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Anti-Poverty Group: We're Entering a 'Decade of Division'

Oxfam says we could see the world's first trillionaire within 10 years

(Newser) - The world could have its first trillionaire within a decade, anti-poverty organization Oxfam International said Monday in its annual assessment of global inequalities timed to the gathering of political and business elites at the Swiss ski resort of Davos. Oxfam, which for years has been trying to highlight the growing...

Oxfam Says It's Time for 'Billionaire-Busting' Taxes

Since 2020, two-thirds of all new wealth created has gone to 1%, group says

(Newser) - Oxfam has once again released startling figures on inequality to mark the opening of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Over the last two years, two-thirds of all new wealth created has gone to the richest 1% of the world's population, up from an average of around 50%...

Oxfam Calls for One-Time 99% Tax on Billionaires

Money would be used to expand production of vaccines for the poor, anti-poverty group says

(Newser) - Anti-poverty organization Oxfam called Monday for governments to impose a one-time 99% tax on the world's billionaires and use the money to fund expanded production of vaccines for the poor—part of an effort to combat global inequality widened by the coronavirus pandemic, the AP reports. The ranks of...

Oxfam: 42 People Now Have as Much as World's Poorest 3.7B

82% of wealth generated in 2017 went to 1%

(Newser) - Last year was another bumper year for the very richest people in the world and another step backward for billions of others, according to Oxfam's annual report on inequality ahead of the World Economic Forum in Davos. The report estimates that the lowest-income 50% of the world, or around...

Gates So Rich He May Become World's First Trillionaire

Per latest Oxfam extrapolation

(Newser) - Eight billionaires on Earth boast as much money as the world's 3.6 billion poorest people—and one of those eight wealth-wielders has a good shot at ascending to the next level. CNBC reports that Bill Gates is on pace to become the planet's first trillionaire within the...

8 Men Are as Rich as World's Poorest 3.6B

Oxfam calls for crackdown on tax-dodging

(Newser) - A group of people that could fit into a minivan is richer than enough of the world's population to fill nearly 50 million school buses, according to Oxfam's latest shocking report on world inequality. Eight extremely wealthy men, six of them American, have as much wealth as the...

US Poultry Workers Wear Diapers: Report
 US Poultry 
 Workers Wear 
 Diapers: Report 
in case you missed it

US Poultry Workers Wear Diapers: Report

Denial of bathroom breaks a serious safety issue, affront to human dignity: Oxfam

(Newser) - On the Pilgrim's Pride website , "prioritize the team over yourself" is one of the poultry producer's core values. But in something out of Upton Sinclair's The Jungle , Bloomberg notes, an Oxfam America report suggests that "value" is really a humiliating issue for already marginalized workers...

62 People Have as Much as the Poorest 3.6B Combined

Wealth concentrated at 'tippy top of the pyramid,' Oxfam says

(Newser) - The richest .000000001% has had a great few years and now owns as much wealth as the poorest 50% of the world's population combined, according to the latest report from Oxfam. The British charity says just 62 billionaires are now as rich as the poorest 3.6 billion people...

ScarJo Splits With Oxfam Over Super Bowl Ad

Humanitarian organization not cool with SodaStream commercial

(Newser) - Oxfam International says Scarlett Johansson's support of an Israeli company operating in the West Bank was incompatible with her role as an Oxfam Global Ambassador. Oxfam's statement followed Johansson's announcement yesterday that she was resigning her Oxfam role, which she held for 8 years , because of a...

85 Richest People Have as Much Money as Poorest Half
85 Richest People Have as Much Money as Poorest Half

85 Richest People Have as Much Money as Poorest Half

And wealthiest 1% of population has 46% of world's wealth: Oxfam report

(Newser) - Here's a shocking detail from a new Oxfam report: The poorest half of the entire global population, comprised of 3.5 billion people, has as much money as the wealthiest 85 people around the world. How much is that, exactly? More than $1.6 trillion. And if you look...

Horn of Africa Close to Famine

An estimated 12M people in jeopardy

(Newser) - A lack of rain and rising world prices have left an estimated 12 million people in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia in dire need of food, the Telegraph reports. The reality is especially difficult to ignore in Dadaab, a city in northern Kenya experiencing its second-lowest rainfall in 60 years. Dadaab...

Food Prices Will Double by 2030: Oxfam

Climate change, biofuels partially to blame

(Newser) - The cost of food staples is set to more than double over the next two decades, Oxfam says, as we enter a “permanent food crisis." World hunger had steadily decreased for decades, the Guardian reports, but with demand exceeding production, the numbers of hungry people are once again...

India Struggles to Save Millions in Flood

Villagers turning desperate, living on uncooked rice and polluted water

(Newser) - Rescue helicopters are trying to save villagers in India after a dam flooded thousands of towns this month, killing 85, displacing 2 million, and wrecking a quarter-million acres of farmland, the Daily Telegraph reports. Torrential rain kept helicopters grounded for most of yesterday as one boat capsized, killing 20. “...

Red Cross Aid Boat Sinks in Burma
Red Cross
Aid Boat Sinks
in Burma

Red Cross Aid Boat Sinks in Burma

Crew survives, but precious supplies are lost as clock ticks

(Newser) - A Red Cross aid boat delivering desperately needed supplies to the survivors of Cyclone Nargis hit a submerged tree and sank in Burma's Irrawaddy Delta today, reports CNN. All those on board survived, but the 500 bags of rice, 5,000 liters of drinking water, and other critical cargo were...

Afghanistan Aid Squandered, Charity Says

Despite billions in donations, poverty remains rampant

(Newser) - The US approved another $6.4 billion in aid for Afghanistan this year, but a leading charity says too much development funding is being wasted on short-term quick fixes. An Oxfam assessment attests that "non-Afghan resources" and "high expatriate salaries and living costs" are soaking up aid, leaving...

Sudan OKs Darfur Peace Talks
Sudan OKs Darfur Peace Talks

Sudan OKs Darfur Peace Talks

Foreign minister backs UN-AU initiative

(Newser) - Months of negotiations over the crisis in Darfur have culminated in agreements by the Sudanese government to participate in peace talks and to admit a joint UN-African union peacekeeping force to the region. Security Council reps visited Khartoum yesterday and nailed down details that addressed the government's concerns, Reuters reports—...

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