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Man Receives His Telegram 50 Years Late

1969 congratulatory message to Robert Fink was lost in a filing cabinet

(Newser) - In the age of email, a telegram has managed to steal some headlines. It's all because Robert Fink graduated from the University of Michigan in 1969, back when people still sent missives via Western Union. As MLive explains, family friends Ben and Lillian Fischman sent Fink a congratulatory message...

27-Year-Old Telegram Holds Tiananmen Secret

UK received advance indication China was planning to massacre students

(Newser) - British officials knew in advance that the Chinese government was likely preparing to kill student protesters at Tiananmen Square in 1989—and their intelligence didn’t come at the last minute. Indeed, a telegram sent to Margaret Thatcher's administration from Britain's ambassador to China on May 20, 1989—...

Telegram That Riled Hitler in Final Days Sells at Auction

Some think message from Goering helped drive him to suicide

(Newser) - An important piece of World War II history sold at auction this week—a telegram to Hitler from aide Hermann Goering that angered the fuhrer so much some think it helped drive him to suicide. And the crazy part is that the telegram got scooped up by an American soldier...

India Sends Its Last Telegram

 India Sends Its Last Telegram 

India Sends Its Last Telegram

Hundreds crowd offices to send out final messages

(Newser) - India's last telegram went out late yesterday, marking the end of a service that millions of Indians had relied on for fast (relatively speaking) communication for more than 160 years. Hundreds of people thronged the 75 telegraph offices remaining in the country to send their last telegrams to...

The World's Last Telegram Will Be Sent Next Month

Yes, people still send telegrams

(Newser) - We're not sure if it's more surprising to learn that the last telegram in the world will be sent next month... or that people are still sending telegrams somewhere. They are, though: 5,000 telegrams are still sent every day in India. But that's all coming to...

Police Return Stolen Telegram From 1938

After postal worker allegedly stole it

(Newser) - A California detective has reunited a family with a stolen 1938 heirloom telegram. The Western Union telegram is described as the opening page of the love story of now-deceased Minnie and Fred Ciolino, who sent the message 74 years ago after their Reno wedding on Christmas Eve.

6 Stories
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