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Dell Accidentally Sold Some Laptops for $33

Thanks to a glitch on its Mexican website

(Newser) - Black Friday came early to Mexico, where at least one lucky person just got a brand new Dell laptop for more than $2,400 off, Mexico Daily News reports. A glitch on Dell's Mexican website caused only the shipping cost—$33—to be listed for three laptop models that...

Dell Laptops, Now With Less Cat-Pee Scent

Company says problem is fixed, and it wasn't urine-related

(Newser) - Dell swears it has resolved one of the weirder IT problems of late: Its laptops smelled like cat urine. Specifically, people who bought the Latitude E6430u have been complaining on user forums for months about the problem—and often blaming their cats, reports the BBC . The company first suggested wiping...

Snowden Gathered NSA Dirt While at Dell

Snooping began far earlier than had been reported

(Newser) - Looks like Edward Snowden began snooping around the NSA long before he started work at Booz Allen Hamilton: He began downloading related records in April of last year while working at Dell, insiders tell Reuters . That's almost a year earlier than had been reported, Reuters notes. An electronic footprint...

Snowden Was 'Certified Ethical Hacker': Resume

Took course in defensive hacking techniques

(Newser) - During his time as an NSA contractor, Edward Snowden was certified as an "ethical hacker," or an expert in hacking techniques and thinking who uses his skills on behalf of an employer, his resume reportedly says. The course that led to his certification—not to mention "six...

Carl Icahn Could Snatch Dell Away From Michael Dell

Two alternative offers come in for tech giant

(Newser) - Michael Dell might not get the company he founded back after all. Carl Icahn and the Blackstone Group have both put in competing bids for Dell (the company), and they both appear to value it more highly than the offer Dell (the guy) put in last month , the company confirmed...

Dell Poised to Go Private in $23B Move
 Dell Going 
 Private in 
 $24B Move 

Dell Going Private in $24B Move

Founder looks to overhaul 30-year-old firm

(Newser) - Dell has reached a deal to go private, the company has announced. Shareholders will receive some $13.65 per share in a $24 billion deal, the New York Times reports, which marks a 25% premium over Dell's January share price. The privatization deal with Microsoft and private equity company...

Potential Buyer in Dell Deal: Microsoft

Microsoft in talks, but no confirmation yet

(Newser) - Microsoft could soon grab one of the largest ownership interests in Dell, in the computer maker's quest to go private. Dell founder Michael Dell is looking to buy the company back from public stockholders, with the help of a private-equity firm, and sources tell the Wall Street Journal that...

Amazon Reigns Again Among Online Stores
 Amazon Reigns Again  
 Among Online Stores 


Amazon Reigns Again Among Online Stores

JCPenney, Apple, and Dell all see drops in satisfaction

(Newser) - There's no question who's king of the online retail jungle. Amazon came out on top once again in ForeSee's annual Holiday E-Retail Satisfaction index, which measures how happy customers were with their shopping experience. It's the eight straight year Amazon has come out on top, CNET...

Dell Must Reinvent Itself or Perish
 Dell Must Reinvent 
 Itself or Perish 

Dell Must Reinvent Itself or Perish

Tech giant should buy RIM, writes Richard Saintvilus

(Newser) - Dell is in a tailspin, with earnings down 18% from last year. What to do? Reinvent itself—by buying Research in Motion, the creator of the Blackberry, writes Richard Saintvilus at TheStreet . By gearing up for battle against Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon in the mobile device market, the PC...

Why Dell Gets an 'F' for Tech Support
 Why Dell Gets  
 an 'F' for Tech Support 

Why Dell Gets an 'F' for Tech Support

For one thing, dubious 'sweepstakes' on extended warranties

(Newser) - Calling up Dell for technical support can quickly turn into a sketchy situation, according to Laptop Magazine . When a reporter called the computer maker on three occasions to ask about simple issues, tech support employees were curt and repeatedly pushed "premium warranties"—in one case when the traditional...

