Connecticut school shooting

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Obama 'Determined' to Get Gun Bill

President gives emotional speech before Sandy Hook families

(Newser) - With time running out on the chance to pass gun control legislation, President Barack Obama today warned Congress not to use delaying tactics against tighter regulations and told families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims that he's "determined as ever" to honor their children with tougher...

Lanza's Mom Found Grisly Images Weeks Before Shooting

But friend says she decided not to confront her son

(Newser) - Recently released search warrants related to the Newtown school shooting revealed that investigators found gruesome photos in Adam Lanza's home, and now a friend tells the New York Daily News that mom Nancy came across grisly pictures just two weeks before the massacre. She was "disturbed, really disturbed"...

Newtown Families: &#39;Gaping Hole&#39; in Lanza&#39;s Upbringing
Newtown Families: 'Gaping Hole' in Lanza's Upbringing

Newtown Families: 'Gaping Hole' in Lanza's Upbringing

They vow lifelong gun-control fight

(Newser) - Family members of some of the 26 children and educators killed in the Sandy Hook school massacre voiced their support for gun control and spoke of how they had been affected by the tragedy on CBS ' 60 Minutes last night.
  • Some parents said they felt compassion for Nancy Lanza,

Gun Shop That Sold to Lanza's Mom Loses License

ATF revoked license, no word yet on the reason

(Newser) - A Connecticut shop that sold a gun to the Newtown school shooter's mother has lost its federal firearms license. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives revoked the license of Riverview Gun Sales in East Windsor, about 15 miles north of Hartford, in December. The agency didn't...

Connecticut's Tough Anti-Gun Bill Is Now Law

Governor signs measure banning some assault weapons and high-capacity magazines

(Newser) - The gun-control bill that backers call the nation's toughest is now law, the Hartford Courant reports. Gov. Dannel Malloy signed the measure this afternoon, calling it a "profoundly emotional day for everyone in this room" in the wake of the Sandy Hook rampage. The law requires background checks...

Obama: 'Shame on Us' If We Forget Newtown

President pushes Congress for stricter gun laws

(Newser) - President Obama surrounded himself with mothers who lost their children to gun violence today and urged Congress to tighten the nation's laws. He called special attention to the Newtown school massacre, reports the Hill . "Shame on us if we've forgotten," he said. “I haven't...

Adam Lanza Fired 155 Bullets
 Adam Lanza Fired 155 Bullets 

Adam Lanza Fired 155 Bullets

Gunman killed 26 victims, took own life in just 5 minutes

(Newser) - Today sees the release of a number of new details on the Newtown school shooting, by way of the chief prosecutor and newly released search warrants. The latest, per NBC News and the AP :
  • The massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School lasted less than five minutes.
  • In that time, Adam

Newtown Residents Blast 'Insensitive' NRA Robocalls

Calls urged them to oppose gun-control proposals

(Newser) - Some residents in Newtown, Conn., say they're outraged at receiving robocalls from the National Rifle Association only three months after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. Town residents say the automated calls from the NRA began last week and urge people to tell their state legislators to oppose gun-control...

Adam Lanza's Father Met With One Victim's Family

Alissa, Robbie Parker lost 6-year-old Emilie in the Newtown shooting

(Newser) - Peter Lanza has remained out of the spotlight since news of the Newtown shooting broke, but one victim's family tells CBS that they have privately met with him. Robbie and Alissa Parker, parents to 6-year-old Emilie , spent more than an hour with Lanza; in CBS' Norah O'Donnell's...

Adam Lanza 'Had Episodes': Club Adviser

'Frontline' airs first special on suspected school shooter

(Newser) - Frontline aired Part One of its special on Adam Lanza last night, and the tech club adviser who befriended Lanza said in an interview that the teen "had episodes" in which "he would completely withdraw." Richard Novia recounts one overnight trip when Lanza had such an episode:...

Adam Lanza's Mom Made 'Fatal Errors': In-Depth Probe

Nancy Lanza was juggling counselors and big life changes

(Newser) - Adam Lanza's mother struggled to raise her hypersensitive, Asperger's-diagnosed child and seems to have made a couple of fatal mistakes along the way, reports the Hartford Courant . In a joint investigation with PBS—which plans a week of shows on Newtown—the Courant draws a portrait of a...

Adam Lanza Had Sensory Disorder: Report

New documentary to address relationship with mother

(Newser) - Adam Lanza had a sensory disorder that impeded his ability to process the world around him, a Hartford Courant journalist tells NPR . His Sensory Integration Disorder diagnosis meant "he wasn't able to guide touch and smell and sight," Alaine Griffin says. "He wasn't able to...

Teacher Suspended for Pointing Finger Gun at Kid

Was teaching about the Newtown massacre

(Newser) - A Georgia teacher has been suspended after an ill-advised attempt to teach first graders about the Newtown massacre via a game of hide and seek. The teacher, a middle school band director who was subbing a first grade physical education class, at one point aimed a finger gun at a...

Traumatized Newtown Police Tell of Darkest Day

Seven officers recount Sandy Hook Elementary massacre

(Newser) - It's been six weeks since the Newtown massacre, but for the police who were first on the scene, it may as well have been six minutes. The New York Times speaks to seven Newtown officers—some telling their stories for the first time—who describe horrifying and heart-wrenching details...

Groupon Yanks Gun-Related Deals

Gun shop owner calls for boycott

(Newser) - Groupon has dropped all current and future gun-related deals after what it says was pressure from customers, the Los Angeles Times reports. The daily deals site says all shooting range, conceal-and-carry classes, and clay shooting deals have been suspended while it "reviews internal standards." Groupon joins several other...

PBS Readies Week of Shows on Newtown

Frontline , Nova to reflect on shooting

(Newser) - Starting Feb. 18, PBS will devote a week of shows to the Newtown shooting, it has announced. The "After Newtown" series will include the programs Frontline, Nova, PBS NewsHour, and Washington Week With Gwen Ifill. "PBS is not where you go for breaking news," says the station'...

Inside Obama's Gun-Control Plan

President to set out sweeping moves today, flanked by kids

(Newser) - When President Obama announces a sweeping gun control agenda today, he'll be joined by schoolchildren who wrote him letters after the Sandy Hook school shooting, reports the Washington Post . Among what he's expected to reveal at a press conference scheduled for just before noon: proposals including a ban...

Newtown Split on Future of Sandy Hook

Some want to raze school, others want it reopened

(Newser) - More than 200 residents of Newtown attended a meeting yesterday to deal with one of the toughest questions facing the devastated community: What to do with the school where a gunman killed 20 students and six educators? Some residents want Sandy Hook Elementary School to be destroyed while others want...

No Signs of Brain Damage in Lanza: Medical Examiner

Official cautions against expecting answers

(Newser) - Don't hold your breath, is basically the advice of Connecticut's chief medical examiner to anyone expecting science to provide insight into the mind of Adam Lanza. Toxicology and genetic testing is ongoing, but the autopsy H. Wayne Carver II conducted found no "gross deformity" or tumors in...

Burning Video Games Is a Really Bad Idea

If anything, they help us deal with violent urges, Liel Leibovitz argues

(Newser) - The Newtown shooting has America understandably on edge. "But are we really hoping to purge our collective soul by demolishing copies of Halo 4?" asks Liel Leibovitz at the New Republic. The town of Southington, Conn., originally planned to do just that on Saturday, though the event has since...

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