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Appeals Court Slams Jodi Arias Prosecutor

But she's still guilty of murder, Arizona court says

(Newser) - The Arizona Court of Appeals on Tuesday upheld Jodi Arias’ first-degree murder conviction and life prison sentence in the 2008 killing of her former boyfriend. Arias' lawyers had argued that a prosecutor's misconduct and a judge's failure to control news coverage during the case deprived her of the...

Jodi Arias Punished for Insulting Prison Guard

She was upset about being denied a haircut

(Newser) - Jodi Arias is less than a year into a sentence of life without parole for the 2008 murder of boyfriend Travis Alexander, and she apparently isn't adjusting that well to life in maximum security: The Arizona Republic reports that she has lost contact visitation rights for at least 180...

Lawyer: Behind the Mask, Arias Is Smiley, Smart

Jennifer Willmott describes Arias' hopes for the future

(Newser) - The jurors who sent Jodi Arias to prison for life didn't get to see the true Jodi, her lawyer now says. "The hard part about that is if you were to see the Jodi that we see, she's very chit-chatty and smiley and she's very funny...

Jodi Arias Has a New Mugshot
 Jodi Arias Has a New Mugshot 

Jodi Arias Has a New Mugshot

She begins life sentence for murder

(Newser) - Jodi Arias has reported to prison in Arizona to begin serving her life sentence for murder, and she has a new mugshot. The image shows a stone-faced Arias dressed in an orange prison uniform. It's a sharp contrast from her original booking photo (see it here midway down the...

Jodi Arias Gets Life Without Parole

Judge had to decide if parole should be on the table

(Newser) - What the Arizona Republic calls "one of the more dramatic and notorious murder trials" in the state's recent history is over: Jodi Arias will spend the rest of her life in prison. Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Sherry Stephens today handed down the sentence of life in prison...

Police Protecting Holdout Juror in Jodi Arias Case

Name surfaces on social media after hung jury

(Newser) - The woman responsible for keeping Jodi Arias alive is officially known as juror No. 17, but authorities say that her identity has been revealed online. As a result, police are protecting her for the time being, reports the AP . Her 11 fellow jurors all voted in favor of the death...

Jodi Arias Judge Declares Mistrial

Jurors had deliberated for 5 days

(Newser) - An Arizona jury has again deadlocked on the fate of Jodi Arias in the gruesome 2008 murder of her one-time boyfriend, and the judge relented and declared a mistrial this morning. As per the AP , the decision removes capital punishment as an option and gives the judge a choice between...

Man Busted in Gruesome Threats Against Nancy Grace

David Lee Simpson appeared ready to act

(Newser) - A New York state man tweeted a series of threats to a pair of newscasters—and when he was arrested, he may have been on his way to make good on them, police say. David Lee Simpson was obsessed with convicted Arizona murderer Jodi Arias, and he apparently wasn't...

Jodi Arias Stuck in Limbo: Jury Split on Sentence

Now a new jury must be selected

(Newser) - First Jodi Arias said she wanted the death penalty; then, she made a long case against it . Now, it seems, the jury can't make up its mind either: It split 8-4 in favor of the death penalty. That left the judge to declare a mistrial, with another effort set...

Now Jodi Arias Doesn't Want to Die

Begs for life behind bars, says she'll promote literacy

(Newser) - Pretty much immediately after being convicted of murder , Jodi Arias told a reporter she wanted the death penalty: "The worst outcome for me would be natural life," she said. In the last 12 days she has changed her mind. Arias today made an impassioned, 18-minute plea for her...

Jodi Arias: Give Me Death Penalty

'Death is the ultimate freedom'

(Newser) - Now that she's been convicted of murder , Jodi Arias would prefer the death penalty to life in prison, she told Fox 10 Phoenix immediately after the verdict was given. "The worst outcome for me would be natural life ... Longevity runs in my family, and I don't want...

Jodi Arias Guilty of Murdering Boyfriend

Arizona waitress convicted of first-degree murder in high-profile case

(Newser) - Jodi Arias was convicted of first-degree murder today in the gruesome killing of her one-time boyfriend in Arizona after a four-month trial that captured headlines with lurid tales of sex, lies, religion, and a salacious relationship that ended in a bloodbath. Arias was charged with first-degree murder in the June...

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