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US Hiring Misfires in December
US Hiring Misfires
in December

US Hiring Misfires in December

Employers add fewer than 200K jobs, less than half of expectations

(Newser) - The new monthly jobs figures are out for December, and they came in way under expectations. What's more, these stats are pulled from the first half of the month; in this case, that's before the omicron variant began surging in earnest, notes the AP .
  • Hiring: Employers added 199,

New Jobs Report Is Out, and It's Disappointing

Employers added 210K jobs, lower than expected, and that's before omicron

(Newser) - Economists had high hopes about the new monthly jobs report, but those hopes fizzled when the stats came out Friday morning. Employers heartily missed expectations in regard to new hires. The details:
  • New jobs: Employers added 210,000 jobs in November, well below expectations that were well north of 500,

Jobs Report Comes In Stronger Than Expected

Employers added 531K jobs in October, more than forecast

(Newser) - The new monthly jobs report is out, and it's stronger than expected. Hiring in October improved significantly over September, though it's still behind the pace set in the first half of the year. The details:
  • New jobs: Employers added 531,000 jobs in October, above expectations of 400,

A Swing and a Miss for September's Jobs Report

Just 194K jobs were added last month

(Newser) - US employers added just 194,000 jobs in September, a second straight tepid gain and evidence that the pandemic still has a grip on the economy, with many companies struggling to fill millions of open jobs. Friday's report from the Labor Department also showed that the unemployment rate fell...

2 Words on Jobs Report: 'Huge Disappointment'

August numbers come in far below expectations

(Newser) - The new jobs report is in for August, and lackluster might be one word to describe it. "Huge disappointment" ( CNBC ) and "surprisingly weak" (the AP ) are others. The key numbers:
  • New jobs: Employers added 235,000 jobs for the month, but that is far below

Hiring Rebounds in May but Falls Short of Expectations

Employers added 559K jobs, double the figure from April

(Newser) - Last month's unemployment report was a bust . The new one for May is twice as strong, though still shy of expectations. The Labor Department reported Friday that employers added 559,000 jobs last month, below expectations of about 670,000, reports CNBC . The unemployment rate, meanwhile, fell to 5....

Jobs Report Misses Expectations by a Mile
Jobs Report Misses
Expectations by a Mile

Jobs Report Misses Expectations by a Mile

Employers added 266K jobs, well under predictions of about 1M

(Newser) - The new unemployment report for April is out, and the takeaway number didn't come close to meeting expectations. Details:
  • The number: Employers added 266,000 jobs in the month, even though analysts had expected roughly 1 million, reports CNBC . The outlet characterizes the figure as a "huge letdown.

Hiring Booms as Jobs Report Exceeds Expectations

Employers added more than 900K jobs in March as unemployment falls to 6%

(Newser) - Analysts expected a strong jobs report, and the Labor Department delivered. Employers went on a hiring binge in March, and they're expected to continue for the near future. The highlights:
  • A big number: Employers added 916,000 jobs last month, reports the AP , well above expectations of about 675,

Jobs Number Comes In Much Worse Than Expected

Employers added 245K jobs, a big dropoff

(Newser) - The new unemployment report is out, and it has a figure that in normal times would be strong: Employers added 245,000 new jobs in November. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate dropped from 6.9% to 6.7%. But in the context of the surging pandemic, the stat about new jobs...

The Final Jobs Report Before the Election Is Out

Unemployment rate falls to 7.9%

(Newser) - The Labor Department released the final jobs report we'll have before the November election, and it was a mixed bag. The jobless rate fell further than expected, to 7.9% in September from 8.4% in August. But while the Wall Street Journal reports economists had expected about 800,...

Unemployment Rate Officially Worst Since Great Depression

Rises to 14.7% in April

(Newser) - Everyone knew the numbers were going to be bad —and the numbers are bad. The unemployment report released Friday morning shows that 20.5 million Americans lost their jobs in April as the pandemic shutdown took full effect, reports the AP . The figure is staggering but actually a bit...

The Jobs Report Is Coming. It's Going to Be Grim
'And Now, It's Gone':
What the Jobs Report Will Hold
the rundown

'And Now, It's Gone': What the Jobs Report Will Hold

US is expected to have wiped out a decade's worth of jobs

(Newser) - The monthly jobs report is out at 8:30am ET Friday, when we'll find out just how grim the April employment numbers are. The March report was "shocking," without even showing the true brunt of the coronavirus pandemic's impact since the relevant surveys end mid-month. Media...

Grim Numbers Expected in Today's Jobs Report

And there is much worse to come, analysts say

(Newser) - After a record 113 straight months of hiring, the government's monthly jobs report Friday is expected to show that the American jobs machine came to a sudden halt in March as a result of the coronavirus. Economists have forecast that the government will say employers shed about 150,000...

'Robust' Jobs Report Stronger Than Expected

Seen as a signal for economic growth this year

(Newser) - The January jobs report is in, and it's stronger than expected. Employers added 225,000 jobs, well ahead of expectations of about 160,000. The Wall Street Journal sees the gains as "robust" and says they point "to a continued healthy labor market in a US economic...

A 'Sour Note' on Jobs, but Still a 10-Year Milestone

Hiring slows in December, though US now has seen 10 straight years of job gains

(Newser) - The last jobs report of 2019 and the decade came in shy of expectations. Employers added 145,000 jobs in December, lower than the expected 160,000 and enough to qualify as a "sour note," reports CNBC . Still, the figure caps the 10th straight year of payroll gains,...

Unemployment Hasn't Been This Low in 50 Years

Rate drops to 3.5% as employers add a robust 266K jobs

(Newser) - The new jobs report is out, and it's a robust one. Employers added 266,000 jobs in November, easily beating estimates of 187,000, reports CNBC . Part of the surge reflects the end of a strike at GM, but the figure still represents the strongest month since January of...

Jobs Report Rock Solid, Despite GM Strike

Employers add 128K jobs as unemployment rate edges up to 3.6%

(Newser) - US employers added a solid 128,000 jobs in October, a figure that was held down by a now-settled strike against General Motors that caused several thousand workers to be temporarily counted as unemployed. The Labor Department says the unemployment rate ticked up from 3.5% to 3.6%, still...

Jobless Rate Hits 5-Decade Milestone

It's at 3.5%, though employers added a modest 136K jobs

(Newser) - Steady, but a little below expectations. That's the quick assessment of the Wall Street Journal of the new jobs report out Friday. Employers added 136,000 jobs in September, under the expected 145,000, though the unemployment rate fell to a five-decade low of 3.5% per the AP...

Jobs Report Misses Mark in Sign of Hiring Slowdown

Employers added 130K new jobs, and numbers for June, July were lowered

(Newser) - The new jobs report is out, and it's a lackluster one. Employers added 130,000 jobs in August, short of expectations ranging from 150,000 to 160,000, per the Wall Street Journal and the AP . The unemployment rate remained unchanged at 3.7%. In what the Journal sees...

Tacked Onto Economy in July: 164K Jobs

Unemployment rate holds steady from June, at 3.7%

(Newser) - US employers slowed their hiring in July, adding a still-healthy 164,000 jobs to an economy that appears poised to extend its decade-plus expansion, the AP reports. The Labor Department says the unemployment rate stayed at 3.7% for a second straight month, close to a 50-year low. Average hourly...

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