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125 Believed Dead in Latest Ferry Sinking

Bangladesh officials can't locate boat that sunk yesterday

(Newser) - Families of scores of people presumed dead after their ferry capsized in central Bangladesh accused authorities today of launching a feeble rescue effort and leaving their loved ones trapped inside the vessel for more than 24 hours. More than 200 people were believed to be on board the MV Pinak... More »

South Korean Kids: Crew Insisted We Stay in Ferry

They testify in crew's trial

(Newser) - Teens aboard the doomed South Korean ferry Sewol testified today as the trial of 15 crew members continues in the April tragedy. Five of the six kids faced away from listeners as they testified, while another testified from another room via video feed, Reuters reports. The teens called for harsh... More »

Fugitive Owner in Ferry Disaster Found Dead

Billionaire Yoo was target of massive South Korea manhunt

(Newser) - A decaying body found in a plum field is that of the fugitive billionaire who owned a ferry that sank in April, South Korean cops have confirmed. Yoo Byung-un, patriarch of the family that owned the ferry operator, went on the run soon after the Sewol sank and had been... More »

Hostile Families Confront Crew of Korea Ferry, Cry 'Murderer'

Emotions run wild at pre-trial hearing for 15 crew members

(Newser) - Grief-wracked family members of the 300-plus souls lost in the sinking of the South Korean ferry Sewol today aimed their rage squarely at the 15 crewmembers accused of negligence, as the reeling country held a pre-trial hearing in the April 16 disaster. The AP describes "hostile spectators" who cried,... More »

After Disaster, S. Korea Breaks Up Coast Guard

President apologizes to the nation for failed rescue

(Newser) - The response of South Korea's coast guard to the sinking of the Sewol ferry was so flawed that the force needs to be disbanded, the county's president has decided. In a televised address to the nation, Park Guen-hye slammed the coast guard for failing "in its duty... More »

8 Dead in Bangladesh Ferry Sinking

It's not clear how many remain missing; more than 100 were onboard

(Newser) - A ferry carrying more than 100 passengers capsized and sank today in a river in central Bangladesh after being hit by a storm, and eight bodies have been recovered, an official says. Many people swam to safety after the accident and it was unclear how many remained missing, local government... More »

Korea Ferry Crew Who Jumped Ship Indicted for Murder

Captain, 3 others could face death penalty

(Newser) - The captain and three other crew members who abandoned a ferry as it sank off the coast of South Korea with hundreds of passengers still on board have been indicted on murder charges. Another 11 crew members have been charged with negligence, reports Reuters . "The captain, a first officer... More »

Italy Recovering Bodies From Sunken Boat

Death toll stands at 14 'at the moment'

(Newser) - A boat crowded with migrants sank today in the Mediterranean just beyond Libya's territorial waters, leaving at least 14 dead, said the Italian Navy, which helped rescue more than 200 survivors. The Navy said "at the moment 14 bodies have been recovered." There was no estimate of... More »

Ferry Search Claims New Victim

Diver dies as 4 officials with ferry operator have been arrested

(Newser) - The sinking of the Sewol has claimed another victim: A civilian diver who perished while searching for bodies in the sunken South Korean ferry today. The 53-year-old man lost consciousness a few minutes after diving into waters around 80 feet deep, the BBC reports. Authorities say it was the veteran... More »

Korea Ferry Routinely— and Severely—Overloaded

Disaster exposes huge chasms in maritime regulation

(Newser) - The doomed ferry Sewol exceeded its cargo limit on 246 trips—nearly every voyage it made in which it reported cargo—in the 13 months before it sank, according to documents that reveal vast regulatory failures. And it may have been more overloaded than ever on its final journey. One... More »

Bodies Found Miles From Ferry Wreck

Raising concerns some bodies will never be recovered

(Newser) - Several more bodies have been brought ashore following South Korea's ferry disaster, bringing the death toll to 226 with 76 still missing, Yonhap News reports. But two were found far from the site: A female body was found today nearly 2.5 miles away, the Wall Street Journal reports,... More »

Kids in Video of Sinking Ferry: 'Looks Like the End'

Cellphone video captures laughter, panic aboard doomed ship

(Newser) - A cellphone video taken aboard South Korea's doomed ferry depicts "by far the most heartbreaking scene I have seen in my 27-year broadcasting career," a veteran TV producer says, per the New York Times . In the video, beginning three minutes before the ferry sent its first distress... More »

S. Korea PM Quits Over Ferry Debacle

But it's a pretty symbolic move to assuage public anger

(Newser) - South Korea's No. 2 leader, prime minister Chung Hong-won, today fell on the government's sword, offering up his resignation as public anger simmers over Seoul's handling of the ferry disaster that's left more than 300 dead or still missing, reports the New York Times . "As... More »

Doomed Ferry's Entire Navigation Crew in Custody

15 people have been detained or arrested

(Newser) - Four more crew members on the sunken South Korean ferry were detained today, meaning that all 15 people involved in navigating the doomed boat are now in custody, the AP reports. All of them are accused of negligence and failure to help passengers, 115 of whom are still missing with... More »

Ferry Tragedy: Stop Blaming the Drowned

Kai Ma takes exception to the media's culture blaming

(Newser) - The Sewol ferry disaster has left the world looking for answers, wondering who to blame. And an uncomfortable number of English-language media outlets have hit on an answer, Kai Ma at Time observes: South Korea's "culture of obedience." For example...
  • LA Times : The disaster and failed rescue
... More »

Divers Find 48 Girls Crammed In Ferry Cabin

Life vests may have actually hindered escapes

(Newser) - Divers searching the sunken Sewol ferry found the bodies of 48 girls inside a single cabin with a capacity of 30, officials announced today. They believe the passengers all rushed into the same room as the ship began to sink, CNN reports. Like most of the bodies found in the... More »

Mad Ferry Parents Maul Coast Guard Officer

Prosecutors blame disaster on cargo and extra cabins

(Newser) - Furious South Korean parents today broke into the command center for rescue operations of the ferry that capsized in last week's tragedy, the New York Times reports. As scores of family members pushed inside, mothers attacked a Coast Guard officer in charge and blamed him for letting students be... More »

Wrenching Ferry Find: Boy, Girl Bound By Life Vests

Slow recovery of victims continues in South Korea

(Newser) - As the slow recovery of bodies from the sunken ferry in South Korea continues, Reuters has this sad dispatch: A diver searching the vessel came across the bodies of a boy and girl who had tied their life vests together. "I started to cry thinking that they didn't... More »

Hope Looks Lost in Ferry Search

No air pockets found as toll rises to 156

(Newser) - Hope for more survivors in the South Korea ferry disaster is fading after divers were unable to find air pockets on the ship's third and fourth floors; that's where they believed passengers might have been, CNN reports. Authorities have now recovered 156 bodies, and hundreds of people gathered... More »

Survivors: There Were Heroes Among Ferry Crew

As death toll passes 100

(Newser) - Members of the sunken South Korean ferry's crew have been likened to "murderers," and two more were detained today, the BBC reports. But some of them, the AP notes, were actually heroes, survivors say. Four gave up their life jackets for passengers amid a shortage; others broke... More »

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