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Diaper Maker Won't Make Them for Japan's Babies Anymore

Manufacturer to switch to making diapers for adults, citing low demand for infant version

(Newser) - With births at a record low for modern times in Japan, a diaper manufacturer will transition from producing diapers for little ones to those for adults. Call it a late response to the market: Japan's elderly have used more diapers than the nation's infants for more than a...

TSA: Man Blamed This 'Loaded Diaper' on His Girlfriend

Agency says man was cited at NYC's LaGuardia airport after 17 bullets found in disposable diaper

(Newser) - It was a loaded diaper, but not like you would think. Security officers found 17 bullets concealed inside a disposable baby diaper Wednesday at New York's LaGuardia Airport, the Transportation Security Administration said. Officers pulled the otherwise clean diaper from a passenger's carry-on bag after it triggered an...

America Now Buys Thousands of Chicken Diapers Each Month
America Now Buys Thousands
of Chicken Diapers Each Month
in case you missed it

America Now Buys Thousands of Chicken Diapers Each Month

This is really our world

(Newser) - It's touted as "Levi Strauss meets Calvin Klein," and this fine piece of fashion can be yours for just $37.99. Except it won't be for you. The item in question is a chicken diaper made by FeatherWear , and if you've never heard of chicken...

Woman Who Posted Pics of Diapered Dog Is Arrested

On charges of harassment; she says her freedom of speech has been violated

(Newser) - About two weeks ago, a Texas woman noticed a dog on a neighbor's balcony that she suspected was being neglected: The dog, June, was wearing a diaper and was allegedly muzzled with some type of string. Amber Cammack took photos and then posted them on Facebook—a last resort,...

Acclaimed Teacher Fired Over Dirty Diaper

Kelly Hahn is accused of neglect days after winning 'Pre-K Teacher of the Year'

(Newser) - Two weeks after Kelly Hahn was awarded "Pre-K Teacher of the Year" in St. Louis last fall, she was put on administrative leave. The reason appears to be child neglect and endangerment, reports KTVI , though St. Louis Public Schools Superintendent Kelvin Adams wouldn't confirm this, saying at a...

Mom Arrested After Daughter's Punishment

Shaved 12-year-old's head, made her wear diaper outside

(Newser) - A Minnesota woman was arrested this week after shaving her daughter's head and forcing her to pick up garbage and do windsprints wearing nothing but a tank top and a diaper. The mother allegedly imposed this punishment—which she dubbed "diaper duty"—because she wasn't happy...

Diaper Saves Toddler From Drowning

She bobs to surface after car goes into lake

(Newser) - Awful story with a great silver lining: A toddler inside her family car survived a nighttime plunge into a lake thanks to her plastic diaper, reports the Sun-Sentinel of Florida. "All of a sudden this little thing popped up like a cork," says a deputy at the scene...

Loaded Diaper Deployed in Road Rage Incident

Pennsylvania woman charged with harassment

(Newser) - State police in Pennsylvania say a woman wiped a dirty diaper on the window of another woman's vehicle during a dispute in a traffic jam as both were leaving a county fair. Jessica Hollis, 23, has been charged with harassment in the incident, which state police said happened about 10:...

WTF Trend: Diapers for Brides
 WTF Trend: Diapers for Brides 
in case you missed it

WTF Trend: Diapers for Brides

Won't that be fun to deal with at the end of the night?

(Newser) - Dancing at your wedding while wearing a wet, dirty diaper: Doesn’t that sound like every bride’s dream come true? Despite how bizarre and gross it seems, apparently there is a market for bridal diapers, Courtney Dunlop discovered. Sure, some dresses take a lot of time and effort to...

Family Guy Accused of Taunting FCC With Stewie Doo-Doo

Parents Council: Creator out to break rules

(Newser) - The Family Guy foes at the Parents Television Council say the show has gone beyond merely ignoring FCC guidelines to actively trying to break them. The watchdog group—irked by a gag in the latest show that involved the family dog's appetite and the contents of baby Stewie's diaper—demands...

Guinness Heiress In Court for Drunken Striptease on Plane

'Cavorted' with passenger, threw child's dirty diaper, testify witnesses

(Newser) - A descendant of the Guinness brewing family got so drunk on a long flight that she "cavorted" with a male passenger, took off her skirt, and threw her son’s dirty diaper into a row of seats, observers say. A flight attendant said “she had absolutely no clue...

Cloth or Plastic: Greenies Debate the Diaper

Cotton's footprint not that much better than disposables'

(Newser) - For green parents, the choice between disposables or cloth diapers may seem like a catch-22. Silvia Spring weighs the issue in the Boston Globe, but finds no easy answer. While disposables produce up to 70 times more waste than cloth, the latest study concluded that disposable diapers have the same...

Lawyer Blasts 'Astronaut Diaper' Report

Attorney says media's overinflated tale doesn't hold water

(Newser) - The most attention-getting detail to emerge from the astronaut love triangle story is also the "biggest lie," Lisa Nowak's lawyer said today. The ex-astronaut did not drive from Houston to Orlando wearing a diaper, and that information, which originally appeared in the police report about the incident that...

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