Jose Salvador Alvarenga

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Suit: There's a Dark Secret to Castaway's Survival

Family of crewmate sues, says he ate the man's corpse

(Newser) - Castaway Jose Salvador Alvarenga survived a year at sea by eating birds, fish, and turtles he could scavenge from his disabled boat. Now, grisly claims are emerging that the 36-year-old fisherman also ate something else: his dead crewmate. The family of Ezequiel Cordoba is suing Alvarenga for $1 million, alleging...

Castaway: Sailors Waved, Didn't Help Me

Jose Alvarenga recounts ordeal, asks to be left alone

(Newser) - Jose Salvador Alvarenga's apparent 13 months adrift in the Pacific Ocean may now be over, but his lengthy trip could have been cut a lot shorter, he says. Since returning to his home in El Salvador , Alvarenga has told doctors several large ships passed by his small fishing boat...

Castaway Arrives Home a Celebrity

Fisherman back in El Salvador after 13 months adrift

(Newser) - A fisherman who says he spent 13 months drifting across the Pacific Ocean finally made it home to El Salvador last night and was overwhelmed by the welcome. Jose Salvador Alvarenga was met by family members, government officials, and dozens of journalists. He attempted to address the media but was...

A Week Later, Guy Lost at Sea Looks ... Worse

Jose Salvador Alvarenga appears weak, tired in appearance today

(Newser) - Jose Salvador Alvarenga seemed in pretty good shape when he washed ashore last week after what he said was more than a year lost at sea. Today, however, the Salvadoran—sporting a short, new haircut and a shave—appeared a lot worse for the wear and needed help entering his...

Man's Incredible Year-at-Sea Story Is 'Plausible'

Mexican officials seem to back some details of Jose Salvador Alvarenga's tale

(Newser) - A mysterious man drifted ashore in the Marshall Islands last week, and his story is almost unbelievable—but is it too unbelievable? A refresher : Jose Salvador Alvarenga says he and a teen named Ezekiel set out from Mexico in December 2012 and ended up adrift at sea; Ezekiel perished, but...

5 Stories