Isidro Garcia

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Kidnap Victim Met With Mom Before Police

'He worked hard for me and my daughter ... I didn't want that'

(Newser) - The woman who says she was held captive for 10 years by Isidro Garcia led a seemingly normal life: She went to Zumba classes, the beach, and Disneyland. But despite what she says was a decade of abuse, it wasn't until she got in touch with her mom that...

Guy Busted in 10-Year Kidnap Case Faces 19 Years

Isidro Garcia charged with 5 felonies

(Newser) - Prosecutors in Orange County have charged a man with kidnapping his former girlfriend's 15-year-old daughter a decade ago and repeatedly sexually assaulting her. Isidro Medrano Garcia was charged today with five felony counts, including forcible rape, kidnapping to commit a sexual offense, and three counts of lewd acts on...

Woman Held Captive for Decade: He Gave Me 5 Pills

Isidro Garcia used fake documents to marry teen

(Newser) - The California man accused of kidnapping his girlfriend's teenage daughter and keeping her captive for a decade brainwashed her into enduring a life of abuse and even gave her a new identity, investigators say. Police say Isidro Garcia got fake documents from Mexico giving the girl a new name...

Woman Held Captive 10 Years Goes to Police

California man charged with kidnapping her as a teen, brainwashing her

(Newser) - It's another tale of a longtime captive gaining freedom, with this one bearing more similarity to the Jaycee Dugard case than the Cleveland kidnappings . An unidentified 25-year-old woman who was reported missing 10 years ago in California found her sister on Facebook and contacted her; police say that the...

4 Stories