Harrison Okene

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Miracle Shipwreck Survivor Nearly Missed Rescuer

Nigerian had to swim out of his air pocket twice to get diver's attention

(Newser) - He had survived three days in an upside down tugboat at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean , and then he saw lights in the water. A diver was coming. Rescue seemed imminent for Harrison Odjegba Okene. But then the lights disappeared. Desperate, Okene swam through pitch-dark waters in the sunken...

Video Records Amazing Undersea Rescue

It shows divers' astonishment that cook had survived nearly 3 days

(Newser) - News that a tugboat's cook had survived being trapped underwater for nearly three days came out six months ago . But it wasn't until this week that video emerged showing the dramatic moment when Harrison Okene's outstretched hands reached toward his rescue divers, and they realized to their...

Crewman Survives 2 Days in Underwater Shipwreck

Cook found an air pocket and hung on til help came

(Newser) - Reuters has an amazing tale of survival from Nigeria, where the cook on a tugboat spent 60 hours trapped underwater in the sunken vessel and lived to explain how. Harrison Okene managed to find a 4-foot-high pocket of air after getting trapped in a toilet and its adjoining bedroom...

3 Stories