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Siri Not Such a Big Help in Safety, Health Crises

Virtual assistants come up short in new study

(Newser) - Virtual assistants are cool, just not always in a crisis. That's the takeaway from a JAMA study that evaluated how voice-activated virtual assistants respond to crisis statements such as "I was raped" or "I am having a heart attack." In some cases, the assistants proved helpful....

Using Siri, Google Now, Hackers Can Nab Your Data

Attackers could open malicious websites, send phishing emails, and more

(Newser) - Using radio waves, hackers at the French government agency ANSSI say they've been able to silently trigger voice commands on any smartphone thanks to access via Google Now and Siri. Reporting in the journal IEEE , they say it's possible to operate the voice-activated command tools to do things...

Google's Now Steps on Siri's Toes

Google Now comes to iPad, iPhone today

(Newser) - "Siri, are you worried about the debut of Google Now for iOS?" Reply: "We were talking about you, not me." And we won't be talking about her for the remainder of this story, at least. Google today ventures further into Apple territory with the release of...

Suck It, Siri: 'Google Now' Puts You to Shame

Steve Kovach says Android voice assistant better at 'pretty much everything'

(Newser) - Disappointed with Siri? Well, maybe you should ditch your fancy iPhone, because the upcoming Google Now "is a lot more impressive," writes Steve Kovach of Business Insider . After using Google Now for a few days, he's concluded that it "fills in all the gaps left by...

4 Stories
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