Foxconn Caves to Pressure, Ups Wages

Apple supplier works to improve conditions following consumer outcry

(Newser) - Foxconn will bump workers' salaries by as much as 25% while decreasing the amount of overtime demanded of them, the company announced this weekend, in a bid to stem the tide of outrage against it and high-profile customers such as Apple, Hewlett-Packard, and Dell. The move is a victory for...

Suicide-Plagued Foxconn to Swap People for Robots

In 3 years, it could use as many as 1M robots

(Newser) - Foxconn, the suicide-plagued maker of millions of Apple products in China, plans to use as many as one million robots on its assembly line within three years—compared to just 10,000 today, a Chinese report says. Increasing labor costs is a major driver behind the move, reports Reuters . "...

Microsoft Unveils Windows 7 Phones

Here's a rundown of the various devices

(Newser) - Microsoft unveiled its new Windows Phone 7 operating system today, showing off a whopping nine phones that will feature it (you can see most of them in the photo gallery). The wide launch presents a not-so-subtle counterpoint to Apple’s monolithic iPhone model, CNET observes. “The phones are always...

Another Foxconn Worker Dead in Possible Suicide

Employee fell off company dorm building

(Newser) - Foxconn, the beleaguered Chinese company that produces products for Apple, Dell, HP, Sony, and other international electronics giants, has suffered what looks like another suicide. A man fell from a dormitory building to his death today, according to the official Xinhua news agency, and officials are investigating.

Why Microsoft Is Doomed to Be an Also-Ran
 Why Microsoft Is Doomed 
 to Be an Also-Ran  
Henry Blodget

Why Microsoft Is Doomed to Be an Also-Ran

Or worse. Its two biggest businesses—Windows and Office— are close to obsolete

(Newser) - Henry Blodget winds up big and delivers a broadside against Microsoft on Business Insider today . The fact that Apple's market value passed Microsoft's a couple weeks ago is only the beginning. Blodget points out that a huge majority of Microsoft's profits come from Windows and Office, and both are being...

We're All Guilty in 'iPad Suicides'
 We're All Guilty 
 in 'iPad Suicides' 

We're All Guilty in 'iPad Suicides'

Foxconn workers work crazy hours to build our toys for cheap

(Newser) - At least 10 young workers at China's Foxconn factory have killed themselves this year, and you could argue that pretty much everyone reading this was in some way complicit in their deaths. Why? Because Foxconn makes products for Apple, HP, Dell, Microsoft, Nintendo and more, so odds are that at...

13th Worker Attempts Suicide at China Plant

Man survives cutting himself at tech industry supplier

(Newser) - A Foxconn Technology worker tried to kill himself today, becoming the 13th person to commit suicide or attempt to do so this year at the company, which makes high-tech products for industry giants such as Apple, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard. Police said the 25-year-old man survived after cutting himself in his...

10th Suicide Strikes Apple Plant

Chinese worker kills himself hours after boss seeks to reassure media

(Newser) - On the same day that Apple, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard promised to look into working conditions at China's Foxconn plant, a 10th worker committed suicide, PC World reports. The death of the 19-year-old male worker also came just after the company's billionaire founder took the media on a tour of the...

Dell's Tweets Bring $6.5M in Sales
 Dell's Tweets Bring 
 $6.5M in Sales 
twitter land

Dell's Tweets Bring $6.5M in Sales

Company now has 1.5M followers on Twitter

(Newser) - Twitter has proved to be a bit of a gold mine for Dell—the computer maker said promotions over the social-networking site directly resulted in more than $6.5 million in sales this year. The number of subscribers to Dell's Tweets has risen 23% over the last three months, to...

Dow Dips 14; Energy, Tech Fall
 Dow Dips 14; Energy, Tech Fall 

Dow Dips 14; Energy, Tech Fall

Dow gains 0.5% for the week, other indices fall

(Newser) - Energy stocks led declines on Wall Street today after Goldman Sachs downgraded coal firm Peabody Energy, and Dell reported a bigger-than-expected profit decline, the Wall Street Journal reports.
  • The Dow closed down 14.28 points at 10,318.16.
  • The Nasdaq lost 10.78, closing at 2,146.04.
  • The

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