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Fed Up by Pothole, Schwarzenegger Fills It Himself

The Governator takes matters in his neighborhood into his own hands

(Newser) - Fed up by an enormous pothole in his Los Angeles neighborhood, Arnold Schwarzenegger picked up a shovel and filled it himself. The actor and former California governor tweeted a video Tuesday of him and a helper using packaged concrete to repair the road in the Brentwood area. "Today, after...

Man in Hot Water Over His Pothole Drawings

NZ's Geoff Upson has been depicting penises on dozens of potholes to get them fixed faster

(Newser) - Geoff Upson has had it with the potholes littering the streets of his New Zealand community, but the way he's been handling this grievance now has him facing prosecution. In 2018, the 30-year-old Auckland handyman registered his first complaint with local transportation authorities about one particularly "huge and...

Wife Dies After Husband Trips While Carrying Her

He's now suing over pothole that tripped him, leading to her fatal head injuries

(Newser) - A young Marine was carrying his wife to their car after a night out with friends when he tripped on a pothole—and five days later, she was dead. John and Robyn Pinkham were newlyweds when tragedy struck on June 14 of last year, People reports. They were leaving the...

Guy Lists Nasty Pothole on Airbnb
Guy Lists Nasty
Pothole on Airbnb

Guy Lists Nasty Pothole on Airbnb

In New Orleans, it's a way to get the city's attention

(Newser) - Notice Homer's Hideout on Airbnb? If it resembled a pothole dressed up to look like a Simpsons-style living room—replete with couch, sofa, and Homer Simpson doll—then that's the one, City Lab reports. New Orleans resident James Collier cooked up the listing to attract city officials who...

Best Way to Get a Pothole Fixed? Break Out the Birthday Cake

It worked for Frank Sereno of Kansas City

(Newser) - "My gosh, if this is what it takes to get potholes fixed, we'll never get anything done." So says Frank Sereno of Kansas City, Mo., who threw a birthday party for a 2-foot-wide depression outside his home after it went unfixed for three months. "I got...

'Sinkhole' Turns Out to Be Secret Tunnel to Bank
They Thought
It Was a Sinkhole. 
Then They Saw
the Orange Cord
in case you missed it

They Thought It Was a Sinkhole. Then They Saw the Orange Cord

FBI investigating after public works employees find secret tunnel leading to Florida bank

(Newser) - It started out as public works employees checking out a potential sinkhole or pothole; it ended up with the FBI trying to solve what the Sun Sentinel is now calling a "bank caper." What the workers spotted in the hole in Pembroke Pines, Fla., on Tuesday that raised...

The American Dream of a Paved Future Is Crumbling
The American Dream of a
Paved Future Is Crumbling

The American Dream of a Paved Future Is Crumbling

'If the roads are failing, it means government is failing'

(Newser) - “I never dreamed that by the end of my career we would be talking about having to go back to gravel,” a former highway department head tells Harper's Magazine , which takes a deep look at America's "countless failed roads." One nonprofit estimates that more...

Why This Airport Has to Fix Its Goats and Bandits Problem

Nigeria's Kaduna airport will temporarily accept all of Abuja airport's flights

(Newser) - Next time you feel like ranting about LaGuardia or LAX, take a moment to give thanks you're not flying into Nigeria over the next few weeks (unless you are, in which case … sorry). Starting March 8, the airport in Kaduna will be servicing all travelers who previously flew...

Frustrated Man Hosts Birthday Party for Neighborhood Pothole

'Happy birthday, Pothole!'

(Newser) - How long do you have to live with a pothole on your street before you start treating it like a member of the family? Apparently a year will do it. Mashable reports Eddie Prosser of Jackson, Mississippi, got so tired of the city ignoring his complaints about the pothole outside...

Finally, a Car That Makes Potholes All but Disappear

The tech is available for the first time in midsize non-luxury cars

(Newser) - Potholes aren't just uncomfortable to drive over: The damage caused by them costs America's drivers $3 billion annually, reports the American Automobile Association in a study it released Wednesday. Good thing, then, that Ford's 2017 Fusion V6 Sport sedan should be able to handle them. The American...

UK Artist Fights Potholes With Penis Drawings

'Wanksy' says town now often fills potholes within 48 hours

(Newser) - He's inspired by artists such as Grayson Perry and Banksy. But instead of decorating ceramic vases or spray-painting a wall, an artist in Ramsbottom, England, is drawing attention to a town nuisance by drawing male genitalia around them. "I wanted to attract attention to the pothole[s] and make...

Pothole May Have Caused Crash That Killed Dad, Son

Pedro Montanez may have hit pothole before entering oncoming lane

(Newser) - A pothole may be to blame for a fatal car accident in Michigan this week. Pedro Montanez, 36, was driving his three children to school Tuesday when his 2005 Mazda 3 swerved into the oncoming lane, spun on icy roads, and was broadsided by a pickup truck. Montanez and his...

Chicago Man Turns Potholes Into Art

Jim Bachor fills them with mosaics

(Newser) - The perfect pothole might not exist for many people—but for mosaic artist Jim Bachor, it's one with a nice oval shape. Bachor began filling those potholes a little more than a year ago, after one in front of his house in Chicago became a hassle. Bachor doesn't...

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