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Thank (or Blame) Bush for Dave's Left Turn

 Thank (or Blame) 
 Bush for Dave's 
 Left Turn 
political comedy

Thank (or Blame) Bush for Dave's Left Turn

Letterman veers from apolitical-leaning-right to full-on liberal

(Newser) - The most telling thing David Letterman has said in a while may have been a brief comment he made last Monday, as he wrapped up an hour with President Obama: "I can't tell you how satisfying it is to watch you work," the famously crotchety Late Night ...

Daschle, Dole Team Up for Outside Health Care Push

Could-have-been '90s partners finally team up

(Newser) - When the Clintons were trying to pass their health care reform bill in the early '90s, Tom Daschle tried desperately to enlist Bob Dole. Now, 15 years later, he finally has. Daschle and Dole, along with former Republican leader Howard Banker, are leading an outside push for a bipartisan health...

Senate Likes Shinseki for Veterans Affairs

War, economy burden system former Army general would inherit

(Newser) - Retired Gen. Eric Shinseki garnered bipartisan support for his Veterans Affairs Secretary nomination today in outlining his priorities before Congress, the Military Times reports. The former Army chief of staff admitted to little experience with veterans issues, but his vows to streamline the agency won support from the likes of...

Daschle: Health Reform About Facts, Not Ideology

Obama nominee pledges bipartisan effort despite controversial plan

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s pick for Secretary of Health and Human Services promised today a bipartisan effort to reform health care, the New York Times reports. “When it comes to health care, we really are in it together,” Tom Daschle said during Senate confirmation hearings, where chairman Ted Kennedy...

Jack Kemp Treated for Cancer
 Jack Kemp Treated for Cancer 

Jack Kemp Treated for Cancer

Docs can't say what afflicts former NFL star, GOP lawmaker, 73

(Newser) - Jack Kemp, the former NFL star and Republican congressman, is in treatment for cancer, the Buffalo News reports. A spokeswoman said the type of cancer is “undetermined,” but that tests are under way to identify it. Kemp, 73, served 18 years as a representative from New York before...

Aspirations Dashed, Mac May Actually Be Helpful

Others have vowed to help victorious opponent, but GOP senator really might

(Newser) - Every losing presidential candidate pledges to put aside partisanship and help the new president govern, but John McCain might be the first to actually do it, writes Steve Kornacki in the New York Observer. McCain is still in office, yet, at 72, “has absolutely no illusions about ever running...

Running Mate 'Bounce' Doesn't Climb Very High
Running Mate 'Bounce' Doesn't Climb Very High

Running Mate 'Bounce' Doesn't Climb Very High

Poll surge noticeable but brief: Gallup

(Newser) - Much ink has been spilled over Barack Obama and John McCain’s upcoming VP selections, but a running mate is not a game-changing choice, the Chicago Tribune reports. History suggests the effect on opinion polls will be noticeable but not huge: Gallup shows recent candidates getting an average 5% bump...

Hard-Core Supply-Sider: I'm Voting for the Democrat

Former Chamber of Commerce honcho has had enough foreign policy disaster

(Newser) - Being a Reagan, Gingrich and Dole soldier won’t stop former Chamber of Commerce honcho Larry Hunter from voting for Barack Obama this fall, he writes in the New York Daily News. It doesn’t matter that he wholly disagrees with the Dem on every point of domestic policy; the...

What Obama, Clinton Don't Get
 What Obama, Clinton Don't Get 

What Obama, Clinton Don't Get

Halperin runs down what the 2 top Dems are underestimating

(Newser) - Mark Halperin runs down what Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton aren’t counting on the day after the nomination was secured: For Obama:
  • How intensely Clintonites feel about Hillary.
  • Delaying his VP pick will only exacerbate the Obama-Clinton scrutiny.
  • The sensitivity of the former first couple.
  • The intense scrutiny he'll

Furious Dole Calls McClellan 'Miserable Creature'

GOP bigwig savages ex-press secretary

(Newser) - Bush turncoat Scott McClellan may have taken his hardest hit yesterday in a personal message from Bob Dole, who called the ex-press secretary a “miserable creature.” “Your type soaks up the benefits of power, revels in the limelight for years, then quits, and spurred on by greed,...

For McCain, Dole Better Analogy Than Ike

How GOP candidate positions himself for November will prove telling

(Newser) - The war to define John McCain hasn't started—the Democrats are still working on each other—but while his advisers look to build the next Dwight Eisenhower, some say McCain may be closer to Bob Dole. John Heilemann of New York tags along as McCain, "a candidate of pronounced...

Dole to Limbaugh: McCain's OK
Dole to Limbaugh: McCain's OK

Dole to Limbaugh: McCain's OK

Ex-senator defends Mac's record as Republican stalwart

(Newser) - Bob Dole has taken up John McCain's defense in a letter written to Rush Limbaugh, the Chicago Tribune's Swamp blog reports. Answering Limbaugh's charge that McCain could "destroy" the GOP, Dole lists McCain's conservative stands when both were senators. "I cannot recall a single instance when he did...

Bush Nominates Doc to Head Veteran Affairs

James B. Peake would be first physician and general to hold post

(Newser) - President Bush today nominated James B. Peake, a doctor and retired Army lieutenant general, to head the Veteran Affairs department, the LA Times reports. With his medical and military backgrounds, Peake is the perfect choice to overhaul the nation’s system for treating wounded soldiers, Bush says. A major report...

'Antiquated' VA Ill Equipped to Care for Vets

Bush pledges massive overhaul, which requires major funding

(Newser) - Some 700,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are eligible for VA benefits, and overhauling the overburdened system is firmly in the sights of  President Bush and a bipartisan commission. Citing "fundamental system weaknesses," a GAO report last week outlined a huge bureaucracy rife with staffing and training shortfalls,...

GOP Must Break Mold to Beat Hill

Dem’s success is campaign’s big story, says David Brooks

(Newser) - Hillary is such a surprise campaign juggernaut that her Republican rivals don't stand a chance, says New York Times’ resident conservative David Brooks, unless they muster weapons nobody's seen yet. The senator’s display of experience and confidence has been extraordinary, he writes, and her falling negatives bode well for...

Injured GIs Pledged Better Care
Injured GIs Pledged Better Care

Injured GIs Pledged Better Care

Commission calls for overhaul of military health system

(Newser) - The military health care system is inadequate to treat the casualties of  two modern wars and the nation should immediately move to overhaul it, a bipartisan presidential commission concluded yesterday. The panel called for improvements in treatment of brain injuries and post traumatic stress syndrome, as well as changes in...

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