Peter Nygard

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'Canada's Jeffrey Epstein' Indicted on US Charges
Fashion Tycoon Convicted
of Sexual Assaults

Fashion Tycoon Convicted of Sexual Assaults

'Canada's Jeffrey Epstein' is also fighting extradition to US on other charges

(Newser) - "Canada's Jeffrey Epstein" was convicted in Toronto on Sunday of sexually assaulting women between the late 1980s and 2005. Fashion tycoon Peter Nygard, 82, was found guilty of four counts, the Guardian reports. He was acquitted on the fifth count of sexual assault as well as one count...

Billionaire: I've Reversed the Aging Process

Nygard claims stem cells are making him younger

(Newser) - A Finnish-Canadian billionaire says scientists have found a way to make him younger. Fashion designer Peter Nygard claims he is getting more stem cell treatment than anyone else is currently receiving, and scientists have found "my markers have shown exactly that I have been actually reversing my aging and...

2 Stories