Hampton, Florida

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Florida's Most Corrupt City Saves Itself

Hampton moves quickly, legislators abandon plan to disband it

(Newser) - The city dubbed the Sunshine State's "most corrupt" and "too Florida, even for Florida" has avoided the ax: Florida lawmakers have now abandoned their quest to disband the city of Hampton, a municipality with the distinction of having its own mayor resign from jail . The city was...

Mayor of 'Most Corrupt' Town Quits —From Jail

Hampton, Fla., needs leader who doesn't deal Oxy

(Newser) - Hampton, Fla., needs a new mayor—unless the state decides to dissolve its " most corrupt town ." Barry Layne Moore, mayor of the town of 477 residents, has handed in a one-sentence resignation letter from jail, where he is awaiting trial on charges of selling a single oxycodone pill...

Florida Might Eliminate Its 'Most Corrupt Town'

Hampton has more than its fair share of problems, per a recent audit

(Newser) - The small town of Hampton, Fla., has caught the attention of state lawmakers—who want to see it dissolved. That's because it's wildly corrupt, per a 42-page state audit of its books released last month, which CNN reports "reads like a primer on municipal malfeasance." The...

3 Stories
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