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What America Really Needs: Marijuana Bars

Malcolm Harris makes the case for pot hangouts as an 'urban-planning win-win'

(Newser) - Malcolm Harris doesn't have a problem with more bars —he just thinks those bars should sell pot, not alcohol. In an opinion piece for Al-Jazeera America , Harris offers his take on how marijuana bars would give Americans more palatable gathering spaces with fewer health risks, creating an "...

No Big Winner in Budget Deal
 No Big Winner 
 in Budget Deal 

No Big Winner in Budget Deal

But are 'fees' just tax hikes?

(Newser) - A budget deal agreed upon by the House and Senate has come early , and it may prevent another shutdown—but pundits aren't exactly cheering about it. Among the responses:
  • At Slate , Matthew Yglesias says the plan will "improve the economy moderately and it achieves the GOP’s goal

Working or Not, Has Ruined Everything

Matthew Yglesias reflects on the damage to the progressive cause

(Newser) - is working . Sort of . And certainly, some Democrats will take heart in that. But so what? Even if the modest fixes have saved the site and the law—as Dana Milbank argued today in the Washington Post —the problems have already done serious, lasting damage to the...

What Sequester Is, and Why It Is Stupid
What Sequester Is,
and Why It Is Stupid

What Sequester Is, and Why It Is Stupid

Matthew Yglesias breaks down the looming spending cuts

(Newser) - Hey, politics watchers: Are you ready for another utterly avoidable budget crisis with the potential to arbitrarily wreck the economy? Well, good news! The "sequester"—a trillion dollars in spending cuts that no one actually wants—is barreling towards us, and apparently no one intends to stop it...

Grand Bargain Is Impossible, Dangerous

Matthew Yglesias on the inanity of the fiscal cliff talks

(Newser) - Back during the Bush years, the faction in Congress advocating a "grand bargain" on America's long-term budget deficit was "an amusing curiosity," writes Matthew Yglesias over at Slate . But with the fiscal cliff looming, "they've become actively dangerous." The only way to avoid...

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