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Benghazi 'Mastermind' Cleared of Murder Charge

But Khattala could get life for other convictions

(Newser) - A Libyan militant was convicted Tuesday of terrorism charges stemming from the 2012 Benghazi attacks that killed the US ambassador and three other Americans. But a federal jury found him not guilty of murder, the most serious charge associated with the rampage he was accused of orchestrating. The attack became...

Citi to Pay $7B Fine Shaped by ... Benghazi Arrest?

Justice Department delayed lawsuit for publicity reasons

(Newser) - Citigroup today agreed to shell out $7 billion to settle allegations stemming from its role in the mortgage crisis. The deal will consist of $4.5 billion in cash and $2.5 billion in consumer relief, the Wall Street Journal reports. The penalty is notably lower than the $13 billion...

Khattala's Fervor, Not Video, Behind Benghazi: Prosecutors

Documents say he was armed when captured

(Newser) - In newly released court documents, prosecutors laying out the case against alleged Benghazi mastermind Ahmed Abu Khattala allege that he was "motivated by his extremist ideology"—and make no mention, New York observes, of that infamous anti-Muslim YouTube video US officials initially blamed for the attack. Prosecutors say...

Suspected Benghazi Ringleader Arrives in DC
Suspected Benghazi Ringleader Pleads Not Guilty

Suspected Benghazi Ringleader Pleads Not Guilty

Ahmed Abu Khattala held in Washington, DC

(Newser) - The Libyan militant accused of helping coordinate the 2012 Benghazi attacks has pleaded not guilty to conspiracy. Ahmed Abu Khattala , who was flown to Washington, DC, was being held at the US District Courthouse there, the New York Times reports. In court, he wore a two-piece black track suit and...

Inside the Life, Capture of Alleged Benghazi Ringleader

Ahmed Abu Khattalah was captured without a shot being fired

(Newser) - What now for Ahmed Abu Khattalah, the alleged mastermind of the 2012 attack on the US consulate in Benghazi who has been captured in a US raid? The administration says he will be tried in a federal criminal court, despite calls from Republican lawmakers for the Libyan to be held...

US Nabs Suspected Benghazi Mastermind

Special forces capture Ahmed Abu Khattala

(Newser) - US Special Forces captured Ahmed Abu Khattala, the man long suspected of leading the 2012 attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, over the weekend in a secret raid, official sources tell the Washington Post . American troops, working with the FBI, apprehended Khattala near Benghazi, and are currently holding him...

Libya Approved Raid: US Officials

2nd raid to capture Benghazi suspect was called off

(Newser) - Despite its complaints about a "kidnapping," the Libyan government gave its tacit approval to the raid that captured al-Qaeda suspect Abu Anas al-Libi and a second raid that never took place, American officials tell the New York Times . The second raid would have been to seize Ahmed Abu...

US Files 1st Charges in Benghazi Attack

Ahmed Khattalah accused in sealed indictment

(Newser) - So the Benghazi probe isn't dead: The Justice Department today filed charges against Libyan militia leader Ahmed Khattalah but kept details under wraps, CNN reports. Officials contacted by CNN refused to divulge anything or even say whether Khattalah will be detained. But Khattalah's possible involvement is nothing new:...

New York Times Issues Silliest Correction Ever

Apparently, militants like fruity drinks

(Newser) - The elite journalists at the New York Times want to make sure they get it right every time—even when it comes to, say, an alleged militant's taste in fruity beverages. The Times ran a surreal interview this morning with Ahmed Abu Khattala, who officials suspect helped lead the...

Benghazi Suspect: Army Too 'Chicken' to Arrest Me

Says he was at consulate, but denies leading attack

(Newser) - If Ahmed Abu Khattala is worried about being arrested, he's doing a good job hiding it. The man authorities believe helped lead the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi has given interviews to both Reuters and the New York Times . "Here I am in the open, sitting...

Suspected Leader of Libya Attack Still at Large

Libyan security officials say Ahmed Abu Khattalah was at the scene: WSJ

(Newser) - Libyan security officials say Ahmed Abu Khattalah, founder of Islamist militia Ansar al-Sharia , was at the US consulate in Libya during the attack that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens—the most direct link between the militia and the attack so far, though officials have been focusing on Ansar al-Sharia for a...

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