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UC to Pay $243.6M Over Gynecologist's Alleged Abuse
Ex-UCLA Gynecologist
Convicted of Sexual Abuse

Ex-UCLA Gynecologist Convicted of Sexual Abuse

Dr. James Heaps was found guilty on some counts, not guilty on others

(Newser) - Update: The former UCLA gynecologist embroiled in a sexual abuse scandal was on Thursday convicted of some of the 21 counts he faced, which involved accusations from seven women. Dr. James Heaps, 65, was found guilty of five counts of sexually abusing female patients and not guilty on seven other...

Hospital Agrees to $165M Fund for Victims of Gynecologist

'This is just the beginning,' patients' lawyer says

(Newser) - The hospital system that employed Robert Hadden and 147 women who said the gynecologist sexually abused them have agreed to a $165 million settlement. Columbia University Irving Medical Center and New York-Presbyterian Hospital said the money will go into a compensation fund to be shared among his patients, CNN reports....

NYC Gynecologist Faces Federal Sex Charges
$71.5M Fund Set Up
for OB-GYN's Victims

$71.5M Fund Set Up for OB-GYN's Victims

Robert Hadden is accused of molesting scores of patients

(Newser) - Update: A $71.5 million compensation fund will be set up for women abused by former gynecologist Robert Hadden, Columbia University and New York-Presbyterian Hospital announced Wednesday. The settlement was reached with 79 women, the AP reports. The hospitals said they're working on settlements with other women who have...

OB-GYN Gets 59 Years Behind Bars for Unneeded Procedures

Javaid Perwaiz 'used an arsenal of horrifying tactics to manipulate and deceive patients': US attorney

(Newser) - A Virginia OB-GYN accused of performing unnecessary hysterectomies and other procedures without his patients' consent was sentenced Tuesday to 59 years in prison, following his November conviction on 52 counts of health care fraud and other crimes after a three-week trial, reports the Washington Post . "Justice is done and...

Ex-USC Gynecologist Charged With 16 Sexual Assaults

Investigation into George Tyndall's alleged actions is continuing

(Newser) - A former campus gynecologist at the University of Southern California was charged Wednesday in the sexual assaults of 16 patients at the campus student health center, authorities said. Dr. George Tyndall has been the subject of a Los Angeles police investigation for more than a year after patients claimed sexual...

USC's Own Report Suggested Gynecologist Preyed on Students

But school did not fire George Tyndall, reports Los Angeles Times

(Newser) - The University of Southern California didn't fire a campus health clinic gynecologist accused of abusing hundreds of women , even after the school's own team of medical experts found evidence of the crimes as well as signs of "psychopathy." That's according to internal university records obtained...

What Cops Say They Found in Ex-USC OB-GYN's Storage Unit

Allegedly, photos of naked women who appeared to be in an exam room

(Newser) - Inside the storage unit of the ex-USC gynecologist accused of molesting hundreds of students, cops say they found what the Los Angeles Times calls a "trove of homemade pornography," as well as nude photos of women in what appeared to be a medical exam room. George Tyndall, who...

OBGYN's 'Joke' Makes Even Judge Say 'Oh My God'
Her Boss Gave
Her an Exam.
Then Her TP
Turned Purple
in case you missed it

Her Boss Gave Her an Exam. Then Her TP Turned Purple

Gynecologist doesn't lose license after dyeing employee's vagina purple (yes, you read that right)

(Newser) - If "gynecologist keeps his license after dyeing employee's vagina purple as a 'joke'" isn't a headline that catches your attention, stop reading. For everyone else: This case out of Colorado, in which even the judge uttered an "oh my God," involves Dr. Barry...

USC President Steps Down Over Gynecologist Scandal

CL Max Nikias has served in the role since 2010

(Newser) - University of Southern California President CL Max Nikias stepped down Tuesday in the wake of a sex-abuse scandal involving a campus gynecologist in which school administrators faced criticism they ignored decades of complaints. Nikias had been president since 2010; his $3 million in pay, bonuses, and benefits in 2015 made...

Outrage Grows Over USC's Gynecologist Sex Abuse Scandal

Dr. George Tyndall accused of rampant sexual abuse of patients

(Newser) - Outrage is growing at the University of Southern California, where 200 faculty members on Tuesday called for the university's president, CL Max Nikias, to step down over the university's handling of sexual abuse allegations against a former campus health clinic gynecologist. At least eight complaints were made against...

Scores of Men Try to Land Gynecologist Appointment

It all started when an article mentioned Dr. Liang Bartkowiak's new certification

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania gynecologist saw a huge uptick in calls for appointments. Only one problem: It was primarily men on the line. The flurry of calls began after Dr. Liang Bartkowiak was named in an Altoona Mirror article as the first doctor in Altoona eligible to certify medical marijuana users. And...

India's Advice to Pregnant Women 'Irrational'

Pamphlets suggests they avoid meat, eggs, and lust

(Newser) - A government pamphlet's advice for pregnant women in India isn't going over well. The booklet titled "Mother and Child Care" tells the women to "detach themselves from desire, anger, attachment, hatred and lust," spurn "impure thoughts," look at "beautiful pictures" to benefit...

OB-GYN Takes Uterus Out of Pregnant Woman

Conn. doctor fined $5K for his mistake, but he's still in good standing at hospital

(Newser) - A Connecticut gynecologist was fined $5,000 yesterday by the state Medical Examining Board for mistakenly performing a hysterectomy on a patient he didn't know was pregnant. Dr. Jonathan Foster performed a laparoscopic hysterectomy, a procedure that removes the uterus, on the woman at Saint Mary's Hospital in...

Gynecologists Cleared to Treat Men
Gynecologists Cleared
to Treat Men

Gynecologists Cleared to Treat Men

Board drops 'no male patients' rule

(Newser) - The name of the profession comes from the Greek for "the study of women," but gynecologists have been cleared to treat male patients without fear of sanctions. The board that oversees obstetrician-gynecologists has eased a rule that threatened to pull certification from any gynecologists that treated men, reports...

A Fertile Uterus Is Mathematically ... Perfect

Gynecologist finds the Golden Ratio in fertile uteri

(Newser) - The world's most mysterious number has popped up in the uterus. Known as the Golden Ratio, 1.618 is hailed by devotees as the formula for perfect natural beauty. Fanatics say the most aesthetically-pleasing rectangle and the most attractive smiles adhere to the numeral. Now Jasper Verguts, a Belgian...

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