Ben Gurian International Airport

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Plane Ditches Takeoff Over Crash Photos

Passengers on a jet taxiing in Israel received unsolicited images on their phones

(Newser) - A flight bound from Israel to Turkey aborted takeoff after passengers received a series of unsolicited plane-crash photos on their phones. Per the BBC, the Turkish AnadoluJet carrying 160 passengers was taxiing at Ben Gurion Airport when the crew received reports of the disturbing images. Taking no chances, the plane'...

Bloomberg: Why I Flew Into Tel Aviv
Bloomberg: Why
I Flew Into Tel Aviv

Bloomberg: Why I Flew Into Tel Aviv

Former NYC mayor says flight ban was misguided

(Newser) - After the FAA banned American carriers from flying into Israel, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg hopped on an Israeli airline jet to make the trip as quickly as he could. As he explains at Bloomberg View , Bloomberg felt the FAA's decision—which has since been reversed —...

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