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After 27 Years, Groening Confirms Simpsons Rumor

He says Michael Jackson was in 1991 episode

(Newser) - Simpsons creator Matt Groening has confirmed a fan rumor that has been circulating for 27 years: Leon Kompowsky is Michael Jackson. Groening told Australian chat show The Weekly this week that the King of Pop ended up voicing the character, a psychiatric patient convinced he is Michael Jackson, after Jackson... More »

Simpsons Creator Announces His Futurama Follow-Up

Matt Groening is making a new cartoon for Netflix

(Newser) - The man behind the greatest cartoon of all time—and also The Simpsons—is back. Quartz reports Futurama creator Matt Groening will be making a new show for Netflix. Disenchantment is an "adult fantasy" about a "hard-drinking young princess," an elf, and a demon in a medieval... More »

Simpsons Creator Has Something New Up His Sleeve

Maker of 'Futurama' is in talks with Netflix

(Newser) - The mind of Matt Groening just keeps on comin'. Turns out the man behind Futurama and The Simpsons is talking to Netflix about a possible new animated series, Variety reports. Details are unknown, but Netflix is said to be contemplating a 20-episode order over two seasons—"which would certainly... More »

'Real' Springfield Getting a Taste of the Simpsons

In the form of a mural; creator Groening approves the idea

(Newser) - A new mural featuring The Simpsons is coming to Springfield. The real Springfield. Series creator Matt Groening, who grew up in Portland, Oregon, told the Smithsonian two years ago he named Springfield after the real one in his home state. The mural, expected to be completed in mid-September, follows several... More »

'Marge Simpson' Inspiration Dead at 94

Margaret Ruth Groening, Matt's mom, was married to real-life Homer

(Newser) - You might recognize some names in the obituary published yesterday for Margaret Ruth Groening, who died last month at age 94: She was married to Homer and had two daughters named Lisa and Maggie ... plus a son named Matt, of Simpsons fame. Yes, Margaret Groening was the inspiration for Marge... More »

Futurama Canceled Again

Comedy Central pulls plug after 7 seasons

(Newser) - Bad news, everyone! Comedy Central has decided to make Futurama a thing of the past once more, EW reports. The second half of season 7—a 13-episode set beginning June 19—will be the last new adventures for Fry and friends, with the final episode set to air Sept. 4.... More »

Matt Groening Ends Life in Hell

After 34 years, he pulls plug on cartoon that started it all

(Newser) - Matt Groening has decided to pull the plug on acclaimed comic strip Life in Hell, 34 years after he started it and many years after its anthropomorphic rabbits and gay lovers were eclipsed by his other creations. Groening, 58, started the strip when he was a struggling artist in 1978... More »

Simpsons Live in ... Oregon?

Matt Groening says Springfield is named after the one in his home state

(Newser) - The show has teased about the real location of Springfield for years, but Simpsons creator Matt Groening lets Smithsonian magazine in on the secret: Homer's hometown is named after Springfield, Oregon. Why? Groening grew up in Portland watching Father Knows Best, which was set in "Springfield." As... More »

7 Simpsons Life Lessons

Matt Groening's sitcom can really teach us something

(Newser) - The Simpsons is more than just a cartoon—it’s spawned essays, books, and lecture series, and the Telegraph takes a look at the lessons it can teach us:
  • Family is the most important thing: Contrary to former president George Bush’s beliefs, The Simpsons celebrates family—complete with a
... More »

D'oh! Danger Looms Over Simpsons Licensing Deals

With millions at stake, execs try to revitalize interest in show

(Newser) - If Fox executives play their cards right, Bart Simpson may finally be able to tell Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny to eat his shorts. The team behind America’s favorite animated family is in a race to further capitalize on The Simpsons' international popularity through merchandising, USA Today reports. But... More »

Postal Service Unveils Simpsons Stamps

(Newser) - The eagerly awaited Simpsons postage stamps made their debut today and got an enthusiastic reception from the show's creator. "This is the biggest and most adhesive honor The Simpsons has ever received," said Matt Groening. The stamps go on sale May 7, and the US Postal Service is... More »

Signed, Sealed, D'oh-livered: Stamp to Feature Simpsons

Stamps will be previewed April 9

(Newser) - D’oh! You can stamp your mail with Homer Simpson later this year, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The animated patriarch and his family will appear on 44-cent stamps designed by Matt Groening. The postage also marks the show’s 20th anniversary. “This has been a dream for Fox... More »

The 100 Biggest Brains in the World

The top living geniuses dominate fields from physics to animation

(Newser) - The Daily Telegraph jumps to point out that a quarter of its list of 100 living geniuses are British, and that that's one living genius per 2.5 million people—a higher proportion than for any other country. Americans still dominate the list, though, with a hefty 43 geniuses.
  1. Albert
... More »

Cowabunga! Simpsons Rule Box Office

Homer and co. make doughnuts; Lohan loses ratings chase

(Newser) - Move over, Mr. Burns—America's favorite family became millionaires this weekend. “The Simpsons Movie” took in an estimated $71.9 on its opening weekend, beating industry expectations by more than $30 million. The film’s strong start, buffeted by an aggressive marketing campaign, proved the show's relevance and durability... More »

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