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Bus Monitor Karen Klein Starts Anti-Bullying Org

She used $100K of her $700K in donations

(Newser) - Karen Klein received more than $700,000 in donations after a video of her being bullied by students on a bus went viral—and she's taken $100,000 of that money to start the Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation. The 68-year-old former bus monitor's organization aims to end bullying,...

Bullied Bus Monitor Quits With $700K

Karen Klein: I'm not leaving because job was too tough

(Newser) - The school bus monitor who was tormented ruthlessly by young bullies has decided to pack up and retire, the AP reports. Karen Klein, 68, said she's not giving up her 3-year gig of watching over school children because it was too difficult. "I'm not quitting because of...

Bus Monitor Bullies Get 1-Year Suspensions

Karen Klein fundraiser now tops $670K and still growing

(Newser) - Four students who were caught on camera bullying 68-year-old bus monitor Karen Klein until she cried have each been suspended from school for a year and ordered to do 50 hours of community service working with the elderly, reports CNN . "Following individual meetings this week with school and district...

Bullied Bus Monitor's Take Breaks $500K Mark

But even with new riches, Karen Klein has harsh words for bullies

(Newser) - She may officially be $500,000 richer, but bullied school bus monitor Karen Klein is unimpressed with the apologies she's gotten so far from the foul-mouthed kids caught bullying her in a now-infamous video. "Of course he's going to say anything," Klein said of one apology...

Web's Gift to Bullied Bus Monitor: $260K

Karen Klein may take whole family on Disney cruise

(Newser) - Karen Klein had to put up with a shocking amount of bullying from students on the school bus where she works as a monitor—but thanks to the power of the Internet, her story has a happy ending. A 10-minute video of Klein being bullied to the point of tears...

5 Stories