TWA Flight 800

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NTSB to Do Away With Wreckage of TWA Flight 800

Agency has used it to train thousands of investigators

(Newser) - Some 230 passengers and crew members died when TWA Flight 800 suffered an explosion and crashed soon after taking off from New York's JFK Airport on July 17, 1996—but the wreckage of the Boeing 747-100 has likely saved countless other lives over the following decades. The National Transportation...

Medical Examiner Helped ID Every Flight 800 Victim
Man Who Helped ID
Every Flight 800 Victim Dies

Man Who Helped ID Every Flight 800 Victim Dies

Medical examiner Charles Wetli was at the center of a 4-year investigation

(Newser) - Dr. Charles Wetli, a pioneer in forensic pathology, was in demand as an expert in other people's cases across the country. In 1996, it was a case of his own—the explosion of TWA Flight 800—that made the Long Island medical examiner a national figure, the New York ...

NTSB: Our TWA Flight 800 Conclusion Stands

Says petition failed to prove original findings were wrong, won't reopen probe

(Newser) - Last year, a group of former US investigators including former NTSB investigator Henry Hughes petitioned the NTSB to re-open the investigation into the 1996 crash of TWA Flight 800, but the agency yesterday announced it had "denied the petition in its entirety." The petitioners argued that the crash...

No Bomb, Missile Behind TWA 800 Crash: NTSB

Board declines to comment on petition for new probe

(Newser) - Despite claims to the contrary, there is no evidence that a bomb or missile caused the July 1996 crash of TWA Flight 800, the National Transportation Safety Board insisted in a press conference yesterday. NTSB officials declined to comment directly on whether a petition calling for a fresh investigation will...

TWA Flight 800 Evidence Points to Missile: Petition

Former US investigators want NTSB to reopen the probe into crash

(Newser) - As reported this morning , a group of former US investigators is now saying that TWA Flight 800 was not brought down by the NTSB's officially determined cause (a gas tank explosion). Now, they're getting more specific. The AP reports they did indeed today file a petition with the...

TWA Flight 800 Crash Not as Reported: Documentary

Former investigators say 'ordnance explosions' brought plane down

(Newser) - Conspiracy theorists have long suspected TWA Flight 800 was brought down not by the NTSB's officially determined cause (a gas tank explosion), but by something less accidental, and a new documentary debuting next month will give them quite a bit of fuel. The film includes testimony from six high-level...

6 Stories