Jimmy Hoffa

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FBI Says Hoffa's Body Isn't Under Bridge, Either

Journalist maintains the New Jersey search wasn't in quite the right spot

(Newser) - Update: The FBI said Thursday it found no sign of Jimmy Hoffa's remains under a bridge in New Jersey. But the journalist whose account led to the search said the dig took place in the wrong spot. Dan Moldea said the agency broke the news to him in a...

Officials: Cold-Case Contract Killing Tied to Former Governor

Authorities say Tenn. Gov. Ray Blanton's administration helped fund 1979 murder

(Newser) - A former Tennessee governor's administration helped fund a contract murder of a key federal witness decades ago while embroiled in the state's largest political scandal, law enforcement officials announced Wednesday. Investigators in Hamilton County, which encompasses Chattanooga, have been chipping away at the 42-year-old cold case of Samuel...

This Time, Author Thinks He Knows Where Hoffa Is Buried

FBI Is willing to search New Jersey landfill

(Newser) - Dan Moldea, who has investigated and written about the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa for decades, has watched police dig for Hoffa's body in six places. This time, he thinks he knows where the body of the former Teamsters boss is buried, the Free Press reports. "I've never...

Source: Hoffa Disposed Of via Wood Chipper

Law enforcement source says there's no body to find

(Newser) - The latest search for Jimmy Hoffa's body turned up nothing , and that's exactly what any future searches will turn up, too, a law enforcement source tells DNAinfo ... because the Teamster boss's body was put through a Michigan wood chipper, and there's nothing left of it, the...

Hoffa Search Ends, Mystery Continues

FBI announces end to search in Oakland Township field

(Newser) - The FBI says it has found no sign of the remains of former Teamsters union leader Jimmy Hoffa and is ending a dig in suburban Detroit . The announcement was made today by Robert Foley, head of the FBI in Detroit, just a few hours after digging resumed. The dig began...

Field Searched for Hoffa's Remains

Hunt takes FBI to Oakland Township, north of Detroit

(Newser) - The hunt for the remains of Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa is back on. US agents today searched a field in suburban Detroit, ostensibly on a tip from this man . The special agent in charge of the FBI's Detroit division confirmed that the agency and its partners executed a search...

Alleged Mobster: Jimmy Hoffa Is Buried Here

Former Cosa Nostra No. 2 Tony Zerilli breaks his silence

(Newser) - Jimmy Hoffa's body might be found at long last. A man the FBI believes was once the second in command of the Detroit Cosa Nostra has broken his silence about Hoffa's disappearance, showing NBC 4 New York a field that he claims is the Teamster boss's final...

Detroit Cops: Sorry, We Didn't Find Jimmy Hoffa

Soil samples from Michigan property show no human remains

(Newser) - Jimmy Hoffa's mysterious disappearance remains a mystery. Police in Roseville, Michigan, say their much-ballyhooed dig for the former Teamsters boss has turned up nothing, reports CBS Detroit . Acting on a tip, police dug up the concrete beneath a driveway shed in the Detroit suburb, but soil samples turned up...

Is Jimmy Hoffa Buried Under a Michigan Driveway?

Police taking a soil sample Friday after getting a tip

(Newser) - Police will take a soil sample from beneath a driveway in Roseville, Michigan, on Friday in the hopes of solving the Jimmy Hoffa mystery, reports the Detroit Free Press . An unidentified tipster says the former Teamster boss might have been buried there after he went missing in 1975. Authorities have...

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