Walter Reed Army Medical Center

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Wounded Warriors Saluted at Pentagon

Quiet indoor ceremony honors injured

(Newser) - A poignant and little-known ceremony featuring wounded vets is held privately indoors at the Pentagon every six weeks, reports the Wall Street Journal. It's called the "Wounded Warrior March." Hundreds of Defense Department employees line the corridors of the Pentagon to applaud, cheer, shake hands, or hug servicemen... More »

Iraq Vet Faces Life Over Suicide Try

Shrinks say she's mentally ill, but Army calls it 'psychobabble'

(Newser) - First Lt. Elizabeth Whiteside faces possible life in prison. Her crime? Attempting suicide in Iraq. At a military hearing this week, her diagnosed mental illness was spurned by superiors as an "excuse” and labeled “psychobabble." Suicide tries remain illegal in a military culture that scorns mental disorder,... More »

Mirror Eases Phantom Limb Pain

Reflection of healthy appendage helps fool brains of amputees

(Newser) - The phantom pain amputees experience from a missing limb can be dramatically reduced if they view their remaining leg or foot in a mirror, Reuters reports. The mirror tricks the brain into thinking the amputated limb is intact, researchers conclude. A controlled study of injured soldiers at Walter Reed found... More »

Ex-Colleague Blasts VA Nominee

Peake's record as Army medical chief troubling, retired general says

(Newser) - Fixing the Department of Veterans Affairs’ medical system will take a leader who sees the big picture, a skill nominee James Peake doesn’t possess, an ex-colleague tells NPR. “When I tell you honestly what I think of him, I could lose my job,” said the retired general,... More »

Bush Nominates Doc to Head Veteran Affairs

James B. Peake would be first physician and general to hold post

(Newser) - President Bush today nominated James B. Peake, a doctor and retired Army lieutenant general, to head the Veteran Affairs department, the LA Times reports. With his medical and military backgrounds, Peake is the perfect choice to overhaul the nation’s system for treating wounded soldiers, Bush says. A major report... More »

Injured GIs Pledged Better Care

Commission calls for overhaul of military health system

(Newser) - The military health care system is inadequate to treat the casualties of  two modern wars and the nation should immediately move to overhaul it, a bipartisan presidential commission concluded yesterday. The panel called for improvements in treatment of brain injuries and post traumatic stress syndrome, as well as changes in... More »

Head of Veterans Affairs Quits

Secretary's short tenure long on scandals and other woes

(Newser) - The secretary of Veterans Affairs, the head of the second-biggest federal department, is stepping down and will be replaced by October 1, reports the Washington Post. For 2½ turbulent years, Jim Nicholson, a decorated Vietnam vet and former RNC chair, presided over a department beset by criticism and overwhelmed by... More »

Bush Won't Say No to Libby Pardon

Sentence commutation may not be last chapter of CIA leak story

(Newser) - President Bush will not eliminate the possibility of a full pardon for Scooter Libby, he said today. Under fire from supporters for not pardoning the VP's ex-chief of staff and from critics for commuting the 30-month prison sentence—a decision he described as "very difficult"—he said he... More »

Army Hospital MIA on Stress Disorders

Walter Reed lacks resources to cope with growing problem

(Newser) - Though 20 to 40 soldiers are sent home from Iraq each month with severe mental problems, the Army's largest hospital has no post-traumatic stress disorder center, reports the Washington Post. There is also a severe shortage of doctors qualified to treat these patients. Not long ago, the head of psychiatry... More »

Walter Reed Bars Baez

Army blames short notice for activist's exclusion from hospital

(Newser) - Patients at Walter Reed Army Medical Center were treated to tunes by John Mellencamp last week, but not Joan Baez—hospital officials refused to let the legendary folk singer and antiwar activist join him. A spokesman told Rolling Stone the request to include Baez came too late. Said Mellencamp: "... More »

Report Uncovered Walter Reed Problems in 2004

(Newser) - The mess at Walter Reed was detailed in a damning task force report in 2004, obtained by Salon, in which soldiers described their frustrations with outpatient care and bureaucratic nightmares. Not only was the report ignored, but the official who sat on it for three years is now up for... More »

Bush Is Worse Than a Lame Duck

(Newser) - The FT catalogs a litany of the obstacles for President Bush achieving anything meaningful in his last 22 months in office. At the core of it all is the Iraq war, which has reduced Bush’s popularity to the point where he has no more political capital to spend. More »

Dems Score With Subpoenas

They can't pass bills, but they can sure hold hearings

(Newser) - Democrats haven't managed to score with a single one of the bills drafted in their giddy first 100 hours, but playing hardball with hearings has proved more fruitful. In cranking up the congressional oversight machinery, write Richard Simon and Noam Levey, they've dominated headlines and applied pressure to the administration. More »

Walter Reed Exposes Weakened Top Brass

Retired general blames military for acquiescing to misguided civilian moves

(Newser) - Blame the Walter Reed scandal on "the silence of our top officers," writes a retired Army general. Paul Eaton, who spent a year in Baghdad rebuilding the Iraqi army, says the administration and Congress "pointedly failed to provide the money and resources for our returned troops,"... More »

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