inflate valuations on some... More »

JPMorgan Trading Loss Worse Than Expected, But...

...It barely dented the firm's Q2 profits

(Newser) - JPMorgan reported a $4.4 billion trading loss this morning, a figure far worse than analysts were expecting, in the wake of the "London Whale" fiasco. That drove the bank's earnings down 8.7%, but still left it with $4.96 billion in profit for the second quarter,... More »

JPMorgan May Have Lost $9B

Losses staggeringly worse than estimated

(Newser) - Forget $2 billion ; JPMorgan's trading losses on its bad derivative bets could reach a jaw-dropping $9 billion, sources tell the New York Times , based on an internal company report. Jamie Dimon had warned investors that the $2 billion loss could double within a few quarters, but losses have gotten... More »

JPMorgan's Dimon: 'I Can't Justify' the Loss

Jamie Dimon says hedge became 'something I can not publicly defend'

(Newser) - Jamie Dimon testified about JPMorgan's massive trading loss on Capitol Hill today, but the much-anticipated event was interrupted by protesters almost immediately, Reuters reports. "Jamie Dimon is a crook!" one man cried as the JPMorgan CEO approached the witness table, while another group chanted, "Stop foreclosures... More »

JPMorgan Execs Knew of 'Whale' Risks

Concerns about London unit raised years before $2B loss

(Newser) - Top JPMorgan execs weren't as blindsided as you might have thought about the risky trades that cost the bank a couple of billion dollars , the Wall Street Journal finds. Insiders in the unit responsible for the losses say that worries about risk-taking by London traders—including the one known... More »

JPMorgan Sold $25B in Securities to Mask Loss

But analysts say it was a dumb move

(Newser) - In order to soften the Q2 earnings blow inflicted by its more than $2 billion loss , JPMorgan is "dipping into the cookie jar," Reuters reports. Earlier this month CEO Jamie Dimon revealed that the bank had sold securities that generated $1 billion in gains, and a Reuters analysis... More »

Meet the Man Who Took Down JPMorgan

Boaz Weinstein is an aggressive trader who once lost $2B, too

(Newser) - Credit (or blame) Boaz Weinstein—a 38-year-old hedge fund trader known as a "monster" for his aggressive, risky style—for the $2 billion takedown of JPMorgan, reports the New York Times . Weinstein, a chess master and big-time Las Vegas gambler, isn't talking, but numerous other traders say he... More »

Heads Roll at JPMorgan Over $2B Trade Loss

CEO Jamie Dimon will accept at least three resignations

(Newser) - JPMorgan's disastrous $2 billion trading loss has officially claimed its first casualty. Chief Investment Officer Ina R. Drew, a 30-year veteran of JPMorgan and one of Wall Street's most prominent women, retired today, the AP reports. Drew was responsible for overseeing the disastrous trades. Executives say she ordered... More »

JPMorgan: 'Sloppiness' Cost Us $2B in 6 Weeks

'London whale' loss stuns financial world, could trigger calls for more regs

(Newser) - JPMorgan Chase has stunned the financial world by disclosing trading losses of $2 billion since the beginning of April, caused by what CEO Jamie Dimon calls "errors," "sloppiness" and "bad judgment." The losses came from bad trades made by a unit that was supposed to... More »

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