Walter Reed Army Medical Center

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An Update on Biden's Health After Colonoscopy

Possible 'precancerous lesion' was removed, but the president remains 'fit for duty,' per physician

(Newser) - A clump of cells removed from President Biden's colon during his routine colonoscopy at Walter Reed Medical Center last week was a "benign, slow-growing, but thought to be potentially precancerous lesion," according to a memo from his physician. Dr. Kevin O'Connor described the polyp—a clump...

Harris Is First Woman to Gain Presidential Power, Briefly

President Biden will be under anesthesia for routine colonoscopy Friday

(Newser) - Vice President Kamala Harris is making history again: She'll become the first woman to hold presidential power while President Biden undergoes a routine procedure on Friday. Biden will temporarily transfer power to Harris while he is under anesthesia for a routine colonoscopy, according to White House press secretary Jen...

Trump Mulled Pranking the Public Outside Walter Reed

The president's idea involved a Superman T-shirt

(Newser) - President Trump recently considered pulling a stunt that some have likened to a scene from Willa Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The New York Times reports that Trump called people from his bed at Walter Reed Medical Center with an idea: leave the hospital looking frail, then rip off his...

Back at the White House, Trump Takes Off the Mask

'I feel good,' president announces on return from hospital

(Newser) - President Trump staged a dramatic return to the White House on Monday evening after leaving the military hospital where he has been receiving an unprecedented level of care for COVID-19. He ignited a new controversy by declaring that despite his illness, the nation should not fear the virus that has...

The Media Takes a Close Look at Pics of Trump

The president is also hitting Twitter hard in a get-out-the-vote effort

(Newser) - President Trump may have COVID-19, but it seems he can still tweet—and you can guess what's on his mind. "VOTE!" he writes in several tweets urging his supporters to fill out ballots in November, the Washington Post reports. Among his reasons: "STOCK MARKET HIGHS,"...

Trump Emerges: 'I Learned a Lot About COVID ... I Get It'

The president waves to supporters outside the hospital

(Newser) - President Trump went out for a brief drive Sunday and waved to supporters from an SUV near the Walter Reed Medical Center, USA Today reports. In a tweeted video, his motorcade can be seen cruising a sidewalk lined with people hooting and hollering as they wave pro-Trump flags. Trump wears...

Trump Taken to Walter Reed. Biden Has Tested Negative

White House says president retains power and will work from hospital

(Newser) - President Trump was admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center outside Washington on Friday evening to be treated for COVID-19—a stay that aides said they expect to last a few days. Administration officials said that the president was in good spirits, the Washington Post reports, but that his symptoms had...

A Response From Trump About New Book's Claim

Book says Pence was prepared to take over if president needed anesthesia

(Newser) - A new book by a New York Times reporter adds a twist to an unscheduled visit Trump made to a hospital last year. In Donald Trump v. The United States , Michael Schmidt writes about the president's surprise visit in November to Walter Reed Medical Center. At the time, the...

Trump Wears a Mask for the First Time

He was visiting Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

(Newser) - President Trump wore a mask during a visit to a military hospital on Saturday, the first time the president has been seen in public with the type of facial covering recommended by health officials as a precaution against spreading or becoming infected by the novel coronavirus, the AP reports. Trump...

White House Releases Doctor's Memo About Visit

Sean Conley says Trump's hospital visit was 'routine, planned'

(Newser) - The White House has released a memorandum from President Trump's physician in an attempt to quell talk that his Saturday trip to Walter Reed Medical Center wasn't at all routine. "Despite some of the speculation, the president has not had any chest pain, nor was he evaluated...

Trump's Trip to Hospital Raises Questions

Medical experts question taking physical in stages, months apart

(Newser) - President Trump's unexpected trip to Walter Reed hospital Saturday has indications of not being routine after all—and even baffling, experts said. White House aides, which had said Trump underwent a "quick exam and labs," avoided answering questions Monday. Experts were puzzled by the official explanation that...

Trump Undergoes Unscheduled Exam at Walter Reed

White House says it's first part of his annual physical

(Newser) - President Trump dropped in on Walter Reed National Medical Center on Saturday to begin "phase one of my yearly physical," per a tweet . "Everything very good (great!). Will complete next year." The AP seems to be a little suspicious, noting that the president's last...

How False Active Shooter Report at Walter Reed Happened

It was a notification error, official says

(Newser) - A mass notification error led to reports of an active shooter Tuesday at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center outside Washington, the US Navy said. In a statement, the Navy said that the Naval Support Activity Bethesda notification system was inadvertently activated while preparing for an upcoming drill, without the...

Melania Trump Is Back Home
Melania Trump Is Back Home 

Melania Trump Is Back Home

First lady returned to White House on Saturday after kidney procedure

(Newser) - White House watchers have one less thing to speculate about after first lady Melania Trump returned home Saturday from a five-day stay at Walter Reed Medical Center. The first lady is "resting comfortably and remains in high spirits," a rep said in a statement, per the New York ...

Walter Reed Scrambles to Find Patient in HIV Test Mix-Up

HIV+ person wrongly told test was negative

(Newser) - If the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center told you that you tested negative for HIV in October, you might want to get in touch. The facility in Bethesda, Md., says a mistake occurred late in the month, when two blood samples out of 150 were mixed up. A sample...

Harry Reid: Bob Dole Hospitalized

It's not a checkup, he's 'infirm': Reid

(Newser) - Bob Dole has been hospitalized at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said yesterday. An aide for Dole said the 89-year-old onetime presidential nominee was at the hospital for a routine checkup, but Reid says that's not the case, reports Politico . "He is there...

Joe Biden Jokes About Blumenthal's War Record

Vice president takes a dig at veterans' hospital

(Newser) - It's politically volatile territory, so someone cue up the vice president for a joke. During a barbecue today at the Walter Reed Medical Center, Joe Biden just couldn't help himself, reports the Hill . "I didn't serve in Vietnam. I don't want to make a Blumenthal mistake here," he...

Cell Transplant Saves Soldier From Diabetes

Cells from his damaged pancreas produce insulin in liver

(Newser) - University of Miami doctors spared wounded airman Tre Porfirio a lifetime of severe diabetes with a first-of-its-kind emergency cell transplant from his own bullet-riddled kidney. Porfirio had been shot in the back in Afghanistan, forcing Walter Reed’s doctors to remove much of his stomach and intestines. They had planned...

Obama's Long Road to Afghan Strategy
 Long Road to 
 Afghan Strategy 

Obama's Long Road to Afghan Strategy

Prez was relentless in analyzing every angle

(Newser) - Amid cries of "dithering" and the silent finality of Arlington's rows of white tombstones, President Obama calmly, analytically, and exhaustively reviewed all options in Afghanistan before finally announcing to his team on Nov. 29 that he would send in 30,000 more troops. The New York Times retraces the...

Boss Warned of 'Serious' Hasan Concerns 2 Years Ago

2007 memo outlines supervisor's 'serious concerns'

(Newser) - Nidal Hasan's supervisor at the Walter Reed Medical Center warned that the psychiatrist was unprofessional and lazy in a harshly critical performance evaluation in 2007. Hasan "demonstrates a pattern of poor judgment and a lack of professionalism," the report states, noting that he proselytized to his patients and...

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