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Report: 'Star' DNA Scientist Manipulated Evidence

Colorado probe into work of Yvonne 'Missy' Woods says her manipulation affected at least 652 cases

(Newser) - An esteemed analyst known as "Colorado's star DNA scientist" purposely manipulated evidence for years, involving hundreds (if not more) of the cases she worked on and putting the spotlight on her entire career, according to an investigation. According to a report released Friday by the Colorado Bureau of...

How to Know When You've Been 'Love Bombed'

'Healthy relationships ... are based on a series of actions, not a flood of words'

(Newser) - Love at first sight may actually be a warning sign. That's according to experts cautioning people in new relationships about so-called "love bombing." Not familiar with the term? Elle UK "delve[s] into the worrying behaviors of a 'love bomber,'" explaining that it takes...

Prof: We Need Laws to Check Google's Power

He thinks it's too easy for company to sway elections

(Newser) - The Washington Post explores a provocative question about Google in its Outlook section tomorrow: Do we need laws in place to safeguard against the company deliberately manipulating elections? It may sound far-fetched on the surface, but the story follows the experiments of psychologist Robert Epstein, who showed that it's...

In a Relationship, 'We' Means 'You'
 In a Relationship, 
 'We' Means 'You' 
fun with pronouns

In a Relationship, 'We' Means 'You'

Too many couples take the semantic easy way out

(Newser) - One member of a couple will often suggest that “we” do something, but that’s not what she—oh, yes, it's usually she—is really saying, and it’s not helpful, Beth Teitell writes. ‘‘We’ has turned into an order. It’s morphed from the first person...

YouTube 'Alchemist' Makes Ballet Legend Dance

(Newser) - A YouTuber has unearthed the only footage of famed early 20th-century dancer Vaslav Nijinsky in existence, the New Yorker reports—sort of. Actually, it’s more like he created it himself. “These films are animations of photographs,” Christian Comte said. “I work as an alchemist in animated...

Paulson Resists Labeling China a 'Manipulator'

Congress stews as Beijing keeps yuan weak vs. dollar

(Newser) - Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has denied congressional requests for a formal accusation of currency manipulation against China, the Wall Street Journal reports. China's tight restrictions have kept the yuan artificially low against the dollar for decades, but recent record highs, combined with signs that Beijing may plan to let up...

CIA Op Aims to Destabilize Iran
CIA Op Aims to Destabilize Iran

CIA Op Aims to Destabilize Iran

Covert campaign suggests financial pressure favored over military action

(Newser) - President Bush has secretly approved a CIA "black" operation to destabilize the Iranian government, ABC reports. Sources tell ABC the covert mission deploys propaganda, misinformation, and financial manipulation. A retired senior CIA official says economic pressure may be the most effective means to curb Iran's nuclear buildup.

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