Lara Croft

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3rd Time Not the Charm for Tomb Raider

'There's nothing here we haven't seen before,' says Adam Graham

(Newser) - Fifteen years after Angelina Jolie last took on the role, Lara Croft gets a fresh face. In Roar Uthaug's Tomb Raider , Swedish Oscar winner Alicia Vikander plays the daughter of a missing adventurer who falls into a world of trouble on a remote Pacific island while trying to trace... More »

Lara Croft's Makeover Looks Sexist

Creators get lazy, add rape attempt to her back story: Mary Hamilton

(Newser) - The creators of Lara Croft have tried to add some depth to their character's back story for an upcoming game reboot, and Mary Hamilton at the Guardian is among many crying foul. For one thing, Lara is subjected to a beating and attempted rape, the latter generally a "... More »

2 Stories