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In Birdlike Tracks, an Evolution Mystery
'We're Pretty Sure
It's Not a Bird'

'We're Pretty Sure It's Not a Bird'

But what made bird-like tracks before birds existed isn't clear

(Newser) - The earliest known fossils attributed to ancestors of modern birds date to around 160 million years ago, which is why birdlike tracks discovered in southern Africa and dated to tens of millions of years earlier have become a fascinating topic of discussion for paleontologists. In reviewing 163 tracks found across...

Texas Drought Yields Dino Tracks, WWI Shipwrecks

'If I was ever going to find anything, this would be the best time to do it'

(Newser) - As of Monday, 79% of the state of Texas was in drought , with 12% in "exceptional drought." Those conditions, though challenging for residents, have the upside of revealing some remarkable finds. At Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, officials have uncovered at least 70 new dinosaur tracks...

In Texas, Drought Exposes Dinosaur Footprints

River has dried up in Dinosaur Valley State Park

(Newser) - In Europe, drought has exposed medieval " hunger stones " that warn of hard times ahead when river levels are low. In Texas, drought has exposed dinosaur tracks. Dinosaur Valley State Park says a river bed has dried up, exposing 113 million-year-old dinosaur tracks that were covered in water and...

At This Sight, Geologist's 'Eyes Fell Out of My Head'
At This Sight, Geologist's
'Eyes Fell Out of My Head'
in case you missed it

At This Sight, Geologist's 'Eyes Fell Out of My Head'

'Treasure trove' of dinosaur tracks discovered in Poland

(Newser) - Hundreds of millions of years ago, "a very special sequence of events" took place in what's now the village of Borkowice in central-east Poland. As a result, geologists have discovered several hundred well-preserved dinosaur footprints—showing the extinct animals "running, swimming, resting, and sitting" in muddy earth,...

In Australia's 'Jurassic Park,' World's Largest Dino Prints

21 different types of tracks found Down Under—some 6 feet long

(Newser) - Twenty-one is the lucky number for paleontologists in Australia: That's the "globally unparalleled" number of different varieties of dinosaur prints they appear to have found in a "magical place" they call the country's own "Jurassic Park," per Phys.org . In a study published in...

Herds of Dinos Thrived in ... Alaska?
 Herds of Dinos 
 Thrived in ... Alaska? 

Herds of Dinos Thrived in ... Alaska?

Thousands of 'world-class' hadrosaur prints discovered in Denali

(Newser) - Forget seeing Russia from Alaska: Scientists have found a trove of tracks left behind by dinosaurs that once roamed our northernmost state—and some of them are pretty big. A paleontology team discovered a "world-class" trail in the northeast corner of Denali National Park that was littered with thousands...

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