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How Sanford Pulled Off His Shock Victory

And what it means for the GOP ... and Anthony Weiner

(Newser) - Mark Sanford just pulled off a comeback that would make even Robert Downey Jr. envious—from disgrace and national laughing stock four years ago to winning back his former South Carolina House seat last night, despite pundits predicting a win for opponent Elizabeth Colbert Busch. How did he do it...

Mark Sanford Defeats Colbert Busch

He wins special election in South Carolina for congressional seat

(Newser) - He's back: Mark Sanford defeated Elizabeth Colbert Busch tonight in the special election for a congressional seat in South Carolina. The AP called the race with 71% of precincts reporting and Sanford drawing 54% of the vote. It's a huge comeback for the former governor and congressman—in...

Colbert Busch, Sanford Brawl in Feisty Debate

Ex-gov's affair gets a mention in verbal slugfest

(Newser) - Mark Sanford clashed with Elizabeth Colbert Busch last night in the pair's only debate in their race for a South Carolina congressional seat—and any hope the former governor may have had that his "Appalachian Trail" affair wouldn't be mentioned vanished 25 minutes into the slugfest. "...

Sanford Debates ... Cardboard Pelosi?

And publishes phone numbers without permission

(Newser) - Mark Sanford appears to be bent on digging himself ever deeper into the hole he's in : The latest headline-getting incident involving South Carolina's ex-governor has Sanford publishing the phone numbers of people who called him ... after he invited people to call him in a full-page newspaper ad. Here'...

National GOP Dumps Sanford
 National GOP 
 Dumps Sanford 

National GOP Dumps Sanford

After new controversy, NRCC cuts off his money

(Newser) - It just keeps getting worse for Mark Sanford. In the wake of the bizarre revelation that his ex-wife has accused him of trespassing , the National Republican Congressional Council has pulled its support for his congressional campaign, reports the Hill . The move comes less than a month before the special election...

Colbert Sister's Former Opponent Backs ... Sanford

Ben Frasier says Colbert Busch isn't conservative enough

(Newser) - Well, this can't feel great: The Democrat who opposed Elizabeth Colbert Busch in the primary for a vacant congressional seat has endorsed her Republican opponent, former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford. Ben Frasier got only 4% of the vote last month against Colbert Busch, the sister of political satirist...

GOP Quaking in Its Boots Over Sanford's Chances

Women dislike him, and he's playing defense already

(Newser) - Yesterday, Politico was calling Elizabeth Colbert Busch the underdog in South Carolina's special congressional election; today, the site seems to have changed its tune . It's reporting that Republicans are concerned Mark Sanford's candidacy could cost them a safe seat in a district Mitt Romney took by 18...

Mark Sanford Wins Runoff, Faces Colbert's Sister Next

They'll vie for congressional seat in South Carolina

(Newser) - Well, this could be fun. Mark Sanford has easily won the Republican runoff for a congressional seat in South Carolina, reports AP . Which means, of course, that the former governor and congressman will face Elizabeth Colbert Busch, sister of Stephen Colbert, in the general election five weeks from now. Sanford...

Colbert's Sister a Step Closer to House Seat

As Mark Sanford advances to runoff

(Newser) - Elizabeth Colbert Busch won the Democrats' special-election primary for South Carolina's 1st District yesterday, putting her one step closer to Congress. Brother Stephen Colbert's " Colbert Bump " or no, Roll Call says she "easily" beat opponent Ben Frasier, a "frequent candidate," winning 95%...

Colbert Breaks Character to Campaign for Sister

Elizabeth Colbert-Busch is the first politician he's supported

(Newser) - Stephen Colbert—the person, not the Comedy Central character—hosted a fundraiser for sister Elizabeth Colbert-Busch , who is running for Congress in South Carolina, over the weekend. Mediaite spotted video from the otherwise "relatively private" bowling alley event, in which Colbert offered a touching introduction of the sister he...

Colbert 2013: Stephen's Big Sister Makes a Run

Elizabeth Colbert Busch faces Mark Sanford for Tim Scott's House seat

(Newser) - The race to fill Tim Scott's South Carolina House seat is shaping up to be a doozy, and the AP profiles a most interesting longshot, one Elizabeth Colbert Busch —also known as "Lulu" and the older sister of Stephen Colbert. Colbert Busch says she's not worried...

Colbert for Congress? Yep—but It's His Sister

Elizabeth Colbert-Busch will run as Democrat in South Carolina

(Newser) - The Colbert-for-president thing may not have panned out, but now Stephen's sister is running for Congress in South Carolina, reports the St. Andrews Patch . And this time's it's no joke. Elizabeth Colbert-Busch will run as a Democrat for the seat being vacated by Tim Scott, who has...

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